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  1. A BSA 441 Victor would launch you as well. tom.
  2. I still have a set from the late 60's. Triumph TR3 and a few Triumph and BSA bikes. tom.
  3. Happy anniversary and good luck . I'll be praying for a good outcome. tom.
  4. That looks like a young Jimmy Stewart. tom.
  5. I always turn on my lights day or night. tom.
  6. He's heard that from birth. How else would he speak? tom.
  7. They are. Contact A.G.Russell. tom. https://agrussell.com/
  8. The Wild Bunch is one of my favorite movies of all times. I own it on VHS and have watched several times. As far as you being wrong, I feel you were right in your reply, Brother Bates. tom.
  9. Looks like a 1961 chevy. tom.
  10. I'd be left with the empty bottle within a week of the purchase. At the original price of course. tom.
  11. 48 years so far with my wife. We married at 19 years old. She picked me. tom.
  12. Car looks impacted from the drivers side at an acute angle. tom.
  13. Note the Lodge hall on the upper floor of the drug store. tom.
  14. And the professor is requesting donations. Right here professor. tom. Asao B. Inoue @AsaoBInoue The new antiracist teaching endowment that my wife and I just started is NOW accepting donations! If you've benefited from my work at all over the years, consider donating something. Thanks!
  15. Two months and two days after my 62nd birthday I retired completely. I worked from the time I was 14 years old. Enjoy your new job until you want to retire. tom.
  16. One of my favorites along with Olive Loaf. tom.
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