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  1. Okay I'll play along. Tu es un putain de merde.
  2. Ooh burn! Keep trying and you might reach the "I'm rubber, you're glue" level of repartee Moshe.
  3. You must have felt pretty backed up before you pulled that out of your ass.
  4. I realize the First Amendment is not the law of the land in Germany. My other post made no such claim. It was pointing out my lack of alarm over 300* people peaceably assembling to express themselves and my support of the concept of peaceably assembling. *300/83,000,000 = .0003614457831% clearly a very alarming figure. Obviously that massive number reflects the views of Germany as a whole. Oh it's clear that you perceive anti Jewish bias damn near everywhere you go. At the same time you refer to your wife as shiksa. Real consistent there sport. 👍
  5. 300 marchers out of a nation of 83 million means all of Germany is down with the march? Bull****! As far as allowing people to march, i.e. peaceably to assemble, for some reason that concept doesn't alarm me either.
  6. He was a great entertainer. 👍
  7. Changing extractors isn't difficult. Before I bought my current 27 I changed the trigger housing w/ejector on the 26 before shooting 40* from my 26 frame. OTOH I'd probably just get a 29 upper or, more likely, a 29 rather than swap parts if I decided to get into 10mm. *In 2015 I bought an NiBX 27 upper w/magazine from ebay before the P80 kits were available. In any case I have the 27 and the extra upper which can still be used to convert my spare 26 to a 27.
  8. For the price of an extractor it would be easier to just get one.
  9. G26S239

    Berretta 92X

    For me it is not because the Vertec grip doesn't appeal to me but it should appeal to others. My 92 is a standard 92FS that I bought mostly because it has a role in American history. For an alloy framed double stack 9mm I still like my P229 Tutone better but maybe after I retire I will shoot the 92 a bit more often.
  10. Great. Have you talked with her today?
  11. If this scumbag wants to meddle in American politics his pedo enabling church should lose it's tax exempt status. http://www.yahoo.com/gma/pope-francis-donates-500-000-migrants-us-border-184500606--abc-news-topstories.html
  12. What did you change besides the barrel and magazine?
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