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  1. changed to the dick chiks \
  2. cheapest one i got is wild game , but it does well fro what i need . best one i got is covert sniper . also bushnell trophy cams are good / i got like 20 lol , was having poaching \ illegal hunts on my land few years ago . i think the hunters got tired of getting fined , our local sheriff is a good ol boy/
  3. if all they had were short tracks that would be boring as hell people still dont agree the drivers are athletes , umm they are . inches apart some time over 200 mph in car temp hits 150 most drivers lose 25 pounds in a race . you see you gotta drive a cup car and fight the steering all day, indy and all that ***** ass racing the car pretty much drives itself.
  4. i had to laugh , well played lol https://racingnews.co/2020/06/21/plane-pulls-confederate-flag-over-talladega-superspeedway-ahead-of-nascar-race/
  5. you know how everyone talks about venice , the place of love . well me and wife sitting on a bench right above the fish market , here comes a corny dump floating by. kinda ruins the mood ..actually it reminded me i needed to take the browns to the super bowl.
  6. they busted the COLONEL touching MRS buttersworth while dancing on commercial , turns out it was Pedo joe . uncle ben is next . and grandkid Piper is supper pissed they are talking bout taking paw patrol off the air
  7. that was no knee , it was a big zit he tried to help pop . he binge watches DR pimple popper and thought he could help
  8. so where are the pseudo -intellectual at ?
  9. 2 things you can count on in this life , death and boats . and for the landlocked acid and lime
  10. well one thing for sure . lucky it was'nt a Moccasin it would killed half his family tree
  11. i know a guy who live in mountains of nc . used to think he was a nut , he went to school with my dad , he bought s **** load of big septic tanks linked them all together . only saw it once but man he had a fortress .
  12. like the contest of the golden owl . i still think that is a mystery .
  13. ive heard 3 friends have a plan , they got bug out sites that is limited if they got to get there quick . to bug out sites to live for 10 years with ammo and food . i read it online
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