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  1. G26S239

    Football team members commit homosexual rape.

    Sure, it was the band teacher overseeing practice. According to the police report homosexual rape with a broomstick IS tradition. If kicking players off the team for engaging in homosexual rape or other vile practices is something the coach won't do he should find other work. If spelling out for players what is and is not acceptable is something the coach won't do he should find other work, like maybe being a bouncer at a leather bar. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/bs-md-damascus-hazing-20181107-story.html Do you excuse pedophile priests as readily as you cover for the coaches in this case? From the linked article.
  2. G26S239

    Alien space probe?

    Maybe it's a large penis sheath.
  3. He is not taking media propaganda seriously, he is stumping for his side.
  4. G26S239

    Veterans Day

    That's a very evocative poem. Here is an interesting article about the adoption of the poppy by so many nations. http://www.history.com/news/world-war-i-poppy-remembrance-symbol-veterans-day
  5. G26S239

    How to make shotgun range time fun?

    Pattern with 00 Buckshot at realistic ranges to see what it will actually do. Shoot logs, abandoned cars, cantaloupes and other fun targets with it.
  6. G26S239

    Veterans Day

    Good post Halibert. 👍 I was a Navy Brat at that time, family was living off base attached to Concord Naval Weapons Station where the bombs bound for Vietnam were loaded on the AE ships @ Port Chicago. About half the Tug Office crew had served or would serve in the Brown Water Navy. I recall waiting in the base gym for jud/jui jitsu class to start and watching a Marine Corporal train the young Jarheads in crowd control techniques. He seemed pretty good, not a guy you want to piss off. My uncle had served with the AHC162nd as a door gunner and just got back the year before. I am glad for that upbringing because it ruled out joining the scum who hate the US military.
  7. G26S239

    Pepper Spray

    Those 3/4 ounce size have no range or spread. A 50 gram size is much better. As far as brand goes anything of 5% or better should work fine.
  8. Congratulations, that is impressive weight loss.
  9. G26S239

    Do I need a grip change?

    It really is. When I fired full power 357 magnum loads in my 3" SP101 with the 1/2" shorter factory grips it torqued in my hand and cut the top of my trigger finger. With the longer Hogue grip area my little finger got good purchase and the extra leverage put a stop to the discomfort.
  10. G26S239

    Do I need a grip change?

    That's okay. Jerry is a lot of fun to watch. He is so happy to be shooting, S&W did well hiring him as a spokesman.
  11. G26S239


    That's one of Zevon's best songs. 👍
  12. G26S239

    Veteran's Day 2018

    Indeed, happy Veterans Day to all. I like your hats. Former AE3 here.
  13. Sure berto. Whatever makes your party look better must be what happened.
  14. G26S239

    Football team members commit homosexual rape.

    Your first question is a real headscratcher. Perhaps watching the video embedded in the news link could help clear up that mystery. I have posted a couple of screen shots from the video just in case there are any clues as to who that goateed guy might actually be. As for your second question, is it really that puzzling to you that a coach might be considered responsible for failing to formulate, promulgate and maintain a team culture that makes clear that homosexual rape, or any other type of rape, is wrong and will not be tolerated?
  15. G26S239

    Football team members commit homosexual rape.

    That's a good point to consider. He might have been the Band teacher filling in for the football coach on a day that the football coach was overseeing Band practice.