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  1. ASH

    state fairs , going today ,,

    shes 2 and almost won whack a mole game lol but lost barely to like a 8 year old . me and her dad will have to hone our skills on grapplin when boy come around , my wife take her to a thing called story time each week where they learn a different subject each week , and there is a little boy named austin who hangs with her , and i was goingthru pics my wife took and i said who is that blonde headed boy in all the pics with Piper ? she said oh thats her little boy friend , i was like oh hell no , since im retired poppy will be checking out this story time roflmao
  2. everyone is monitored in some way daily. thats just way it is.
  3. yeah my bones are wore out , ive had so many injuries over the years, if its really cold my wrists, and knees elbows hurt llike a mfer. my wrist prolly from wrenching all these years , knees i had to have both knees operated on back in 85 , elbows from gout attacks .
  4. to many to list for me but i got few i can post when i say cut the light off lol . then i get you mean turn off lights . raise down the windows - you cant raise down lol using the mud room for what it is for , but i leave mud tracks and do not pick up my boots not keeping gas in vehicles where the light is off. i get just fill it up . my excuse , i got 3 trucks ,suv , 4 tractors , and 2 jeeps when she says i dont really say im sorry i usually say " well im sorry you feel that way. when i let Piper eat junk food
  5. being in NC all my life and outside 70% of my life , im neutral i hate our summers , if we did not have 100 % humidity its not so bad , but older i got less tolerable, plus some meds i take make me sweat aweful from may to august terrible , if no humidity its fine . during farming season i would sometimes lose 6 pounds in a day . like it about 78 and coldest bout 45 if i had to pick now that im done farming i can tolerate summers i hope better because of not working . my wife is from PA and anything below 89 she hates. but thats coming from a state that is frozen like 5 months out of year lol . what says you ?
  6. made me think after seeing the horrible new Halloween movie , awful movie , i want so bad a sequel to THE PROFESSIONAL .with natalie portman but only if done right NIGHT OFF THE COMET reboot I AM LEGEND REBOOT , that was ruined and awful RED DAWN done right . i know there is more what cha got ?
  7. ASH

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    we have 2 huas and 2 hua/rat terrier mix so they would be guard dogs , toy testers , and boots and shoe quality control
  8. ASH

    state fairs , going today ,,

    yesterdays fair Piper's pictures and was chilly ofcourse she had to have cotton candy , riding pony , now she wants one, she is sporting chewbacca hoodie lol and poppy had to win a monkey and we could not pull her away from watching the chicks hatch , atleast 30 minutes .
  9. ASH

    Any old Farmers here?

    one thing a bout farming , the weather is a cold hearted bitch lol , i got all gray hair now from farming atleast wife says so lol . i cant look back at changing anything except maybe choices with the weather, im shocked no dumbasses has come in here to spoil the thread about subsides lol if my health was better i would continue to farm , i remember a time when you were priming and barning tobacco it was friends and family and others helping , then they found out i can make more money and not work as hard which i dont blame them . farming is a gut passion if you either have it or not , like in my earlier post ive lived practically my whole life not having to follow rules ,work with pricks, and no bosses , i am truly blessed and i know my family member taking over has been groomed for 15 years to take over and he will carry it on , its a nice feeling to be able to retire and not worry bout money , of course i will still have to keep eye on rental properties but not to much as i got tired of dealing with renters and hired a company to take over the BS, saddens me the way family farms have gone , people will find out one day how important farming in America is . funny story not long ago i bought new tractor ad sold my old one that was like 20 years old, dude wanted it bad , bad enough drove 2 hours with a trailer , and he had no idea how to drive or operate a tractor , his wife was with him , he id not know how to use pto ,bush hog , etc hydraulics and he said well i see a leak here in there and seat is torn and on and on , i said dude its 20 years old , things are gonna leak , his wife said he wanted to farm dude was my age , i said listen i want to sell this tractor but your husband is either gonna get killed or go broke , you cant start at 50 lol , basically i talked then out of ii and said go by a small kubota and do some gardening , i did not talk down to them but gave them the straight answer , i felt good about not selling to them , week later sold to farmer about 40 miles down the road,
  10. ASH

    It's gonna be chili tomorrow in my part of Alaska

    brrrr , you up there where its not surprising , here in nc its a shocker lol
  11. ASH

    state fairs , going today ,,

    you mean the brewery on back road off of 1 40 and had chihuahua rescue and a live show of a young blonde girl singing and playing guitar and heading to nashville the next day ?
  12. ASH

    It's gonna be chili tomorrow in my part of Alaska

    its gonna be 35 in the morning here , lord my old bones ,
  13. http://www.ncstatefair.org/2018/index.htm its last day for fair and ive been up 3 times to help out at the grow nc booths but today we are taking Piper our grand kid to the fair , which i know she will love , if any gters are in NC and heading to fair , swing by the booth and look for a old 6,2 dude with grizzly adams beard and long hair . and a cute kid beside him do yall hit your state fairs ?? or skip ?
  14. ASH

    How about some Dwight Yoakam..

    hey bro , off topic , but long ago you told me about lion steel knives i picked up 2 this week , awesome knives . ok back to eggwhite yokeem