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  1. You are already toast (I speak from experience). The request is the first step towards your exit under less than friendly terms. My advise is polish and distribute your resume and begin finding a new opportunity in earnest. At age 59, it is very problematic but it will be better to get out on your own than to be standing with your hat and your ass and both have a hole in them.
  2. Liberal version of this headline: "Trump puts veterans at risk by ending testing facilities."
  3. When you see things like this, thank a lawyer.
  4. Just need a lime and a bottle of tequila.....
  5. "Psychic wins lottery AGAIN"
  6. I spent the last 15 years in information security for financial and health care companies and the lesson I learned is that you can never be paranoid enough.
  7. Recently had two rabid foxes down here in Lower Alabama that bit a couple of golfers on a course near my house.
  8. Initially, it was the need for more quantity which got me to go from the single stage and acquire a turret press. Then shooting IDPA and GSSF pushed me to acquire my first Hornady LNL as I was chewing through 1000-1500 9mm per week. Then, as I added 40 and 45 calibers to the repertoire, changeovers from small to large primer and pistol to rifle calibers and back pushed me into buying my second LNL. I'm debating buying a Dillon now as I have never used one and want to see what all the fuss is about.
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