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  1. Tadbart, you speak for us both! Nothing is too sick if it's funny enough. Consider; Roman candles now must have a warning to hold them with your hands, no your anal sphincter.
  2. This worked for me. Can carry it in my pocket. Spend as much or as little as you want. This just works. https://smile.amazon.com/Lansky-3143-PS-MED01-BladeMedic/dp/B0085PPSIQ/ref=sr_1_50?keywords=knife+sharpener&qid=1569077219&s=gateway&sr=8-50
  3. one question about making vegies taste like beef, WHY? Isn't that what cattle are for? Dishonorable mention: McDonalds for advertising some burgers as "100% beef" but they are able to make 100 % beef taste like cardboard. How stupid is that? So the net effect is to make crap taste like beef, and make beef taste like crap. What am I missing?
  4. Paul53

    Random Posting

    Arthur (Dent) prayed there was no afterlife. Then he realized the contradiction in this. Arthur woke in the middle of the night, looked up at the stars, and wondered "What happened to the tent?" Arthur thought he was being saved from the dinosaur when a space craft landed. Then an alien came out and said "Arthur Dent, you're an *******!" Then the aircraft left. The alien was from a race that achieved immortality. This alien had adopted a hobby of insulting everybody who ever lived.
  5. I stole this from GT. Don't tell Russ P.
  6. Paul53

    The Old Test

    I've got a question! During WW II General or Admiral or Girl Scout Grace something or other doing code breaking with a behemoth of a calculating machine that used vacumn tubes as place holders waiting for the invention of the transistor. When a moth interfered with a connection, she said the computer has a bug, and great minds have argued ever since whether a man would have used a better term, like f****ing bug, or someting closer to what we really call it? But never mind that. Wasn't she using punch cards?
  7. Paul53

    Random Posting

    My nomination for best tat ever.
  8. Paul53

    Random Posting

    A broken watch is right twice daily. A watch that loses a second a day is right after many years.
  9. Paul53

    The Old Test

    Before my folks passed, theirs was so old that new repairmen would knock and ask if they could look at it, take it apart, etc. All mechanical, not a single transistor. They just wanted to be able to see a real one.
  10. Paul53

    Random Posting

    That's odd. I made 4 static line jumps and they always kept that hook thingy in the plane. Guess I got cheated.
  11. Caught the edge of a microburst would be my guess after hearing his description. Any crash you can swim away from is good.
  12. Wow! She folded up right nice. Wouldn't have guessed it was that bad from the video I saw.
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