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  1. I have no idea what I pay on my Amazon Prime membership. I bet it's worth it, due to what I order, etc. 🤔
  2. I remember flying into Amarillo once on a trip to see family in Turkey, Texas, during Thanksgiving. The wind was blowing so bad I needed help pushing the airport door open to get out to our rental car. Once we got the car and got on the road, a hailstorm blew out the back window. The weather can get pretty crazy in those parts.
  3. Scwine

    Favorite Pie

    I do miss going and picking dewberry's and having my mom make fresh pies for everyone on the block as a kid.
  4. There is an phone app for that. My daughter has one.
  5. Scwine

    Favorite Pie

    Pecan. Buttermilk. Cherry with vanilla ice cream.
  6. I have AT&T Call Protect. It works so-so. I still get many calls using a spoof number similar to mine with a guy wanting to lower my electric bill with solar energy. Drives me nuts!
  7. http://www.burleyauction.com/ click on online catalog, thn view catalog to see all items! Dick's Classic Car Garage Museum in San Marcos Texas has officially closed its doors & will have an auction Saturday January 12th 2019, to auction off all the antique gas pumps, signs, memorabilia, &select antique cars from the late Dick Burdick's museum collection. The auction will feature a 1929 Stutz Model M LeBaron Dual Cowl Phaeton, 1949 Oldsmobile 88 Deluxe Club Coupe, 1962 Austin Healy 3000, 1956 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria, 1941 Chevrolet convertible, 1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe, 1941 Ford, 1942 Ford, 1943 Ford WWII Navy Jeep with Corpus Christi Texas history, 1957 Hudson Hornet second owner survivor in unrestored original condition, 1937 DeSoto Sedan, & more. Plus an extensive memorabilia collection featuring antique porcelain automobile dealership signs, car advertising clocks & neon signs, visible gas pumps, gas & oil porcelain signs, early auto signs, tire displays, vintage Coca Cola vending machines & memorabilia, antique toys, coin-op Leo the Lion, historic items, antique coin operated player piano, rare coin-op music boxes, & much more! Pus rare parts, tools, shelves, & shop equipment. Proceeds of the auction will go to the Richard L Burdick Foundation for scholarship & educational programs.
  8. On a trip once to New Orleans, my favorite recollection is having turtle soup and a sazerac. I still have a sazerac from time to time at my local place here. Good stuff.
  9. I've had an RTIC soft cooler for a couple of years(maybe 3-4?) it's been great. Use it all the time. I also have a 65 qt hard cooler that has been awesome as well. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Interesting. I had to Google that. Never knew how it was made.
  11. Besides chili, I make this Pozole recipe quite often. I revamped the recipe to 5 lbs of pork, 60-80 oz. of hominy, and pretty much double everything else. Yummy. Just made a big pot yesterday. https://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/authentic-mexican-pozole-196233
  12. I'm trying to remember....Is the other site owned by a Canadian company now? If so, probably the same company just bought a very popular Texas based website for fishing and hunting peeps. A lot of us went to another site that the previous owner set up. Similar to what has happened here.
  13. I love early voting and having spread out days to be able to vote. I would hate to wait in a line for hours to cast a vote. More days and more places makes it better. I voted yesterday at 4:30pm near my house at a church that took me 3 minutes to do upon walking in the door.
  14. Thanks. I tried to "Like" your post in Firefox and it will not let me. ....."Sorry there was a problem reacting to this content"
  15. Okay, I normally use Firefox, which this refreshing problem occurs for me. I just tried the Edge browser by Microsoft and it works fine for me. I guess at some point I need to look at why Firefox has the refreshing issue.
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