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  1. ASH

    winter storm ,

    Sleeting now pretty good , switch over to snow thru the night , 6 to 12 inches , depends on if it goes one way or another , we are always right on the line , we are right in middle of state so we never know , when they say alot we get nothing , vice versa. i hope we get few inches so my grand kid can enjoy it ,
  2. ASH

    Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year

    yeah i liked it . was not expecting much another funny killing comedy surprised me was Mayhem , had Glenn as star from TWD , people trapped in building for a quarantine because of a virus and it takes 8 hours to get rid of virus but anything you do in those 8 hours you dont get in trouble for and people and co workers were killing people they did not like , he was fired and right when exiting the building they were locked in so he killing his way to get to boss on top floor . not for everyone but i laughed thru it
  3. ASH

    christmas sleep over

    lol, my youngest who now lives in jacksonville is getting tired of me sending her stories that happen in florida roflmao .
  4. ASH

    kung fu bull fighting

    that bull was awesome. never been another bull as infamous as Bodacious .
  5. ASH

    winter storm ,

    we are expected 8 to 12 inches time will tell . atleast my grand baby will have good time . what are you expecting ?
  6. ASH

    christmas sleep over

    cha ching https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2018/12/07/House-from-A-Christmas-Story-lets-fans-stay-the-night/3171544203643/?mp=3
  7. ASH

    kung fu bull fighting

  8. ASH

    kung fu bull fighting

    double post .
  9. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/hemp-legalization-congress-farm-bill_us_5c016e7fe4b0249dce74973e
  10. ASH

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    whats going on with the austrailian lady who called the cops , walked down to talk to cops in car and got shot ?
  11. ASH

    Who Said It

    "you shot it you dumb sons a bitches you shot it , you shot my mo chine
  12. ASH

    Who Said It

    " he shot him , he shot him , somebody call somebody "
  13. ASH

    Who Said It

    true romance , that was a great movie . like the part where dennis hopper knew he was gonna get killed. but when he had address on fridge made him a stupid mfer .
  14. ASH

    Police Cops Shoot/Kill Wrong Man

    i think some misconstrued , ofcourse some of the senarios listed are fine for shot in the back , i was speaking if you hear someone breaking in your house they here you they jump out and start running away from you and you shoot them in the back you are gonna get charged. if the threat is widening between you and a bad guy there is no i was scared for my life .