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  1. BTJ Derringer Just a unique personality, need a unique firearm to go with it...
  2. 1964 Vetta Ventura, custom imported Italian body, Buick Aluminum V8. Only 6 manufactured that I was involved with. While not impressive these days, cruised easily at 160+ mph. I helped build the first two. Created by Vanguard Motors in Dallas, was the coolest thing I ever drove, especially as an 18yr old kid. I believe that there are only three left, the others wrecked. It was designed and built as a street-legal race car. One of them was totaled at a road race here locally that same year. The driver Tom Johnson had a brake pedal bracket snap off at the end of the straightaway. Damned it I can remember the name of the track though. Interesting times, what? Google for pics and more info...
  3. And then the officer bit the K9... Full circle!
  4. Another Blobsquatch, better luck next time!
  5. My thoughts on dealing with this subhuman trash wouldn't get past the TOS. I detest animal abuse right up there with child abuse.
  6. I used these guys for years before I qualified for Medicare. Never a problem and the meds were top quality. Prices were very cheap. Shipping was a flat $25 at that time so I always ordered in bulk - several hundred bucks at a pop, but would have enough for my needs for a year.
  7. Latex! As in prophylactic products. Don't ask how I found out...
  8. I remember this book from that time, read it when it first came out. An interesting memoir. Chuckled when he referred to his skirmishes with his soon-to-be ex-wife as 'the Indian Wars'.
  9. "What's the matter kid, don't ya like clowns"?
  10. Have had professional massages from both men and women. This is how it works for me... If I have an injury or need something worked out, pulled muscle etc., I prefer a man. They have more strength and can work deeper and generally aren't as afraid to cause pain. This makes this type of massage more effective. I have chronic shoulder problems and when I need to get it loosened up I go to the guy at my health club. This is when I don't need a chiropractor, but want to get a specific area worked on. On the other hand I sometimes just want a general, non-specific, medium massage to relax tension in my back after a bad day or if I worked out a bit too hard. Then I prefer the ladies because they have a lighter touch, though some gals can surprise you with their strength. Usually almost go to sleep when they work. No innuendos or sexual comments please. I'm in my seventies so that isn't an issue. Just letting you know what works for me...
  11. Also English Leather... that was my favorite
  12. 1Password, without a doubt! Been using it for years without a problem. Be sure to keep backups of the database in a couple different places and you're gold.
  13. Maybe Marina's car, but Oswald took the bus to work...
  14. Don't forget K&E and Post. The K&E came in a teflon version that never got sticky, unlike the Post, being made of bamboo, that needed frequent applications of soap as a lube. The circular rules were slick. they gave a greater degree of accuracy due to their size but were unhandy; wouldn't fit in your pocket or pocket protector.
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