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  1. Scwine

    I got banned on GT.

    I'm trying to remember....Is the other site owned by a Canadian company now? If so, probably the same company just bought a very popular Texas based website for fishing and hunting peeps. A lot of us went to another site that the previous owner set up. Similar to what has happened here.
  2. Scwine

    Politics Any other early voters?

    I love early voting and having spread out days to be able to vote. I would hate to wait in a line for hours to cast a vote. More days and more places makes it better. I voted yesterday at 4:30pm near my house at a church that took me 3 minutes to do upon walking in the door.
  3. Scwine

    Page keeps refreshing automatically...

    Thanks. I tried to "Like" your post in Firefox and it will not let me. ....."Sorry there was a problem reacting to this content"
  4. Scwine

    Page keeps refreshing automatically...

    Okay, I normally use Firefox, which this refreshing problem occurs for me. I just tried the Edge browser by Microsoft and it works fine for me. I guess at some point I need to look at why Firefox has the refreshing issue.
  5. Scwine

    Page keeps refreshing automatically...

    Hmm. Anybody home? 👀 Still happening today.
  6. Scwine

    Page keeps refreshing automatically...

    does it at the Man Club as well. So both of the club links on my home page.
  7. when going to the Brewery room. Strange. It refreshes every second and I can't get it to stop.
  8. Scwine

    What are your weekend plans ?

    Wine and music festival Sat. during the day. That's about it besides watching some sports on TV and a few chores around the house.
  9. Scwine

    This is awesome!

    Tried to Like, but I get... Sorry, there was a problem reacting to this content. ???????
  10. Scwine

    Smoker Thread!

    Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5" vertical smoker. I much prefer vertical smokers to off-sets.
  11. Scwine

    Mexican beer?

    In my opinion, the "regular" Corona Extra and Corona light are some of the worst beer on the planet. Corona Familiar is better. My favorite is Negra Modelo, followed by Dos XX's Amber.
  12. Scwine

    Favourite Rimfire Rifle?

    CZ 452 Trainer.
  13. Does anybody have any preferences/recommendations for a new sub-$800 O/U 20 gauge for dove hunting? Seems like most in this category are made in Turkey, FWIW. CZ(their lower-end), Yildez, Stevens, etc.???
  14. Scwine

    Harry's shave club - anyone tried it?

    ...and I thought Harry's Shave Club was online only. Hmm.