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  1. me mostly gift cards , me and the wife draw straws who gets what for who. my oldest daughter is getting gift cards for baby stuff because she is due to be around jan 11 oddly thats my daughters birthday . Piper she just wants her baby sister to pop out , but will get some stuff from everyone . gift cards and money and i told eryone gift cards or money or gift cards and leave me receipt lol for myself i got my black aces shotgun other day , and i bought a ar9 other night fostech model and waiting for it to mount my 9mm suppressor . wife is not typical lady , does not wear jewelry except wedding ring , and silver pendant necklace . we got most of what we need , and older i get the less im into gifts . basically last 3 years its been a furbaby christmas , furries get more then anyone . lol daughter in florida i have no idea , they just put in a big ass pool inground , so maybe i will pay their power bill for 6 months roflmao r
  2. ASH


    raccoon ?? you can tell this old dude loves these critters and they love him .
  3. ASH


    this is one of Pipers outside pets , Sally . .
  4. damn good thing not a moccasin ,wouldve took down half the grid
  5. ASH

    my new toy

    Black Aces Tactical is a weapons manufacturing company based in Central Florida that is dedicated to providing the customer quality weapons and suppressors. All BAT weapons are made in America. They also carry lifetime warranty. I do know I watched a lot of youtube videos. And the gun don't like promags. What I like is it is ammo picky. Mags so far have been no trouble for me. Also use 1919 mags. My main draw it's the semi lefty out there and I like what I seen.
  6. ASH

    my new toy

    It just fit me well and I wanted mags. I got some 10 rounders coming. My ksg was a good gun but I got to where sometimes the pump action bothered me. I sold to my buddy and he loves it so win win
  7. ASH


    Growing up on farm I've pets from pigs to chincillas. It would take 3 pages to name. All. I will say we have a pet cemetarary at least an acre. 100 years from now whoever owns this farmstead and starts digging will prolly call fbi
  8. ASH

    my new toy

    just picked up today from ffl , have not had shotgun in while , since I sold my ksg , I was looking for mag fed ones. I know im getting old took out today shot the hell out of it and my shoulder hurts lol . love it so far it spits out all types shells no probs no jams , I want semi auto . the most important thing is im a south paw AND THIS IS ONLY READILY ONE MADE FOR LEFTIES . its a black ace tactical it comes in bronze, tan , gray , white , red , green , etc mine is standard black , also comes in mice hard case with 3 chokes and fore grip , didn't know bout hard case til I opened box . dudes at the LGS wanted to see it and oo and hhhha . but good for home defense
  9. the only person to blame is Trump himself , he had a re election sewed up , if only he was not so full of **** . all he had to do is not talk to people writing books , be honest and when the china flu hit , wear a ****ing mask , I mean lets see wear a mask , act like you care , even if you don't believe have the covid stuff act like you do , and do not go to hospital then come home and set up a photo op of ripping off the mask , as soon as leaving the ****ing hospital . you were going up against a old man with dementia and senile , no plans , hiding in basement for almost a year. and you blew it .. a monkey could have beat biden if it wore a mask all year .
  10. I will get one of those new broncos down the road when kinks and prices are more manageable . I thought I wanted a new camaro lz1 awhile ago , but the damn car seats sit way to low and the windshield is like 5x8 . you cant see over the damn hood .
  11. yeah here is best advice you gonna get , DONT POST IT ON THE INTERNET . delete all this nonsense , get a lawyer and have lawyer take it up .
  12. ASH

    Election Results

    anybody know it trump or his lawyers have this info about DOMINION ? I don't think the truth will ever come out. the country would burn and civil war would in sue and to avoid that they would just go along with biden winning. and how the hell does a news channel say someone has won lol ??
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