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  1. I've got a couple of my father's zippos. One I'm sure he got from a salesman at the furniture factory. It has a stapler sales logo. My Harley Zippo I've carried for years finally broke a few months ago and I've been carrying my Storm King lately.
  2. Robbers, scum and thieves have been doing that since the stage coach and train robbery days.
  3. Put a reward on them for ID and PROSECUTION. Why aren't these businesses and insurance companies SUING the slime balls for restitution? Those low lifes will roll over on any one they can to help thier self and you'll know exactly who is funding and backing these attacks in an hour. Then the business and insurance companies can go after the big money promoting it all. May be even build a RICO case. Instead they cry about Federal money and help. Meaning reach in to my pocket out in rural Indiana to rebuild cities THEY TORE DOWN and burned in Washington, Portland, Chitcago... when have any of those liberal wastelands EVER DONE ANYTHING for southern Indiana? You want money to rebuild Portland? Let the Feds fly over and bomb it flat to ruble far as I'm concerned. That is the only Federal help they would get if it were up to me.
  4. Rittenhouse SHOULD BE SUING his attacker civilly right now to stop his fund raising and claim it to fund his own lawyers.
  5. That one there looks like a black Bam Bam with that dork knot on top.
  6. This won't END IT. This will see that it gets exercised for the purpose it was intended.
  7. The lines have been drawn. Not in the sand, in blood. You are on one side or the other whether you like it or want it or not. There is no going back now only victory or hell.
  8. He LIVED to be here in court today BECAUSE he exercised his 2nd amendment right to self defense.
  9. Good to see you guys have it all figured out. Good luck to ya. That guy thought he had it all figured out to. Right up to the kick in the head.
  10. That is easy to say when you are not getting bum rushed by a pack of animals who've been warming up for you all night.
  11. Everyday... the bottom of the barrel gets deeper. The further they live from me, the less I hate 'em. The more they STAY there, I get closer to ok with them.
  12. Never been a problem for me. Been getting refunds and returns for about 60 years now and I can't tell any difference now from 20 years ago.
  13. You don't NEED either one.
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