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    What, no veterans here?

    USMC 1974 - 1995 Tours in three different infantry regiments (in chronological order, 8th, 3rd, and 2nd), plus some other non-FMF tours. Good memories all around. Still enjoy meeting other Leathernecks and Navy corpsmen. The old saying has always been true: once a Marine, always a Marine. BTW... oldest son is in the USAF going on 18 years, and I couldn't be prouder of all that he has accomplished.

    This is awesome!

    Concur. I'll be retiring next year, and one of our sons and his family live in Lindale. Being next door to Tyler is an advantage, as Tyler is one of those cities that isn't too big, but has most of the amenities you need. Plus, I-20 pretty much is the dividing line between Lindale and Tyler. If you really want more in the way of culture (theater, concerts, museums, etc.), Dallas is not too far west. Glad you passed through!

    This is awesome!

    My soon-to-be-home town. Been in that store... very nice, friendly owners/staff.

    New Favorite Hot Dog

    Your credibility was etched in stone when you mentioned Gulden's, soldier. Carry on.

    New Knife - CRKT Ripsnort

    Women at the office often ask me what to get their male significant other on special occasions. I tell them "a nice pocket knife or multi-tool". Their usual response is something along the lines of "he's got 20 knives already", to which I respond "and he'll like # 21". Knives are part of American mens' DNA. I feel unprepared without one. The aftermath of 9/11/01 which affected me the most was the ban on carrying a knife aboard commercial aircraft. As a result, I check a bag... for the knife. Obsessed? Maybe.

    Japanese vehicles; cool and not so cool.

    This reminded me of the Toyota Hilux pickup that is not available here in the USA, but seems to be a popular vehicle in many other countries.

    you ever binge watch tv or movies ?

    Bosch and Shetland have been our favorites. Liked Deadwood, too.

    how long have you been married ?

    43 years... on the one life, one wife program.

    Glock 43 Owners

    JM Custom Kydex OWB, for the Glock 43 and my HK VP9sk. Worth every penny.
  10. TXUSMC

    Holster good as milk in a glass bottle?

    There is no substitute for quality. A holster is part of the weapon system (along with the gun and belt). If you're serious about carrying, buy something you'd bet your life on. That said, I'm a kydex guy, and JM Custom Kydex is the best I've found. Had good luck with G Code, too. There are many high quality holster makers out there. My $.02...
  11. TXUSMC

    Favorite outdoor gear?

    I concur, Kydd ... when you need a fire in a crisis-type scenario, you generally want it sooner than later. Those fire-starter kits that employ magnesium are good stuff. Another piece of gear I've wrestled with is a water filtration system. Technology has improved over the years, and really good lightweight stuff that purifies water is out there. One of the most important aspects of any route recon I do deals with potable water sources. Been warned off of using cattle stock ponds... too much bad stuff to filter out, if you have other options. If you have time, boiling water makes sense... but then you're carrying a stove, fuel, and something to hold the water. My solution: day hike in areas where you can resupply fresh, purified water. I'm 65... hiking smarter is a necessity 😂
  12. TXUSMC

    Where are you guys buying your blades?

    Another vote for GPKnives
  13. TXUSMC

    Favorite outdoor gear?

    You can have great gear, but you also need... a plan. Even for a period of short duration. Weather, terrain, landmarks... a plan for what to do if you get lost or injured. Although we're addicted to our cell phones, any real outdoorsman carries and knows how to use a lensatic or orienteering compass... because even though your cell phone has a compass, it may lose power if you're gone longer than planned. Folks hiking on well-marked trails have been known to get lost. Knowledge breeds confidence if things go awry. Great gear cannot overcome panic.
  14. TXUSMC

    Favorite outdoor gear?

    Over the years, I've noticed a lot of overlap when it comes to guns, knives, and outdoor equipment. For instance, I enjoy shooting and hiking. If I were going on a 10-15 mile day hike, I'd have the following: Hill People Runner's Kit Bag with HK VP9sk, spare mag, cell phone, and flashlight inside Maxpedition small backpack with as much water as I could fit, trail mix, and small first aid kit Benchmade folder Danner boots USMC boonie hat REI trekking pole I'm pretty particular when it comes to outdoor gear, knives, and guns, and I'm guilty of brand loyalty when I find good stuff. Buy good stuff, take care of it, and it will never fail you. Semper Fidelis
  15. TXUSMC

    Firearms You Regret Buying

    S&W Thunder Ranch 325 .45 ACP revolver. Beautiful gun, nice shooter, but seldom leaves the safe. Never really liked dealing with moon clips. Not a carry gun, at least for me. Planning on trading it for something else at a gun show.