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  1. and it might be a track beast , have to wait and see . i had thought about them for awhile now , but im sorry that is FUGLY RIDE , and only 495 hp? camaro zl1 would eat it , all the people waiting over a year to see it , and what a let down . ahhhhhhhhhhhh https://www.caranddriver.com/news/g28410220/2020-chevy-corvette-c8-photos-info-gallery/?slide=35
  2. i sleep on my side with one arm under pillow but have to have a box fan running , i got have noise , a quiet room freaks me out even on vacations the fan comes along , except when beach camping on the island , there is enough wind to wisp the tent fly to give off enough noise . i told her i was gonna but a battery fan to take lol
  3. ok we 2 huas and hua/rat terrier mix and 2 cats weird things they do we have pee pads in the mud room ,dogs wont use them cats do , then they ball them up nightly , dogs go out in the fence and they pee and poop right beside litter box . good thing it hardwood sealed floors then the small hua bout 4 pounds humps the remote control to cable , now we got 5 tv's in house and remotes everywhere but its that one special one then one of cats is clingy as hell , when my youngest daughter comes to stay it hides in closet and will not come til shes gone . oh and this is miley sleeping at night ,the same way everytime . you ?
  4. we are 95 to 98 for next 3 days then goes sown to 88 it says but it never works like that like we have weather alerts beep our phones and text our phone , it said strong storms with hail winds up to 250 mph i had my wife see it . im like well if hits 250 we are all gone roflmao, we need rain badly , storms this week have went around us like 5 times . my creek is a trickle now and we raccoons drinking out of a big tin bucket . i have to fill it daily saw some deer using it as well
  5. 98 heat index 105 humidity 200% my wife got grand kid a pool today about 10 feet i told here before she ordered it , i dont do pools so dont ask , i sat under the tree watching , i told her you are not gonna get it right . and it was blazing , put tarp down and playground sand one side bout to fold lol . im now in dog house but i held my own . thats one thing i will not do is pool stuff period
  6. i still have the old sony camcorder that came out with the first night vision and you could see some stuff lol not all that great but you could see stuff, lol those if you can find them cost a pretty penny now 😁
  7. curious how this works , we got BCBSNC and we get raped , how do you look in your area and what a parameters of getting denied or accepted .because i know it can't be that easy
  8. why is my print so small , lol i cant reset it larger . go bold i reckon . anyway lowes here rocks , and i do not just say that because i own stock , so buy from lowes . right now price is 105 share 5 year yield is supposed to be 168 😀
  9. my go to saying is " thats like a monkey effing a football . me and wife went out to eat other night ,we were standing outside , there was a couple and the dude said look there is a one legged cat in the bushes and his lady friend said where ?? we laughed hard on that one
  10. hotdogs and buns , they need to match when you buy
  11. did you see the story bout 2 weeks ago where guy had a pet squirrel and got it hooked on meth and it was his attack squirrel for burglars .dude needs to be shot
  12. same here i go out out no doors to open i step up in my jeep cj7 and off i go , in winter if i want heat , i place a piece of cardboard in the grill to block air ,its my heater, cause old jeeps need good 2 to 3 hours to warm up ,. lol , i do have foot remote start with out the key being main starter i roll backwards pop the clutch starts right up 😎 .im getting ready to buy a 2015 z28 but they are are all manual so no remote
  13. ah i did not know bout felony charges . i really have not followed it i know my wife has a crazy brother who 20 years ago caught wife cheating , he beat her with a shovel til her face was mush stabbed 12 times and lived , the boyfriend was found by her brother and he was horse whipped , got a curb job and he broke both his legs like into splinters he got 18 years and just got out in may , oh he also tried to commit suicide but it blew half his jaw off and his whole tongue . her family hoped he would die in prison but didnt . now the idiot is just learning the internet and her sister heard he is sending some woman in arizona money all the time when it prolly a dude from thailand .
  14. today 100 in shade , humidity index 500 % . saturday is take trash off day , pass some tobacco fields with group of dudes walking the rows topping the blooms and suckers and i thought , damn glad im retired . i remember those days . for those not in the know you have to pull the suckers and top the blooms or when it comes time to cook in the tobacco barn the tobacco weighs less when sold which means losing money .
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