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  1. Paul53

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    I've got a carpenter dog. She does odd jobs around the house.
  2. Paul53

    Firearms You Regret Buying

    Bought a Ruger P-95 at a gun show. The rare gun that fit my huge paws well. Tried every 9mm brand I could, but it consistently stove piped. Back to Ruger, parts replaced, back to me, no change.
  3. Drove an old, very old, pickup that had 2! A traditionally placed and function one, and one that activated the starter when you pushed the clutch pedal way, way in. Edit: IIRC it was a Studebaker.
  4. Paul53

    National debt a weapon?

    Over the decades I've heard various things about the trillions of debt the nation has racked up. Most intriguing is that the feds fear a convention of states because an amendment requiring a balanced federal budget could result. But I digress. Is there a strategic value in having China, Russia, et al holding large amount of our I.O.U.s? Maybe a poison pill type threat; piss us off, or piss on us, and we'll declare bankruptcy which I'm guessing would have far reaching damage to the global economy? Have to admit It would be interesting to see the country with a worse credit rating than mine. Where's certified funds when I need him?
  5. How would I know if I was in a colludtion?
  6. Paul53

    Stop the beeping!

    The beeper is stuck.
  7. Portland Maine is kicking around the same idea lately. It's hard to imagine this would turn out better than other section 8 housing projects. At least it could be towed out and sunk after it's destroyed. Shame is the area really needs some affordable housing, but it seems to be human nature to not appreciate something if you haven't earned it through hard work.
  8. Paul53

    Why is this top story getting ignored?

    Just my opinion, but I'm tired of hearing all these alleged plots of politicians from the past. They seem like efforts to draw attention away from current events.
  9. Willing to bet that lie detectors were found to be too easy to fool and all trashed by 2020.
  10. Got mine, twice because I didn't acknowledge the first. Awesome detail! And a big shout out to the folks working for the NSA at Langley, protecting our Constitutional Rights while blatantly abusing them!
  11. I'm telling! If we we gotta suffer, fear notes from the crapper, so do you.
  12. Ignored it, then it happened again. The phone demanded I acknowledge receiving it. Bad enough that whenever there's a line in a show I really like, the weather service does a check so I miss the best part. Am I the only one that has misgivings about this?
  13. So, other than that Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?