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  1. ASH

    Blazing Saddles

    he said the sheriff is near ,
  2. i remember in 1990 , dad bought loaded xlt lariat for 13,800 out the door , he passed in 95 , if he would see prices now he would just pass out . i bought my mustang 5.0 loaded in 89 12,500 otd . my son in law just bought a brand new dodge , i told him they are a pos and having all kinds of problems even with new ones . i went for ride in it , nice ride , drove to town and asked how much ? 52,000 bucks . i bought **** . no ****ing way . then my daughter had to have mini van they are starting a family soon . live in florida , bought a toyota sienna i think is name of it . 45,000 for a ****ing mini van !! i say again a mini van / i just got real quiet she said anything you wanna say ? said nope . your money not mine . roflmao the maverick looks like the baby of a honda ridgeline and suburu brat
  3. when i was little fella there was a guy who worked on the farm time to time , my dad didnt know the dude had a barn full of hubcaps . i mean he stole 1,000's , those are now worth like gold . i dont think he ever did anything but sell hubcaps . and i know he had some today that would prolly bring a 1,000 a cap . i reckon he died i know he had a son
  4. 1 TO 3 GRAMS ,which im thinking 28 grams make ounce . so around 10 converters would get you that ounce . around here for years you could call junk yards to pick up cars you want to just get rid of , like give you 100 bucks if it had a motor etc , now they wont take a car as junk if converters are cut off . it is a big practice . actually last year crooks hit a big ford dealer ship and stole converters off atleast 80 new cars sitting in parking lot .
  5. reason is rhodium , 3 years ago ounce was 1,700 now its 27,000 bucks an ounce . yep you read it right . lol . big business around here ,
  6. let see a rushed shot , lots of complications , alot not even being released , my immune system is low from chemo , but i will pass on shot . call me paranoid or not i dont care , anything rushed is not a good plan . plus ive had 5 friends get different shots , they wanted to do a little test . they all got different ones . and 4 had headaches for days i mean bad , arm sore and swollen for over a week , nausea, one friend couldnt get off couch for 2 days and he spits fire and goes ball out all the time . whopped his ass . the mederma got the worst effects . if and when wayyyyyyyy down the road they get some of this **** fixed , maybe . but prolly not lol
  7. i dont have problem doing that , what you dont see is the metal pipe inserted to hold mouth open .and like that they have no bite force . i knew a guy who got attacked by pit bull bout 10 years ago , the only thing that saved him was ramming his arm down the dogs throat and hold on to anything. cant bite or fight .
  8. i didnt think i was bothering you playing around , i will stop now ive had it happen ,most on updates , my android phone updated not long ago and effed up everything on it
  9. and kinda not , so yesterday my appointment to go over mri of my hip , this is how it goes . rep--umm didnt anyone call you ? our internet is down me - no rep- well we have reschedule because our net is down me - are fing serious , yeah i said fing rep - yes me - so you cant do anything like with a pen and paper write down my effing info just to see doc i drove 30 minutes to see ? rep - no im sure we called so i whip out the phone show her calls missed or answered man i was mad sad state when skynet takes over, thhis to meis utter stupid so i go back tomorrow calling first , i know i got fracture just gotta see where and how or what to do
  10. it was prolly genetically mess with , https://www.voanews.com/silicon-valley-technology/genetically-modified-rainbow-trout-could-boost-aquaculture since retiring ive worked with nc state farming bio-enviro labs , ive seen some things that were engineered , im tryi ng to get my damn hip fixed so i can get back to semi work iknow i think in 1939 i think world record large mouth bass was like 23 pounds , i think , ive seen some gentically altered to 30 pounds . records dont mean jack in this day and time .
  11. ASH

    hip update

    started taking some supplements , and after 4 weeks of complete and under bull**** back and forth with blue cross they finally gave in to mri . had it today hip and side of leg still killing me and this goes back to first of jan . i truly despise bs insurance but in NC they got monopoly and ive had it for over 30 years and i gotta use them , no other company will take me with my cancer record. now the wait til doc reads it , im hoping its something fixable im about to lay down and use a band saw
  12. good , because colt had become the hi points of the last 15 years . ive owned cz guns and they run circle around colt pot metal
  13. ASH


    maybe someone here knows a place to get a nice sword or katana ? on blade forums i can have one made but just wondering if their was a good site with good swords. my dad brought back a samurai sword from Seebo japan after bomb , his crew was first to go in an establish a new grid for water etc
  14. never understood why the prick was even famous , he cant sing , he is doushe ,hes one of those fine folks that you wonder how this dude made millions instead of hundreds .
  15. both of my 79 jeep renegades have a clock and a tach . its a 304 3 speed . top speed is like 60 mph . never understood it
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