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  1. Gee, do you think Pelosi should have taken a shorter vacation?? Actually it was probably McConnells fault, he went to Kentucky on vacation too.
  2. X-treme had a good price on 1000 bullets. I placed an order on 11/25. UPS says it should be here on 1/2/19. Sorry but that's ridiculous. The owner of X-treme has 2 other companies, and they are in bankruptcy. Berry's were only cost a little more and gave me quick delivery.
  3. Well it's not going to be a Sharpertek ultrasonic, out of my price range, but the JB paste and the Brownells brass patches seem like they would make a good match to try. The cheaper ultrasonic cleaner works for me in cleaning my pickup shells. If I decide to use it to clean hard to get to gun parts, the parts would have to be oiled afterward. After applying the oil, I would wipe it down and blow excess oil out of hard to get to places with compressed air. I can't seem to let well enough alone. Thanks
  4. Reading the messages about cleaning brass and ultrasonic cleaners, got me wondering if you can clean a barrel in the ultrasonic cleaner. Now I know you can clean a barrel, BUT, does the cleaner remove lead and carbon? I don't get lead much with my coated bullets, but I do get a little carbon near the end of the barrel that is hard to remove. Tried a lot of oils and lubes and then I wrap some Bronze wool around a copper brush and work it until my arm almost falls off. I can see the carbon and can scratch some of it off with a small screw driver and then start working the brush again. Someone suggested putting the brush in a drill for faster removal. I haven't tried the sonic cleaner yet and was wondering if anyone else ever tried it.
  5. I'm surprised Jane Fonda is still a topic. What she did was a big mistake and she admits it. But what she trying to do was not. The south Vietnam government was corrupt and the people of south Vietnam could care less who ran the government. Our government was so afraid of communism. Fonda was against the war. Against loosing all those brave American soldiers. We lost over 58 thousand soldiers for nothing. But, people sitting on their butts in Washington, sent our soldiers to war. For what? Today we export over 8 million dollars in goods to Vietnam and import over 46 million dollars. Have you checked the labels in those new shirts you bought? Fonda's photo shoot was a big mistake, but if we listened to her, maybe a lot of American boys would be alive today. Just saying. Oh, and that communist threat... Russia is a dictatorship run by Trump's friend Czar Putin, North Korea is a dictatorship run by Kim Jong-un and China seemed to be doing OK being run by the Communist Party. You do buy Chinese good don't you. That may be a place for you to boycott.
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