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  1. https://www.cracked.com/quick-fixes/4-corporate-logos-that-backfired-in-hilarious-ways/
  2. do people even look at what they put on the market ??? roflmao you cant miss that . im thinking someone had jokes that day
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/marie-fredriksson-roxette-singer-dies-at-61/ar-BBY1YEw man what a shame , beautiful voice beautiful person , i knew she had a brain tumor years ago and would do sets sitting down . few years back they were going on new tour but cancelled for health . RIP . listening to them alot in the 8oties .
  4. i see a mortal kombat fan as well . well played .
  5. nope no ads . i recently switched back to apple from droid , because of crap ads , and now i phones have cool features they once did not hve. plus i face time all my family , and the generic facetime on android never worked worth a **** .
  6. ASH

    prayers needed

    Jeff came home from hospital today , they said its wait and see if procedure worked or not , his wife and my wife are best friends , she is basket case , but my wife has been staying with her, their grown kids live in colorado and planning to come out
  7. main question ---- did he make them take off their circus paints ??? from that facial expression im thinking he favorite flag is rainbow
  8. she is home , picked up in Atlanta , got more of the story , the cooridinator of that region , tried to catch her for 2 weeks , so she was on her own for over a month, she was living hiding in a hole in drywall. she is such a sweet heart , i cant imagine just leaving . she hs been vetted and is settled in and Piper lovers her as well, Piper is an animal whisperer ,they all come to her .she is on pillow here name is Mitzi and maybe it will continue .she half knows it now . if ya get a chance we are asking for small donations , anything from a quarter on up , no amount is to small hopefully we will get some more furbabies some homes. http://www.chihuahua-rescue.com/how-to-donate/?fbclid=IwAR2jdzQsRFEBEUbJImtMyM1Jvghd45tRTPsqoPPeVBz11xB1LaPhjXLsuVY i hope its ok with eric to post it , but if not i will remove donation pages . if cant donate get the word out ,
  9. best tactical pistol ever is a glock 7 everyone knows that
  10. We pick her up tomorrow so in for a good drive. all our pups get along hoping they all will
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/cop-who-blew-whistle-on-arrest-quotas-felt-threatened-by-then-nypd-commissioner-bill-bratton-court-docs/ar-BBXPaGH gotta be fake news
  12. no he was seen in this .
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