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  1. I haven't even drilled a hole this year, but did replace the leaders on the traps this morning. If I had any chance of catching a 4 pound rainbow around here, I'd be a fishing fool. Lots of luck!!
  2. Yup....Russ and the others can't take a joke. That's what got me.
  3. Ha- Ha....it wasn't Mossad agents at all. Just Walter White back to his old games...
  4. Nope....no thanks. I already spend a lot of my time in the cellar here at home. The views above ground are usually a lot better.
  5. Ha-Ha......now everyone over there is getting a small taste of what it's like to get the hammer. I just worry about what Von Hayes is up to and if he's found gainful employment.
  6. Yer dancing with the Big Girls for sure there @Walt Longmire (90% of my chainsaw work is with my little Husky T435....fits in my ATV or snow sled box and great for blowdowns on the sled trails here....itty=bitty 12' bar with not many teeths....but still does the job for me. I'd have to eat a few bathtubs full of Wheaties just to pick up some of those saws you got.
  7. Yup....it ain't a speed demon with the little 600 4-stroke, but quiet, great mileage and with the 154" track, it floats pretty good. I've added a belly pan since this pic to help with the front end in deep snow....if we ever get any.
  8. We've had a couple dustings, but nothing on the ground yet to stay yet this season. Hooked up to the Fisher a couple weeks ago to test it and change hydraulic fluid. Ski-Doooo fired up and ready to go. Won't break my heart if both of them just gather dust this winter due to lack of snow. That magic died a few years ago and gets even deader every year.
  9. No beer can holders......I cancelled my order when the engineers says they couldn't fit a few into the dash.
  10. Just yesterday it looks like a Maine fishing boat went down off of Cape Cod and the 4 men aboard are lost at sea. It's a dangerous way to make a living. https://foxbangor.com/news/item/search-on-for-4-member-crew-of-sunken-portland-fishing-boat/ Monday, November 23, 2020 19:37 Search on for 4-member crew of sunken Portland fishing boat BOSTON (AP) — The Coast Guard is searching for the four-member crew of a Maine fishing boat that sank off Massachusetts. The Coast Guard says the 82-foot Emmy Rose went down early Monday about 20 miles northeast of Provincetown, Massachusetts. Petty Officer Ryan Noel says the Coast Guard got the emergency alert around 1:30 a.m. and was on the scene by about 2:30 a.m. Crews found debris and an empty life raft. Three Coast Guard vessels and two aircraft are involved in the search. It is being made more difficult by 6- to 8-foot seas and 35 mph winds. The Emmy Rose is based in Portland.
  11. The plasma cutters are fun. But never misunderestimate how much you can dance just using a hot glue gun when wearing shorts fishing a fish rod tip.
  12. Ha-Ha....nothing like being on fire to make a buddy laugh. Always good fun if you can walk away from it without a trip to the emergency room and the wives don't find out about it. Edit to add....I am the reason they call it "stick welding"...really bad at it, but know enough that 6010 is called "splatter rod" for a reason.
  13. I wish I had a camera and the internet was around years ago. My buddy had an old early 1970-ish Ford F-250. The heater core had crapped out so he just jumpered it with some rubber hose and hose clamps. He only used it around his land as it was way past being able to get a sticker on it. To defrost the windshield on cold days, he had pop-riveted a couple other hose clamps to the dashboard that could hold Sterno cans. We took it ice fishing going down his back road to Tunk Lake. All was good until the ride back when we were freezing and didn't take the time needed to defrost the windshield and then put the Sterno out. We hit a pretty good bump and one Sterno can popped out it's holder and landed on his lap. Ruined his Carhartts, and I almost peed in mine laughing as he jumped out and did the Stop, Drop and Roll deal in the middle of a slush puddle. Warming up a vehicle is a really nice thing to do, and can make it safer sometimes.
  14. Wasn't too bad here this morning, just a few degrees below freezing. But hasn't warmed up to 32 yet. Bad thing is that cold wind out of the north. Really can't complain as it's been pretty warm so far this fall. I got a bad feeling we'll pay for it later when winter sets in.
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