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    For a while, I was not enjoying this forum as much. Had never used the "ignore" function, but finally put three folks on it: one far left poster, one far right poster, and one drama king/queen. The dividends were paid almost immediately. I respect the opinions of most... and expect the same of others. Because I post infrequently, I am hardly ever/ if ever the target of any virulence. And I do have little tolerance for folks who bring their insignificant challenges to the board expecting sympathy. Some things are important, like serious illness or the death of canine or feline friend; but if your vehicle won't start, just fricking deal with it. Just my $.02.

    Looking at a new carry Revolver.

    I am considering a Ruger LCRX 3 inch barrel in .357 mag. Just like having a little longer barrel. Like any short barreled revolver, it's a close range defense weapon. Just my $.02.

    When Did Old Sneak Up On Me?

    I've noticed recently that I subconsciously avoid doing things that require me to get down on my knees... getting back up takes more effort than I care to admit. Used to have 20/15 eyesight... then needed readers... now, bifocals. And meds? Not even going there. I will say this... the journey to this point has been worth it. Been blessed with an awesome family, one career in which it was an honor to serve, and another which paid the bills and supported my shooting hobby. I've had it good, and still have it better than I deserve. Would love to do it all over again.

    What, no veterans here?

    No such thing as "just" an 0311... or "just a Marine", for that matter. You could have chosen differently. You didn't. Thanks (from an 0302). S/F
  5. And herein lies the difference between those who cower when faced by evil, and those who engage evil knowing that good cannot prevail otherwise. As noted elsewhere, the President of Mexico has capitulated to the cartels. Raised the white flag. No will to fight. And then there are these cops in HPD narcotics squad. All veteran officers. Trust built between each other. Dangers known. They execute the mission. Four officers hit, two bad guys dead. I wonder if the public appreciates them. It would be easier not to face evil... but this is not Mexico, and never will be as long as we have men and women willing to risk all for good.

    I need some wheelgun shooters

    Just "pulled the trigger" on a used Super Blackhawk, for no other reason that I loved the looks of it and love the single action.

    GSSF members

    The outdoor matches in Texas are, IMO, pretty well run. The one in West Monroe, LA is an exceptionally well run match and a great venue. I attend indoor matches in Conroe, TX and they have been very well run, too.
  8. Follow up to my last post on January 2nd... traded a safe queen for a Super Blackhawk with 4 5/8 inch barrel. New Model... an older one according to the serial number, but not too beat up. Gonna have it checked out by a gunsmith before I haul it out to the range. Because of the costs of shooting .44 mag and .44 special, it won't be a frequent shooter, but a fun one nonetheless.
  9. Reveille goes at 5:20 am... out the door at 6:45 am. (Note: this schedule good only through August 30, 2019... my last day at work )
  10. TXUSMC

    Any Vietnam or Era veterans on here?

    Became a Marine on December 21, 1974. The Marines who taught me to be a Marine were all infantry officers and sergeants who had served several tours of combat in Vietnam. The credit for anything I did well in the next 20 years belongs to them.
  11. TXUSMC

    Considering a G26...Pros & Cons?

    I own a G19 and a G26, both Gen 3, but carry concealed a G43. My thoughts: - There seem to be three variables involved: ergonomics, magazine round count, and concealability. Hand size tends to be a deciding factor in the ergo debate, but not the only factor. The round count debate tends to ignore studies which show that the typical gunfight involves 3-5 rounds at close range (implying that a 6 round magazine will fill the need just fine). The concealability debate is tempered by the fact that all three guns are very concealable, but the G43 is obviously the only one that could be considered a "pocket gun". - I really don't think that there is much difference between the G19 and the G26, especially if you insert as G19 magazine into a G26; but, YMMV.... - If I was forced to choose to keep only one of them, I guess I would keep the G 19. Fortunately, I don't have to make that choice 😉
  12. We Texans get so wrapped around the axle about our BBQ (and rightfully so) that we often forget the history of Tex-Mex cuisine. Texas Monthly had an article in their sesquicentennial edition (1986) about the Old Borunda Cafe in Marfa, and credited it as being the birthplace of Tex-Mex... the # 1 plate was either enchiladas or tamales, with rice and beans. The cafe closed in 1985, but I would have loved to make a pilgrimage there. The Texas Monthly article also referenced some other Tex-Mex joints of lengthy heritage that are still going strong. My favorite place to get a Tex-Mex # 1 plate is Casa Rodriguez in downtown Bryan. The Rodriguez family traces their Tex-Mex heritage back generations. Discussing Tex-Mex is like discussing BBQ... everyone argues for their favorite. Perfection at lunch is beef enchiladas, with either a chili sauce or queso topping, with some chopped onions added, and the obligatory rice and beans (I prefer refried over charro). That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
  13. TXUSMC

    Couple of pics of the new truck.

    Very nice... enjoy! Nothing beats a crew cab pick-up for all around versatility. If I had to give examples of American exceptionalism to a foreign visitor, I would offer our 2nd Amendment rights and pick-up trucks. Let the rest of the world shake their heads 😉
  14. TXUSMC

    Because I'm all Film Neuawr now.....

    Didn't know Casablanca qualified as a film noir movie, but it's one of my top two favorite movies (the other is Twelve O'clock High). I never miss an opportunity to see either of them.
  15. TXUSMC

    Mossberg 9mm pistol.

    Happy with my Glock 43. Also happy with my Mossberg 590A1. A little surprised that Mossberg entered the handgun market...