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  1. racerford

    Climate change, yep

    You underestimate life. It adapts. There is nothing that humans can do (short of a physics experiment gone awry that creates a black hole, or antimatter explosion) that will kill all life on earth. Those types of changes are done by time and physics.
  2. racerford

    Climate change, yep

    I vote that everyone that believes that global warming is primarily caused by man should stop emitting CO2. It is their environmental duty consistent with their beliefs. The best way is to stop having children and stop breathing. Any problem that exists will clear it self in a few years. Either that or the environmentalists really don't believe what they are spouting. Put up or shut up.
  3. racerford

    Charlie Brown Thanksgiving now racist.

    Those who forget history...……... look stupid.
  4. From: the site: The site “There is news” (https://thereisnews.com) (hereinafter referred to as TIN) is a humor site whose purpose is entertainment. The content of TIN is fiction and does not correspond to reality.
  5. Wow! That is sad. This is why drug dealers should not be detectives. They watch some TV shows and think they are smart. 35 years is not enough. As heinous as the murder was, for it to happen to an innocent guy, makes it even worse.
  6. I don't disagree. There is a lot we don't know, that maybe they do. However, we know they have to charge someone. Maybe they are hoping to get a big fish, or that someone will talk, if he is not the right guy. Either way, not a good situation for someone, or the children.
  7. His roommates claimed they did not use his computer to download porn, so they must be telling the truth. If they had access to his computer, maybe there is reasonable doubt. If even one was was downloaded while he was deployed the case fails. There is a disturbing number of facts missing. I guess that is why they have trials. I doubt we will see an article if he is exonerated.
  8. racerford


    OK those could happen any day now, except for Nibiru Except nobody talks about those because they haven't come up with a good story about how humans (well... conservatives) are causing it. As soon as they can come with a story of how it is Trump's fault it will be all over the news.
  9. racerford

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    I would not want to clean those. That is technology for technology's sake. Wouldn't a carbon fiber wheel be lighter and stronger?
  10. racerford

    Ok, I know what I want for Christmas.

    I want to win one of big lottery prizes over $100 million. Then I can make all the LEGO sets I want. You guys think small.
  11. no, You should get a new safe. If your safe has "survived" a fire, it should be scrapped, just like a baby car seat should be scrapped after a crash. The integrity of the safe will have been compromised. Insurance should replace the safe like any item lost to the fire.
  12. racerford

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    which did you own or spend a lot of time in? I owned a 85 Fiero GT and a 2006 Lotus Elise, and my brother had a 67 Lotus Europa, and a 70 914 when he was in high school. I have a very different opinion. The Elise was by far the best, but also the most expensive. The Europa was cheap because it was well used and had all kinds of electrical problems (think Lucas), build quality was terrible. The 914 was a VW. The Fiero was fun and handled well for the time, and I had none of the fabled problems. I also had a 1979 RX-7 that I did some amateur racing. Lots of fun. The Fiero gets a lot of unwarranted bagging. The final model was even better as it was not from cobbled together FWD parts. It was a expected to be a sports car and they tried to build it from commuter car parts. It could have easily exceeded the Corvette of the time, if they had not hobbled the program.
  13. racerford

    Al Joker...CA fires caused by climate change

    I agree California should lead the way. They should stop all CO2 emissions, period. That includes animals and especially humans. They should all stop emitting CO2. This should stop global warming. Or at least we wouldn't have to hear about it so much.
  14. racerford

    Lady Street Fighter (1981)

    What were you watching these on?
  15. racerford

    Random Political/Social Posting

    It is an incredibly racist of the cartoonist to assume that people coming from Honduras are brown. Maybe it is only the white ones that are being oppressed or threatening. Of course the issue isn't what color they are, it is about their attempt to invade our country. Their coming here illegally. If it were about asylum, they would stop in the first country out of their country and request asylum, or maybe Mexico. Is Mexico a threat to their safety?