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  1. Sorry Eric. Was going to donate again this month, but guess it's time to move on. Adios mi amigos. Via con Dios.
  2. Woman and child have to pass through my bedroom to access rest of the house. We hardly speak during pass thru or if I join them over there. Then I put my butt on the toilet and the 3 year old has to come ask if I'm "going pee pee. Few minutes later his mom comes in and ask if I know where her kid is? ER Nurse, I long ago got used to seeing neked bodies of all shapes, sizes, colors, I have no modesty at all. But I can't understand why the only time people talk to me is when I'm on the throne?
  3. In the old days the voters chose the representatives. Now the representatives choose the voters!
  4. Or you're looking in the wrong places. Know anybody that works in a hospital?
  5. Keep out, in Texas language
  6. Have you tried to be admitted to your local hospital?
  7. Your first sentence is incorrect. Because of repeated mutations, you may still become ill, but much less so. Those who have been through this say it's like the common cold. You wont need hospitalization if you are otherwise healthy, and need not fear dying.
  8. A subtle difference. The vaxxed aren't dying.
  9. Thanks! My sister and bil winter in Florida. Lucky guy, you stole Brady from the Pats. Got you the superbowl real fast. I hear a lot of silly hate for Brady, but it's hard to argue the results. I only think of the fruit from long ago joke by Johny Carson. Hope you have a mellow huricane season (Retired ER nurse. In ER's there's a big superstition about saying qui*t).
  10. As far as I could stand to listen, saying about researchers "They must have recruited carefully." Comparing the number of deaths with Pearl Harbor and 9-11 are meaningless. There's no information on those who died a few days after vaccination. Again he assumes "They must have been feeling well". Proper evaluation would compare how many per million died of covid19 were un-vaccinated vs how many per million died that were vaccinated. Cause of death must be evaluated to correct the numbers. If they died in a car accident, a jumbo jet crash, any other unrelated to the vaccine. And how was each group chosen. In a nutshell, comparing apples to apples, kumquats to kumquats with great pains to make sure the comparisons are valid, done this way un-vaccinated people have a higher death rate from covid19 than those who were vaccinated. There's no room for guessing or opinion. I don't have the stats at hand or I would have included them, they are readily available on the net. I've never seen a kumquat and don't ave the slightest idea what they are.
  11. In case I didn't clarify, I'm here to inform, not argue. I suggest what science has told the healthcare providers which is the best choice. Each person has free will to choose, but in the end we all die. I am sharing what I'm told will help to live a longer, healthier life. No matter your choice, I wish you all a long healthy life, and that none of you ever have to suffer saying "But nobody warned me."
  12. What were the outcomes? How many hospitalized, how many died?
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