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  1. Quite honestly, my whole post was simply stating my opinion of what COULD or MIGHT have occurred. We have heard or seen similar stories in the past that turned out to be just that, suicide by cop. It was suggested that Blevins may have had some emotional disturbance, and for that reason the police shouldn't have shot him. Poppycock! An emotionally disturbed person with a firearm can kill you just as dead as a sane person with a firearm and the intent. Bad scene!
  2. I was just watching a feature about that OIS in Milwaukee. 31 year old Thurman Blevins was shot to death by police June 23rd while Blevins was running (armed with a handgun) from police. He was repeatedly ordered to drop his gun, and stop running. he did neither. Just before the officers opened fire, Blevins while still running half turned toward the officers and fired at them! it was then that the officers shot Blevins four times, the wounds proved fatal. I've been mulling this over, and I'm becoming more convinced that this was a case of SUICIDE BY COP! It seems to fit the pattern. His cousin is currently spreading the usual carp about racist cops and that her cousin was killed because "the cops "dint see him as a human being". The police need to quietly investigate the SUICIDE BY COP idea, and if it proves true, show the loudmouthed cousin the hard proof of it, and give her a chance to shut her mouth and evaporate into the woods. ETA. Sorry my mistake RE: the location.
  3. I was helping a friend do a remodel of a basement one time and found on top of the main beam under the house, a sawed-off shot gun. It was cut off less than an inch in front of the chambers, and the stock was cut off right behind the hand-grip. That had to be a bear to open for cocking and loading because it was so short. We gave it to the home owner and advised him to turn it in to the police.
  4. I used to live on a 12 acre piece that had a nice 50 ft. range cut into the side of a hill. We also had a very cooperative neighbor who would let us shoot across his land into some very dense woods that were well marked as a shooting range. Life was good. Then We sold that place and hit the road for six years (in a large motorhome), did some occasional target practice at public ranges along the way, or in Washington State where our oldest son and his family have a place to shoot at their home. Now we have come off the road (sadly) but I have joined a local Rifle and Pistol Club that has a really great facility. We have outdoor ranges, some with moveable target stands, some with distances of 480 yards, some set up with steel plates, and a trap range with two trap houses and voice control of the machines. The indoor range renovation should be completed in time for the winter pistol leagues and sporter rifle teams to use it. We have hosted some people from the Netherlands who wanted to have the experience of shooting some guns. They had a blast! Some of our members showed up with a variety of guns including a 1943 vintage Sturmgewher (spelling?) full auto. So they got to fire a machinegun as well! Check out our website at www.nmrpc.org Maybe if some of y'all are travelling in or through North East Pennsylvania, you might like to stop in for an afternoon of socializing and shooting. Give us a shout.
  5. Hi, Eric and Rabbi, and all of y'all. I was just reading Eric's farewell post on the other site and made the decision to come over here where it will be warmer While I may on occasion visit the other site because of some fond and some sad (the passing of Okie and Sharon, both friends that my wife met and broke bread with) memories, I believe that theboresite will become my new internet home. Thanks Eric for the old site, and all of the years of hard work that you put into it! And thank you for this new one!!! That's all for now, my screen and keyboard are blurry and wet, and besides I have to get up early this morning to help teach a basic pistol class at my club.
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