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  1. Broderick Crawford Day is October the fourth. 10-4. tom.
  2. I carry one every day. I also have a spare in my dresser drawer as they are difficult to find locally. tom.
  3. Yes I have , hundreds of times. tom.
  4. Vintage Shrine Circus entertainment for crippled children. tom.
  5. Take off of WWII info. tom.
  6. Old English cheese jars become wine or juice glasses. tom.
  7. Were those twin engines 101s ? tom.
  8. Yes he was. I found this on a quick Bing search. tom. The knifemaker is Bob Loveless. I don't know if he is still in business other than advising other knifemakers how to do his styles. I have a short article about his conversion of the M41 to exposed hammer in the 1971 Guns & Ammo Annual...
  9. Nut cracker and picks. tom.
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