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  1. We never had Lego sets as children. My brother had an erector set and I had Lincoln Logs and some plastic sky scraper kit. Our grand-kids have Legos. tom.
  2. I too miss the malls of the old days. Today you couldn't drag me into our local malls. Nothing in them attracts me. We have a vast expanse in Robinson Twp. PA and they have a big mall that we avoid but the surrounding free standing businesses and strip malls are nice places to shop. Many restaurants and chain food shops mingled in between the stores, etc. tom.
  3. Prayers sent, Brother Bates. tom.
  4. They still have those on our county buses. tom.
  5. Very nice truck. tom.
  6. I remember that. It comes to mind every time I see African Wild Dogs or Jackals. tom.
  7. I can't remember hearing the final outcome but remember the event. tom.
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