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  1. racerford

    Politics Why is the "caravan" mostly young men?

    They look like young men, and maybe most are. Some will be women dressed like men to try to avoid being raped. They think it will work, but probably not. Also some are ISIS fighter trying to infiltrate the US via the southern border. They need to be stopped. We can start with fire hoses and tear gas, but is that doesn't work, strong measures are needed. Maybe less than lethal rounds. Then maybe a literal fire wall. Or a quick series concertina fences, cut off the border completely or a temporary basis. Mexico will not like having the illegal immigrant rabble trapped in their country. Nor having their money train stopped.
  2. I agree, we need more to conclude that the accusation is true, and that Booker should be punished. However, he has told us that accusers should be believed and investigation should be called. Booker, himself, should call for an investigation to clear his name.
  3. racerford

    Why would you put that motor in that car?

    The only purpose of having a car at SEMA is to draw attention. You could chose to have a popular car that 30 other companies will have, the easy choice, as it were. People will talk about the booth and say "it's at the booth with 2019 Camaro" and people will go "which one?". Or you could do something unusual and people will say "It's at the booth with the Black '73 Chevelle" and people will go "I remember that one". Also, almost all the cars have some customer that has asked to a build a car they are paying for. Then a sponsor checks around and asks if you have an interesting prject for their product. Or you have bought the product and they ask what you are putting it in and can they get the car for their booth. So a guy wanted a hot rodded 73 Chevelle because that is what he drove in high school, or asked his wife to marry him in, or conceived his first child, whatever.. And you have a sponsor that want's booth remembered out of the thousands of booths. Really it is a logical choice.
  4. racerford

    Politics Pocahontas gets smack down from Cherokee Nation.

    That is probably true for the other races in job applications. I notice that now most talk about tribal affiliation, and tribal memberships for Native American. However, if you have a genetic test that shows Native American and European maybe you would be good to go to say mixed race. The funny thing is the tests are really not about race they are about the area you grew up in. Which is not the same as race. The most recent view of biologists is that race does not exist in humans. That there is more genetic variety within a "race" than there is between the "races". So really the whole thing is bogus. At best, the "what you look like" test is more what people view as race.
  5. racerford

    Is wine Halal?

    I might pushed it away forcefully with my fist, or maybe a fork. Whichever was convenient. I would have no intent to hurt him in anyway. However, actions have consequences.
  6. racerford

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    A VW Kit Car from the 60's or 70's I would think. Although the bolt pattern on the wheels is not VW. An Avenger, IIRC.
  7. racerford

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    How does one just abandon ones Mangusta at the side of the road, and it stays there long enough to gather all that grime?
  8. racerford

    Amazon scraps AI resume tool for bias

    You have to understand how they trained the A.I. They fed it data about their hires over the years assuming they were good profiles. So if in the past they hired a bunch of white males then their down-select pools would naturally be mostly white males. So they were doomed to continue to repeat their hiring history. It doesn't mean the AI was selecting the best candidates. It merely was selecting the candidates that best fit their resume's to the AI selection criteria. They likely could meet their goals by having different people select the down-selected resumes. Hiring is a crapshoot unless you already know the people. That is why referrals get more attention. If you already know the people you will likely hire more of what you have. Hard to change the demographic that way.
  9. racerford

    Random Posting

    I will make two guesses. Homeowner is a bachelor. That is going to be tough on resale.
  10. racerford

    TIME TRAVELER passes lie detector test lol

    We heard that lie detector tests were fail proof in the Kavanaugh hearings, right? So this guy must be telling the truth about time travel. I am sure all the Democrats will back this guy's story now.
  11. racerford

    Random Posting

    Maybe that is a really HUGE micrometer. What about the quart of oil for scale?
  12. racerford

    Random Posting

    And that picture reminds me why a small block chevy is a better engine. Way too much going on. That must cost a fortune to fix.
  13. racerford

    All new Glock 9 announced!!

    It's 2 better than the Glock 7, way more efficient.
  14. racerford

    Police BALLS!

    I don't know what language they speak, but she would be annoying with that scream for no reason. She was very lucky she did not get punched in the face too, when she moved toward the officer and looked like she was going to grab him. Too many offices looking and not doing, like maybe moving her away from the officer trying to control the man.
  15. Do you think Britany Jacobs still parks in handicap spaces? Do you think she feels any responsibility for what occurred? Do you think she still thinks laws are for other people?