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  1. sad but good story . https://wcti12.com/news/nation-world/vietnam-veteran-reunites-with-his-dog-for-the-last-time-after-entering-hospice-care?fbclid=IwAR074h1JHf0bRDVCearTr7VcgiEzq5x8IzHx3lxxxPaWKeKkriUn9aq0vmg thank you for your service .
  2. speaking of my trail cams have been up a good while , i will be going to collect them tomorrow to see if any weirdness is going on lol . ofcourse i will post weirdness here lol
  3. folks just let the other place we dont speak of die as it already has, much better here , and yeah thank god Russ is not a mod here , half the people here are from his BS GOD complex. ok that was my one dig ok lets move along
  4. it was bound to happen Schooner or later .
  5. HERE is my 2 cents on HOA . and i got 2 daughters 2 years apart in age. youngest moved to jacksonville FL , when her husband got out of marines . they had friends here that also lived there . while living down at camp Lejuene they lived in a kinda HOA but was not one . this is what i see about people who live in HOA'S and i might be all wrong but my opinion seeing things with my daughters 1 most are OCD in some form or fashion 2 they like structure without the headaches of trying 3 they do not own much stuff, junk , etc clothes , anything lots of 4 they like the village mentality 5 my daughter are night and day i personally think my daughters marine husband wanted to live like that 100 percent more then my daughter but she is a follower which urks me my other daughter is not ocd and i country like me . just take it as it rolls . my solution and how i was raised i own 50 to 100 acres on all sides , ive never had a neighbor ever . when we go down and visit them the spaces between home and other homes is like 20 feet . oh hell no . everything is cookie cutter . that aint me lol or my family they all got same fences , same grass, they had to have certain plants around the home , walkway had to have same slate as everyone else . they have home inspections , its just to stepford wives for us .
  6. ASH

    Name That Movie

    friday the 13 th part 300 jason takes Manhattan
  7. im in nc and went thru something similar 2 years ago , the difference was we are a farm family and when my dad died in 95 i built a house closer to mom because i knew if mom died before me i was gonna move in there and my other house was gifted to my oldest . my mom was 89 when she passed but our home is about 400 feet from hers . she wanted us closer not to be by herself . so in 2016 she developed altzheimers , i took her meds down every night because she would mix it up , now the differences what made it easier for me was self employed - i was available for her 24/7 my wife -self employed we lived next door my dead beat sister died 10 years ago and was disinherited , i was POA and everything , she had a irrevocable trust i always told her for years i would take care of her no matter what , because nursing homes and all that jazz will suck you broke quick . plus i did not trust anyone i know my post does not have anything to so with your situation just giving a different outlook on it . if dealing with siblings and they him haw around like someone said tell her to over see your mom's care . i dont have an answer but i am praying for you and family, ive been there , my wife just went thru same thing her mom had dementia and lives in PA , she recently passed away my wife has 2 brothers and a sister , her sister took their mom in and used the money from their moms money to take of her as we are 500 miles away . the 2 brothers never came to see there mom and were dead beats . so as in my case it was easier , my wife case alittle easy . her mom and dads farm and house and land has been sold , the pizza shop with 8 apartments up stairs is still on market . now her sister is having trouble because their mom is gone and her kids have been adults and moved on long ago . her sister is going to a survivor meeting with other people weekly sometimes there is only a gut check , no right or wrong . do what it tells you and i have been there twice in 2 and half years , you are in my prayers . i know both our moms who were best friends and same age they did not want to linger , and thankfully they did suffer to much or to long .
  8. ASH

    Go Go Godzilla..

    Piper is spending the night with us , we are watching frozen , then season 2 of Paw Patrol . so im outta here for the night . good night and everyone stay safe .
  9. thats a great pic . i would be run ragged lol . i hoping for maybe 3 to 4 , both daughters want 2 each but we shall see.
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