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  1. and the training begins , i hope she goes easy on you
  2. ASH

    need some prayers

    my mom did that , she came to our house with hospice on a friday , she had congestive heart failure was 89 , she had living will etc, and she had defib put in years ago , and he told me you do not want to see that thing go off its different but people scream and he said its like kicked by a mule , and i had big fight as the cardio doc did not want to turn it off, big big fight . her kidneys were at 11% had a pic line with something in it , said she could live for days, week , month etc . me and my wife used baby monitors so one of use would hear her for anything , monday at 1:45 i held her hand and told her " mom you can go if you want to you have my blessing and go be with god" 20 seconds later she took last breathe. then the vulture grand children swooped in to say what do i get, and post on facebook my dear grandma passed today etc etc i will miss her so and i commented yeah you really missed her you have not called or come by in 10 years but you really missed her . the only good that came from this she passed peacefully and knew it was coming and i was ok because i do not think anyone wants to linger, and with her passing i never have to deal with dead beat family members stealing from her , only call for money but never came to house my mom would drive to meet them , she really had to big of a heart , then years back got irrevocable trust set up ,everything out her name, bank accounts i took over to pay her bills and deadbeats did not like that. anyway im gonna get worked up if i rambled on . i pray for any family that has vultures in the hen house.
  3. man was wondering who was putting tools up everynight, put up cam and for 2 hours every night the mouse would put things back in toolbox lol
  4. ,you know the worse animals in this world are human , terrible , hits home for me also i help raid dog and puppy mills , and sometimes it hard to not just put a bullet in someone's head.ive seen some terrible things and they always stick with you but when you rescue a dog and see that tail wag and perk up i think its worth it .
  5. ASH

    need some prayers

    for those that like updates, she is still holding on , and ive been thru the hour to hour waits and as im sure alot of you have , wife and daughters went up and my grand kid Piper stayed with me , , but we have been having some fun and it helps both of us , we made easter eggs and easter tree, for almost 3 she is smarter then me at like 7 . Pipers mom is clingy so her hubby went also , and Piper would not know what is going on there and i thought spend some time with me watch some movies . ride the tractor etc and again thanks to everyone for prayers. here is some pics of egg making , to lighten things up , i do hope she does not linger much longer but when its time to move on ,i guess it your time . it's weird i suffered with my dad for months and we had to sleep with bells on the doors and sleep next to doors as he would try to get up and ramble he had to plow or check the barn ,meds had him so messed up and was with him when he passed and felt like i watched him for an hour and not 6 months .weird feeling .
  6. ASH

    need some prayers

    thanks for all the well wishes, we are tight knit family and im a better person for knowing here ,i saw my dad suffer with cancer for 6months and drop down to 90 pounds, a day did not go bye that wished the lord would take him, again thanks im gonna go now wife is on phone with her sister and i need to be there,, thanks again ,
  7. ASH

    need some prayers

    sorry my typing and paying attention is not there tonight , she is my mother in law
  8. my wife's mom who lives in PA is 90 my mom and her mom were best friends, my mom passed in 17 without alot withering away and i prayed for it because my mom always said i do not want to linger. well her mom has been bed ridden whole year living with my wife's older sister, they went up 2 weeks ago to see her but she did not know anyone . tonight she got the call she may not make it through the night . she has not eaten in 12 days , please say some prayers for this lady to pass on to the other side , she was proud and one of the best people you would ever meet , she would hate if she knew she has been like this . . thanks
  9. do not settle for repair , period . it will never be right , you hear rattles and squeaks and door gaps and sagging **** . ive been in a few wrecks i was hit everytime . like i said never settle for repair . and if you have to bluff the hell out of them . insurance is for things like this . back in 87 old lady pulled out i t boned her in my 87 grand national . they wanted to fix , the friggin motor was in my lap , i told them look this car will never depreciate in value ever , it will go up in price . and i was right , they cost more now then they ever did new. i pay a high rate to cover my ass, my vehicles and my family for a reason. my daughter came up from florida to visit few months ago , retread flew off TT hit her lower bumper and headlight now that was repaired . but anything body and wise and undercarriage hell no that crap is made to fold like paper now . decipate energy makes you safer but also totals your ****
  10. i dont know you but i got some advice . my dad worked his ass off up until he died of cancer at age 70 , 6 months after retiring his side job . we farmed our whole lives, on his death bed he made me promise to stop and smell the roses . do what makes you happy and make a good living , im retired now at age 50 i still get alot of income from other ventures but when daughters growing up and now my grand kid takes priority. he told me he wished he would have taken me fishing more as a kid , or spend more time with me growing up , and that his generation was work work work , back then people worked their asses off for nothing hardly. after he died i went thru some pay records of when working in tobacco you could call your friends for help or other people . i was set back alittle after working in tobacco most from 6 am to 6 pm made 40 dollars . meaning of story id do the job where you can make money and live comfy and spend family time , that time you will get back and wish you could. good luck on your queries
  11. if they collect ,money as fast as they have already. damn border wall would built in a day.
  12. considering vandals tearing down statues and history all over the world im betting arson as well.
  13. watch ARTIC dude crashes plane must survive , good flick not alot of words kinda tom hanks on ice instead of beach
  14. ofcourse its not all leaked . there is a pile of stuff not even touched. smart man wipes and covers , semi dumb just covers . complete dumbass moves to florida
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