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  1. Which means nothing. President Trump “authorized” AG Barr to declass everything way back in May of 2019 and Barr did nothing. Authorization is useless if those that have been “authorized” do nothing. Now if President Trump “Ordered” declass without redactions, then we might get somewhere, but to authorize those that have been obstructing is worse than useless.
  2. Of course this is NOT TRUE. Harry Reid had nothing to do with removing the 60 vote cloture rule for SC Justices. McConnell did that in order to confirm Gorsuch.
  3. Yeah, that's me a f*cken Liberal. Kiss my ass.
  4. OK, what heats them when they are away from an "outlet" and what fuel was used to bring energy to that "outlet"? Can a stand along battery generate enough power to heat itself, without draining itself?
  5. The Green Myth. Lets take flooring as and example, Natural home grown oak compared the the Green Bamboo Flooring that is all the rage by the brain dead environmentalists. Ask these questions of the salesperson at the Green Store or the proud environmentalist that has installed a Bamboo Green Floor. Where does bamboo floors come from? China or other east Asia counties, right? How does it get here and how much pollution was created during it's journey to your door step? How much fossil fuel was consumed in it's manufacture and transporting it to your door step? How is it harvested and how much energy is used to convert bamboo grass or young bamboo to a viable flooring product? What is the process, how is it harvested and what amount of energy is used in the harvest, how is it transported from the field to the processing plant and what amount of energy was used, how is it processed, what and how much energy is used to compress bamboo and chemicals into a hard floor surface? Not to mention that Bamboo is the main food source for the Panda. Now lets look at the energy consumption to manufacture a Red Oak floor. Grown right here, usually local and not much travel from field to mill to your door. How much energy is consumed by a logger using a few piece of logging equipment, a few tractor trailers, a saw mill and a kiln to bring that real home grown wood floor to your door compared to "manufacturing" a product and shipping all the way from China to your door?
  6. Sarcasm, I hope. Do you own any battery(Lithium) powered hand tools as in drills etc? If so, put a freshly charged battery in the freezer for several hours. Then take it out and see how well it performs. Odds are it won'y even fire up.
  7. In the NGD, build High speed rail across the ocean. Did you read it?
  8. What about cows and cattle that free range? What type of energy would be used to manufacture these "hoods" and to collect this methane gas? What type of energy would be used to transports this harvested MG to the processing plant and what type of energy would be use to do the actual processing?
  9. What type of energy is used to manufacture the batteries that store the solar energy. What effects does the disposal and recycle of billions of batteries have on the environment and what type of energy is used to recycle these batteries?
  10. In the Democrat supported Green New Deal, they will demand that all air travel be eliminated in ten years, High speed rail will replace cars, truck and planes, unless you live in Hawaii then you are screwed, All coal, fossil fuel and nuclear power plants will eliminated in ten years, every house and building in America will be torn down and rebuilt or renovated to comply with the New Green Deal energy regulations, cow farts will also be eliminated, ... That's just for starters.
  11. What type of energy is used to create the pressure needed for this conversion? Coal fired electricity, or nuclear power, or fossil fuel energy?
  12. Lithium batteries, stop working at low temps rendering the electric car useless is cold climates.
  13. Tell that to the gun owners in WA and OR as of late.
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