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  1. hell now its bad the only thing i look at is the obituaries to see who died the wife reads it , im like you to much moon bat bs
  2. he definately got jacked up , the dude who got to him first took him right into the gumball machines then i piled on i was late as im old bastard lol , this walmart has a little police sub station in it, we had to go to court and all that mfer got 3 months and 3 years probation . come to find out it wasnt the first time he had done it to women . scared the hell out of me . she still has the scar . that walmart was in different town and she has not been back and said she was never going back . it really emotionally distressed her , it did me too but i didnt show it , could have have been an eye or both , or scar the face etc .
  3. nothing i mean nothing beats the smoke in Atlanta airport with the plastic flap doors . lets see last time thru there was 2003 i think , my traveling companion needed a smoke , we walked in that room and i swear it was like a gut punch you are not ready for . i was in there for all of 5 seconds .
  4. back then the paper had actual things to read worth while . i remember the sears add had rifle pics and max hardware had the same . lol
  5. ASH

    Politics RussP

    dont remember mine but it was a generic one , i think like 50 people got the same one i got . creating disturbance or some thing like that. it was fate for me to be here , because within days of the hammer Eric had this place up .
  6. thanks 👍 , thankfullly if it rains enough to flood me a new Ark must be built . i know people got hammered down there i swear 2020 is a year i think most would love a do over . the only good news we have gotten is my oldest is expecting baby number 2 and due in january . and PIPER is 4 and asking bout her baby sister all the time , i think the cutest thing is she rubs the belly and to hurry up . lol this kid is growing up to fast for me . sorry for grainy pic
  7. ASH

    Politics RussP

    we all come into this world the same way and nobody gets out alive . ive mellowed in my old age ,but one day the maker is gonna be holding that coffer
  8. well we got lucky they called for gusts over 45 mph , and we were up most of night hunkering down greenhouses , wind had few gusts , alot of pecan limbs . i swear pcan trees are soft as butter . starting raining last night just finished bout 6 pm , we got 6 inches ,
  9. this dude has been hounding me since the 80ties !!!!!!!
  10. i learned the hard way twice , never lend money to friends are family period . twice was my fault , i cut it off right there . the last time family member deadbeat wanted 1,500 for bail i said did you do the crime ? yep then i said you can keep your ass in jail . hes one of those i spoke of i would nt piss on to put out a fire .
  11. ASH

    Random Posting

    how do you know its female ?? rofl . could be metro male hmmmmmmm
  12. ASH

    Plumbing ???

    ahh the one thing i can fix badly . me and plumbing have a hate hate hate relationship . the only thing i work on that works no leaks is the sprinklers in greenhouse. everything else i got a dude on speed dial .
  13. my wifes parents were salt of the earth , her dad was a farmer like in my family. they have all passed on . my wifes kin folks are ok , the rest on my side i wouldnt piss on them if on fire . thieves , druggies ,
  14. looks like a slow rain maker ,everyone stay safe , praying for yall, seems it might swoop and hit here in nc this weekend as just a storm . but we are thinking of yall
  15. yeah be careful , lasers now are to easy to get and way to strong for some . my wife got hit with one right in the ass at walmart several years ago .some perv it burnt thru her blue jeans and gave her a third degree burn . i was over around the corner maybe 4 rows away , he ran some dude took off with me and tackled him right inside sliding door .
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