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  1. Jack Ryan

    OK Boomers

    2 genders, 300 new mental illness diagnosis. Diagnosis = opportunity for medical charlatans to mine your money pocket.
  2. Jack Ryan

    OK Boomers

    If you never replaced the washer in a faucet and couldn't stand in your own yard and point to Washington DC, you are probably already on my ignore list.
  3. Steve McQueen grew up in Beech Grove / Indianapolis Indiana https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_McQueen
  4. I'm shocked people think they are NOT getting it NOW. https://www.mesotheliomaresource.co/asbestos/asbestos-use-threat-today/ https://digitalfire.com/4sight/hazards/ceramic_hazard_man-made_vitreous_vibers__322.html

  6. AC filler, an air compresser, pruning saw, throwing knife, corn knife, woodmans pal, jumper cables, screw driver, tow straps, tie down, boots, beach towel, kitchen glass, two ball caps, mosquito net, shot gun, two dog leashes...
  7. Mine gets Glucosomine in his "Mature dog" dog food. But he is getting Carprofen now when he has had a big day, seems he is needing a little more and more. Its killing me, but hey, I take arthritis meds every single day and have taken them every single day for years now. So I guess we are a matched pair. I've been through this now with 3 old dogs and it hurts me more every time. I give him Saw palmetto every day to. We are good so far in that department but it can be a problem pretty quick for old male dogs trying to hang on to their dignity.
  8. I don't care how good anyone says it is, I'll NEVER drink ASS beer.
  9. I don't see anything toxic in it. If you don't want to "Dump 'em out" then don't.
  10. Different things at different times. The bird feeder, the rain, a camp fire, squirrels, the computer.
  11. Leftist MOB of Democraps Harassing Tucker Carlson's Family At Home. While the cowards know he is not at home, he is on the air. This is how a socialist mob of Alinsky Dumbo craps are "civil". https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/11/breaking-antifa-mob-currently-outside-home-of-tucker-carlson/
  12. Geedunk, sick bay, stomp a mud hole in your ...,
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