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  1. I truly deserved being messed with. Sometimes, you look at what you wrote and go “if only I drank or did drugs I would have an excuse for how I worded that”. Good news is that it is a benign tumor, making light of a heavy situation in this case is an ok thing to do. Much better than thinking someone is joking about some terrible thing....... and they are not 😱😢 Praying for a stellar outcome for the surgery.
  2. Really and truly, no pun was intended. In hindsight, it was a poor choice of words. Especially since I read it instead of heard it.
  3. Sorry to hear it happened, glad to hear it should be treatable and mostly recoverable. Hoping it will go even better than they predict.
  4. Going purely from memory, I recall seeing Jefferson Starship in about 1974 in Houston at the U of H Colosseum Hofheinz Pavilion. It was my first time to go to a concert by myself at 14 15. I think their most recent album at the time was Red Octopus. Maybe I will go back and check the dates. Edit: Hofheinz Pavilion and it appears they were there in 1974 and 1975. Also looked up the release of Red Octopus and it was June 1975 so it must have been the August 3rd, 1975 concert.
  5. It is one thing to have generalized questions about what happened. Or make accusations generically about the government, or public officials. It is quite another to make specific accusations about specific private persons. That is probably why this one is going forward. I do wonder what the evidence of (fiscal or reputational) harm the father suffered. I wouldn't believe the accusation. Did he lose his job? Was he denied other jobs? I get the emotional pain and suffering, and he deserves something for that. He especially deserves an injunction that prohibits the idiot from continuing with the accusations, I don't think the court would order allowing the father 10 minutes alone in a room with a baseball bat with Fetzer with immunity for his actions in said room.
  6. Not to my taste, and it looks very, very little like the originals. It has a tall wing and a pointy nose.
  7. That is dangerous, you could get burned by the back blast. I learned to throw them. They didn't ignite until they were at least 5 feet from you. Way safer for the shooter. If you were on the receiving end no real difference.
  8. We have one. I won't use one. I am pretty I will end up slicing my fingers. I hate to wash it. I am completely unconcerned about using any knife in the house. One might say it is an irrational concern. You have been warned. I am sure they are possessed and out for blood.
  9. I am so sorry to hear this. Stay strong, she needs your support, as does your wife. You have our support.
  10. The photo women certainly dress different for the classics than they do for the hot rods.
  11. Interesting. I wish I could learn more.
  12. I suspect it is fake. Mocking liberals. Surely no one is that stupid.
  13. You guys have been forgetting the most important thing she has done right in the picture. Having a gun to protect yourself, perfect.
  14. When replacing the disposal you might consider a batch disposal. It requires you to put a stopper (usually magnetic) before the disposal will turn on. This very useful for people with children, or have a strong fear of sticking their hand in a disposal for fear of coming out with a bloody stump(s). On the downside you cant watch stuff get ground up. This may lessen children from wanting to play with the disposal.
  15. A rally is not necessarily a race. Could easily be like the Power Tour here. No race, just driving across country with lots of cool cars. Occasionally some get rambunctious and speed. That is not a race. Strangely this was on the Autobahn, so speed should not be an issue. Don't they see cars going 155 mph on a semi-regular basis?
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