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  1. Thank you buddy. I knew I could count on you. tom.
  2. I hear them bajers playin. tom.
  3. I'm IT challenged. If I get lost in this transition , I just want to let you guys and gals know that I really enjoyed your company and wish you well. Sincerely, tom.
  4. Kind of like hazard pay. I'll stick with looking at the pics. tom.
  5. Five of my favorite entertainers. tom.
  6. I've watched videos for several years. Amazing control. tom.
  7. My dad had one with a single Mac 101 and he put a car starter on a dolly with a car battery with a v-belt to the pulley on the engine. Had a spring loaded toggle switch and a school bus STOP light under the handle. Used the starter for starting and the stop light to signal the driver to come back to the staging area. My brother had one with twin 101s damn fast kart. I had a Mac 49er on it. Not fast but lots of fun for me. tom. ETA dad's was equipped with Maverick ignition.
  8. My son has one and I used to own one. .410 slugs hurt my wrists so much that I sold it. I too will stick with the 1911 in .45acp. tom.
  9. Reminds me of Tous. tom.
  10. deputy tom


    They used it for pick up and hearse. Harvey Corba was the mortician and owner of the funeral home. I knew him well. tom.
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