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  1. Happy Fathers Day to all of the Fathers here and their Fathers before them. Enjoy your day. tom.
  2. I make sure I put stuff back where it belongs. My wife is always hunting for her glasses, car keys, etc. At three a.m. it's not good to have to hunt for your gun, cell phone or a fire extinguisher. tom.
  3. Prayers sent for all involved. tom.
  4. deputy tom


    Good job, Scout. tom.
  5. Aye, and we brought you Bagpipes and said it was music. tom.
  6. I hate when this happens. Heal up quickly Eric. tom.
  7. deputy tom


    I opened that link and was greeted by a map of Pittsburgh with the marker right in the Golden Triangle. tom.
  8. Death toll for the series, 120. tom.
  9. This one is a maroon convertible with the 4 cyl engine. I only wish I had the money to buy this one. tom.
  10. Luv yu long time award. tom.
  11. I know where one is for sale in Pittsburgh PA. tom.
  12. Let's hope for the best. tom.
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