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  1. ASH

    Super Bowl LIV

    i used to be a steelers fan all my life until they hired mike vick to be on their team , im a big animal person as is my family , we support , volunteer and help with rescues , ive seen puppy mills and fight pits , and it boils my blood , so i dont have a team anymore except i like the packers as people actually own the team , i pull for underdogs and i like andy reid as he is good coach , i hope chiefs win its been 50 years , both defenses are good , but this is gonna be a high point total bowl . i like chiefs 38 - 30
  2. orrrr maybe a bigfoot in a mans suit to throw everyone off
  3. there is so many good people that cant have kids and the ones with kids mistreat or kill. i just dont get it . beyond terrible
  4. https://www.ky3.com/content/news/NYPD-officer-charged-in-the-death-of-his-8-year-old-son-567281261.html?fbclid=IwAR3L6ySr_om4W_slE10iZcTzL3bY0RUc5fZlWh4PioAwkLesj-ya9PHuLwU left in garage and froze to death
  5. i would preform the slowest most excruciating torture to people like this to no end .
  6. well he was not drunk , or he would have lived
  7. just think in april it will be month long lol
  8. im sure they do but thieves have the tools to remove them in like 20 seconds. some of those bastards could out preform a pit crew when air wrenches came out battery powered , thieves were very happy . done and gone back in 88 local ford dealer here had, 30 mustangs on blocks when they opened one day . and dealership is right smack in middle of town
  9. we got busted pulling out drinks out of drink machines . you could reach your arm up to elbow and grab a drink and pull it out , but if you did not pull it out right something popped a hole in the side of can and you had to drink the drink sideways lol . thats why drink machines from the 90ties til now has that big dumper at bottom built on to people from getting hands in there now
  10. on same topic , supposedly bigfoot has been spotted near Troy , nc , in Uharrie forest , big huge nationa park . i got a buddy who owns alot of land ajoining it . ive been planning for 2 years to go camping there and set up some cams . but he got sick and never got around to it but i will. some guy had a flir system that apparently picked up images of bigfoot at a pile of food the guy was setting out . it was actually on our local news about 3 years ago . i keep planning and stuff comes up .
  11. thats a pic of my uncle earl and thats not a sweater .
  12. played this at the beach arcade all the time .
  13. ASH

    eagle 1 duck 0

    they are all over north carolina mate. jordan lake have several nest with cameras in the nest to watch 24.7 . i have not seen one here in middle of state but my wife has pictures of one in front of our driveway at the man road eatingon a deer
  14. ASH

    To drunk to...

    she thought starkist tuna was a real chicken of the sea , she prolly couldnt clothe them sober either
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