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  1. TheDCNF asked 31 businesses, foundations and individuals agitating for climate action if they’d support banning private jets. Most didn’t respond, including representatives for Al Gore, the father of global warming activism. The U.N. is calling for trillions to meet the Paris climate accord’s goals, so what’s a few thousand private jets? Big businesses largely came out in support of the Paris Agreement on global warming, but most contacted by The Daily Caller News Foundation were silent on whether they would give up flying private jets. TheDCNF wanted to test the commitment of big companies, foundations and outspoken activists who back the Paris accord. The question: Would you support a ban on private jet travel to help stem global warming? Most companies and individuals TheDCNF reached out to did not respond, including Facebook, Apple, Google and other companies that often tout their “green image.” Not even former Vice President Al Gore, the father of climate activism, responded to TheDCNF’s question. In fact, all but two of the 26 corporations were silent when asked by TheDCNF if they would support a ban on private jets to help cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with what the United Nations says is needed to meet the Paris accord. TheDCNF asked a total of 31 companies, foundations and individuals if they would support a private jet ban. https://dailycaller.com/2018/12/11/paris-climate-accord-backers-private-jets/?utm_medium=push&utm_source=daily_caller&utm_campaign=push
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    It's Called Transparency, Nancy...

  3. steve4102

    Has the Left Gone Crazy

    https://dailycaller.com/2018/12/11/video-dc-transgender-bus/?utm_medium=email A transperson made a scene on a Washington, D.C., bus, creating a nuisance for other patrons and riders. The footage was obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation on Dec. 8. The transperson is shown saying, “Don’t let me get my bus pass, don’t provide reasonable accommodation, accuse me of crimes. Intimidate me, discriminate me, misgender me. Ask me a personal question, assume I can hear, assume I can see.” Here is a compilation video of the footage, as well as others on the left going insane.
  4. steve4102

    It's Called Transparency, Nancy...

    This little video is filled with strong language, lots of strong language. WARNING, Strong Language. To the point and accurate as hell, but STRONG. W
  5. ...and I will be Proud to shut the Government down in the name of Border Security. MAGA
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    Snipers Row

    Look close, every action is open and equipped with the appropriate safely flag/stop.
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    Avoid Women at All Costs

    That's a law? Care to share the appropriate statute or statutes?
  8. It's not about how the school system "looks". They are getting Payed to look the other way. It is a federal program called the Promise Program and it is all about Money.
  9. This is all part of the Obama Promise program.
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    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    Judge to weigh dismissing charges against ex-Mpls. cop Noor in Ruszczyk killing Sep 17, 2018 More than a year after Mohamed Noor shot and killed Justine Ruszczyk, also known by the surname Damond, in the alley behind her southwest Minneapolis home, the former police officer is scheduled to appear for a court hearing to consider motions his attorneys have made about the murder and manslaughter charges. Noor, 32, is charged with shooting and killing Ruszczyk, 40, last summer. She'd called 911 to report what she thought was an assault. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman charged Noor last spring with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The omnibus hearing in Hennepin County District Court next Thursday will revolve around motions filed by Noor's attorneys seeking to dismiss the charges and suppress psychological testing of Noor by the Minneapolis Police Department. Defense attorney Melvin Welch, who is not connected to the Noor case, said the judge will be looking at whether there's enough admissible evidence to establish probable cause for the charges. "There's no burden on the defense at this time," Welch said. "The burden is on the prosecution to show by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant's constitutional rights have not been violated — it's the state's burden of proof to show that this evidence was properly obtained." https://www.mprnews.org/story/2018/09/17/noor-minneapolis-police-shooting-ruszczyk-damond-judge-weigh-charge-dismissal
  11. steve4102

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    Former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor concerned psychiatrists and training officers about his fitness for duty long before he fatally shot Justine Ruszczyk Damond, new court records show. Revelations about Noor's past were introduced by Hennepin County prosecutors on Wednesday in response to a motion by defense attorneys to dismiss the third-degree murder and manslaughter charges filed against him in Damond's death. Noor was flagged by two psychiatrists during the pre-hiring evaluation in early 2015 after he exhibited an inability to handle the stress of regular police work and unwillingness to deal with people, according to the records. The report went on to say that Noor was more likely than other police candidates to become impatient with others over minor infractions, have trouble getting along with others, to be more demanding and have a limited social support network. They showed he "reported disliking people and being around them." And yet, since Noor exhibited no signs of a major mental illness, chemical dependence or personality disorder, he was deemed "psychiatrically fit to work as a cadet police officer for the Minneapolis Police Department," the filing said. Given the inconsistencies in the report, a civilian human resources employee followed up with the psychiatrist two weeks later, seeking clarification. The psychiatrist, Dr. Thomas Gratzer, stood by his recommendation. Michael Quinn, a former Minneapolis detective-turned-consultant, said that any of those findings should have raised red flags during the hiring process. http://www.startribune.com/judge-rejects-motion-to-seal-medical-records-in-trial-for-officer-who-killed-justine-ruszczyk-damond/492518991/
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    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    Fired Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor is scheduled to stand trial on murder and manslaughter charges next April for the shooting of Justine Ruszczyk Damond. In a brief court appearance — Noor’s second since he was charged — Hennepin County District Judge Kathryn Quaintance set an April 1, 2019, trial date, while denying a number of defense motions to dismiss the case and to exclude certain evidence. There existed enough evidence, she ruled, to bring Noor to trial for the death of the 40-year-old Australian woman in July 2017. http://www.startribune.com/ex-minneapolis-police-officer-mohamed-noor-will-stand-trial-in-april-for-justine-damond-shooting/494534001/
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    I want my 3.50

    Maybe he knew all of this, that's why he took matters into his own hands and shot the SOB?