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  1. Saved my dress blues... they fit a smaller version of my current self. Initially thought I might be buried in them, but am opting for cremation. My kids will get them, the medals (not many), and my sword.
  2. Trusty shellback here... 1983, USS Vancouver LPD-2, on transit from Subic Bay to Perth
  3. Here's the saddest thing of all... the rest of gun-owning America, or at least those who profess to be conservative, are being tarred with the same brush used to portray these idiots in Michigan. And what photo do they post to portray "their kind"? The one of the protesting Michiganders open-carrying long guns and handguns on the steps of the state capitol, at a protest that had nothing to do with the right to bear arms. Illegal? Not at all. Smart thing to do? Moronic. So the rest of non-gun owning America looks at these knuckleheads and forms opinions about all gun owners... like us. These idiots played right into the hands of the anti-2A crowd. The mainstream media can't give that photo enough publicity. There are many good reasons to own a firearm. Carrying/wearing it openly in public just to show off? We're our own worst enemy. And when our fellow citizens decide that maybe the Second Amendment is an anachronism, it will be our own fault for not doing a better job of schooling our own about the smart way to practice 2A rights. BTW... this is not only a problem in Michigan. We have our 10% (who cause 90% of the problems) here in Texas as well. Bottom line: just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it.
  4. railfancwb, we're getting pretty close to the classification limit on Subic Bay stories. We're almost to "secret"... the good stuff is "top secret" at a minimum.
  5. Not sure if they have resumed port calls, but we don't have a base there like we did before. You could get some major repair work done at the Subic Naval Base, plus you could offload the carrier air wing up at the Cubi Point NAS. BTW -- the officer's club at NAS Cubi Point was the best club ever. Best. Club. EVER. Our helicopter squadrons would land at Cubi Point and stay there until the squadron sailed, and the pilots would bunk at the BOQ. Every once in a while, an officer would get back late from liberty and be put in hack... confined to the BOQ at Cubi Point. Which would be like having an ankle monitor put on you and being advised that you were confined to the city limits of Las Vegas. Let me put it another way: putting back to sea from a 10 day port call at Subic Bay/Cubi Point was much needed detox for the ship's crews and embarked Marines. It is also rumored that penicillin was administered with regularity after said port calls. Mind you, these were rumors...
  6. Concur, except for the habanero sauce. Gulden's mustard, please.
  7. The Tiger II had a nice gun and some decent sloped armor, but it was slow, had a travel range limited by fuel consumption, and was too heavy for many bridges in western Europe. By 1945, the late model Shermans were being fielded in such great numbers that the supposed German advantage in armor was negated. Plus, we killed a lot of German tanks with P-47 Thunderbolts and massed artillery.
  8. Asian liberty ports were the best...Subic Bay, Hong Kong, Singapore, Yokosuka, Fremantle/Perth, Phuket, Pattaya Beach, Keelung (Taiwan). Generally speaking, Subic Bay (Philippines) was our "home away from home" on a Westpac, and we usually had 3 port calls there on a 6 month deployment. There were some good training areas nearby, so we spent some time doing maneuvers, hikes, and live fire ranges. If we hadn't been able to do that, we'd all have returned to CONUS with our livers slung over our shoulders like seabags. Mind you, I hit Subic in the early-80s, and the old timers told me it had really quieted down a lot since the Vietnam war. Believe me, it was plenty interesting enough when I was there... it's where the term NSFW originated.
  9. Steak & Shake makes a good one. Honestly, the first thing I look for in a milk shake is the machine... the Hamilton Beach with the stainless steel cups... no substitute.
  10. TXUSMC

    First Knife

    Cub Scout knife, then a Boy Scout knife. Didn’t have an EDC knife until I bought a Buck 110 and then replaced it with a Buck 112 (gave the 110 to my son). Still have that 112 (bought it in 1983), and rotate it in with some Benchmades and Emerson’s. I feel naked without a knife. Hate flying commercial because I have to check a bag to bring a knife on a trip. Even worse with cruise ships... got to fly to get to the port, and then board a ship for a week or more, then fly again to get home. That’s a better part of two weeks without a knife 🤬
  11. That looks very good...
  12. Happened upon a thread on another site about a guy asking about putting a compensator on a Glock 43X. This was not long after I read about someone else complaining that the 43 and the 43X had no rail for a light. And then there's the guys who want a name-your-number round magazine for the 43X, because by God, 10 rounds just won't cut it. People... it's a short barreled, single stack CCW handgun, not a pocket gun, but a very easily concealable handgun. Want the capabilities for a duty gun? Buy a Glock 17. For the better part of a century, maybe longer, Americans made due with 6 shot revolvers and a semi-auto pistol which had a 7 round magazine. During that period, we used those handguns to kill a helluva lotta Native Americans, Mexicans, Cubans, Spaniards, Chinese Boxers, Germans, Japanese, Italians, North Koreans, Red Chinese, and North Vietnamese, and assorted guerrillas from Haiti, Nicaragua, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and God knows where else. We won the Cold War while carrying those handguns. Built the Panama Canal. Put a man on the moon (so many times we got bored doing it). Hell, we killed a whole bunch of our own, in that Blue vs. Gray fight. Not to mention Mafiosos, gangsters, and various and assorted other criminals. No zombies have been killed... none. While modern technology has given us handguns with greater magazine capacity and an endless number of accessories, nobody should feel undergunned with any of today's choices. Outside of a war zone, where a handgun is considered a sidearm, you just don't often (ever?) read about anybody-- especially a citizen legally carrying a concealed weapon-- running out of ammo in a gunfight. If you happen to get into a gunfight, statistics (from the FBI) indicate that you and the bad guy will fire an average of 3-5 rounds... total. Yet, our obsession with magazine capacity continues unabated. I guess it's good we have options. My $.02.
  13. Somewhere in the family photo albums is a picture taken in January 1953, at Love Field in Dallas. My mom has me, 2 months old, cradled in her arms, my dad at her side, and in the background the plane... a Delta Air Lines DC3. My first ride on an airplane... Air travel back in the pre-jet age was fun. I remember flying on DC3s, DC6s, Constellations... walking out on the tarmac to climb the stairs to board the aircraft. And a box lunch was actually a BOX LUNCH. In fact, my mom and dad met while they both worked for Delta. Mom was a flight attendant, and dad was a gate agent who opened the door of the plane upon arrival. When they married, mom had to quit... rules back then prevented couples from working for the same airline.
  14. I love old Craftsman style houses. There's one in Athens, TX that has been turned into a quilt store, and it has a large covered concrete porch. I can just imagine myself with my morning coffee, sitting on a glider, pondering the coming day. https://www.google.com/maps/place/905+E+Tyler+St,+Athens,+TX+75751/@32.2056844,-95.839966,3a,30y,358.19h,90.33t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sg7z6SBoqBBuB3IYQIGERbA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x8648fd93c2d82b49:0x48e2a9077bc311a2!8m2!3d32.2060429!4d-95.8399581
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