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  1. You’re alive too omg omg
  2. The guy that use to do transfers for me stopped doing it a couple years ago. Something about rules changing and a lot more work had to be done on his end. $25 is the cheapest now. Use to do $10 and $20. Most charging $30-$60
  3. r3dot


    Headed to Vegas tomorrow. Will definitely be posting some damn good beer
  4. Such a damn shame seeing the change of ownership again. If Eric doesn’t ban me from here, I’m calling this place home. Where my hood rats at?
  5. I don’t get why AMC told everyone Carl would die tonight. They’ve been posting blatant spoilers about it for the last week. I, and most others, thought it was BS.
  6. I test drove one and thought it was the worst 20 something grand someone could waste. Gutless. Boring. Plastic seats that your backsweat sticks to in the summer heat as you’re baking under the sun and in a oven with heat generated from the engine. Not to mention it’s a death trap.
  7. I want the Indian scout ftr 1200 if they ever mass produce them here
  8. My thoughts are with her.
  9. Ha don’t buy it for that. They’ll send you letters and keep lowering the prices. $30 for 6 months is my current offer. I don’t pay for it, though. I use my phone. While they play some good stations, it’s a ton of repetitiveness for songs
  10. I’ll have to cook this up at the fire station. Thanks
  11. Has a chl and shoots every once in awhile. Not really “into” them.
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