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  1. I remember him, and that was one of my favorite songs. tom.
  2. The map said Beaver County on 8/18/19. That's close to Pittsburgh,PA. tom.
  3. I'd call it Knights Templar. tom.
  4. And they had fun back then too. tom.
  5. Heff? tom. ETA well I was right, just late to the party.
  6. We need pics of the bum. tom.
  7. I sure hope that was a parked empty car. tom.
  8. deputy tom

    Art Deco

    I heard you the first time. tom.
  9. deputy tom

    Art Deco

    And no slide bite unlike the PPK/S series. tom.
  10. deputy tom

    Art Deco

    This looks like the ad for a stair lift. tom.
  11. Good way to get shot. tom.
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