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  1. Paul53

    If One More Person......

    Have you considered changing occupations? You have such a passion for people, why not become an auctioneer?
  2. Paul53

    Holiday Decorations

    I usually do nothing, but he's shaming me into doing..............................I don't know.
  3. Paul53

    Holiday Decorations

    Just got a pic from a HS friend showing this years Xmas tree. Since last year he had a pine tree shaped air freshener, I really admire that he went all out this year.
  4. Something is missing from the information given. Let's pick it up from entering the wrong apartment on the wrong floor, didn't realize it. She's disoriented before she opens the door, then finds a strange person in her apartment. Why is she disoriented? She's tired after work, we all have some stress in our lives. QUESTION; on the way home did she stop to have a few too many? Who hasn't? Someone comfortably numb, goes home finds a stranger in their apartment when they expected to flop into bed. The stranger is a threat, adrenaline and survival take over along with tunnel vision. Bang.
  5. Can't find the topless pic! That also pisses me off!
  6. Similar experience, but lost half my stuff, too. Well worth it!
  7. Same headline several places, can't bring myself to read such drivel.
  8. Paul53

    Where's my 10% tax cut?

    Before the election, Trump kept talking about the "10% middle class tax cut." Anybody seen theirs yet? It must be law now because he stopped talking about it.
  9. In Hollywood they have to make an announcement that they plan to lose 25 pounds. WTF? Well, I guess that's what I've been doing wrong! I hereby announce my intent to lose 100 pounds.
  10. Paul53

    Ghost Edge 3.5 or Glock OEM "-" Connector?

    Gen 5 is a whole new story. I hear the trigger is improved. Didn't know it still used connectors.
  11. Paul53

    What the puck

    Teachers get treated like hospital employees it seems. Write policies and procedures and give supplies so staff are kept busy doing idiotic stuff till the emergency incapacitates them. Give them really useful items and using them might cause a lawsuit. But dying innocently costs the insurance company less.
  12. We interrupt this argument to bring you an anecdotal report. I worked in a hospital on the Tex/Mex border. Talking to the Labor and Delivery staff, I learned it's like a lucrative production line. ICE/BP will turn back any obviously pregnant women. By whatever means, they get through. Pregnant Mexican women in labor got "Emergency Medicaid." After delivery, the baby(s) got the same! That's a lot of money coming in for the hospital. The newborns are American citizens, mama's usually illegal. Our taxes at work. We now return you to the argument already in progress.
  13. Paul53

    If you can finish this steak... it's free!!

    Two thoughts (and several puns) come to mind. 1. If ever there was an opportunity for the law of unintended consequences to rear it's entertaining head, there it is. 2. Imagine 6 ft tall bulls! The fencing industry is in for some big changes!
  14. Paul53

    If you can finish this steak... it's free!!

    All I can add is thank God they're vegetarians.