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  1. We did too. Just held the stick tho, no fancy launch tubes for us. And what a racket it causes when your brother tries lighting them on the kitchen stove, brother two closes the door just to be smart, so in a panic brother one dumps the lit rocket in the kitchen sink (big old farm house sink). Took about a week for mom to settle down.
  2. That deserves so much more than a LIKE.
  3. I remember some of the "digital" clocks being nothing more than a glorified motorized roladex. The numbers flipped as the wheels turned. That was where my assumption came from. Does that make the high end handed watches of today, with quartz movements digital as well? A pondering mind wants to know.
  4. My wise old friend, what is the proper designation for the clock that we (mostly) grew up with? Digital (I assume that name was given because you can directly read the digits, not because of the TTL circuitry) only became trendy and then popular after I had learned to read a normal(?) clock in all its' many forms. Yes, tying ones shoes is a dieing art. With the advent of Velcro, we have shoes with out strings. Several straps to pull snug and stick in place with the hook and loop fastener. I have even had to deal with shoes with strings but you didn't tie them (no ends), they had a slide fastener instead (think new fangled slide that holds the draw string on new sleeping bag bags). Think SPORK and no knives allowed! Not even the cheep plastic butter knives. The nonsense that kids bring home from school. Before long they will have them eating with just their hands again.
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