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  1. ASH

    giant croc

  2. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/frozen-cat-covered-in-ice-revived-after-being-found-in-snowbank/
  3. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/jose-canseco-bigfoot-hunt_n_5c6463e9e4b0018ed01b2d75 did this dude blow all his money or what roflmao
  4. FINDS tiger roflmao . https://www.npr.org/2019/02/12/694020970/woman-breaks-into-houston-home-to-smoke-pot-and-is-greeted-by-a-tiger
  5. THE MAN WHO KILLED HITLER AND SHOT BIGFOOT watched last night on one my streaming groups , dunno where it is playing but if you get a chance watch it lol im home alone for few days saw the title and thought id give it a go , and i like Sam Elliott do no brainer a very obscure movie which i like , did not know about bigfoot part til it got to that , and it was a good movie . 7 out of 10 i like when i find a movie thats not bla bla mainstream horse **** and reboots even thou i cant wait for Pet Semetary reboot . so if find it watch it .
  6. ASH

    Mystery smells

    we get a smell of burnt wood sometimes , but the house has never been on fire .it is weird .
  7. ASH

    giant croc

    we have taken excursions to Aussie land a few times . and seen some amazing animals . but if you are a nervous person prolly not the best vacation , as you never know whats gonna get you lol. but it is a great place. i love going there more then wife , but we do our own thing and stay out of tourist traps
  8. ASH

    giant croc

    you be like this guy ,
  9. ASH

    Stunning research

    in north carolina you know the leeches when you see em , they got 9 kids with them . we got asked all the time do we take ebt cards at berry house , and i do not know how many times we had to show people the big red sign that had payment methods . hell we had some folks come in looking for berries and said they would pick 2 buckets and bring in from field if they could pick a bucket . and yeah we bartered all the time when deemed like it was honest good folks . you come in with 9 kids , unless you are a teacher bringing kids over from school to learn about berries which we did alot . you are paying
  10. ASH

    Anyone Into R/C Vehicles?

    back in the day friend of mine i think were about 15 had one . we built a track on a half acre of land and had races , i never got into it , but it was like real racing , i know we had tuesdays as test and tune night and friday we had races with classes and charged 5 bucks to race , and just as it blew up the whole thing went out of style lol . i do know friggin parts and etc cost as much as some car parts .
  11. ASH

    giant croc

    crikey lol https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/animals/tourists-encounter-giant-crocodile-in-australia/vi-BBTskU7
  12. ASH

    Houston Drug Raid, Update

    agreed we gotta wait til all info is in and pay while on leave
  13. glad im not the only one ,