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  1. i told her lets ride and get some berries , she been asking for a week . are they ready ? then said wait and came out of house changed into her berry shirt .
  2. respect gets respect , you wanna act like a dick get ready to be treated as one . they cant prove where you were going, and frankly non of their business.
  3. ASH

    Best Movie Lines

    im gonna take this foot and kick you across your face and there aint nuttin you can do about it . i want my 2 dollars gee ricky im sorry i blew up your mom . you shot it !!!! you dumb peckerhead sons a bitches you shot it , you shot my mo chine
  4. prolly gonna laugh but i got a old knife that is a fish ruler you pull half the ruler off and expose the blade . sharp muther . excellent bread knife lol .
  5. thank you , she is my heart and growing up wayyyy to fast. its a toss up of berries and maters for her favorite and always wants to take jeep down the dirt road to pick maters from greenhouse . she can eat 4 right of the vine lol
  6. ive looked like a hippie for a few years lol . hair is down to my mid chest all same lenght . no mullets lol . and big old gray beard . ive semi unretired april thru june doing berries , my nephew took over all duties but was worried and didnt know how to handle this covid . every farmer who sell goods had a visit from ag task force to train us in place to do business . basically everyone working must wear mask , and you can pick your own berries as usual or buy already picked .the already picked is handled thru a drive thru system . my grandkid Piper was first customer yesterday we open tomorrow for business. she will not be there while open . just in case
  7. out here in the sticks business as usual . our county sheriff knows better to try any of that bull**** .
  8. drink schepes tonic water and 200 mg of zinc . you will feel better. im not a doctor but i can teach you how to grow good maters lol
  9. they got cams set up on jordan lake here , i watch it time to time , really cool . and there was a site i went to last year that shows cams in africa which was cool as hell, they had cams on the water holes and seeing the lions , hippos etc was cool . but i lost that site and cant remember it . it also did not buffer once .
  10. sending prayers from my family to yours .
  11. we got of plenty of TP LOL . NO hoarding , but we always just buy in bulk, plus im a country farm boy , growing up farming and you are away from home in the fields ,im an expert on outside dumps rofl . go to woods , leaves are your friends . also on loong camping trips , the woods are your friend . i have no problem or get frantic over tp ,
  12. https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/celebrity/celebrities-react-to-joe-diffies-passing/ss-BB11Vm7Y really like some of his songs ., passed from covid-19 one of my favs
  13. they are driving everywhere , working harder then ever and atleast some businesses show some good deeds BY TRUCKER, DANIEL LEWIS: Texas Roadhouse is on the ball! They saw me pull in, ( to a parking lot I couldn't fit in) and came to meet me halfway across the parking lot to take my order. Then asked me to please wait in my truck and brought my order out a short time later. Oh and they said THANK YOU, Your meal is on the house! AMERICA HELPING AMERICANS
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