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  1. My 120 lb. Malamute woke me up at 3 am growling at the door from my bedroom to the porch like the devil himself was on the other side. That was a bit unnerving until I figured out it was just racoons poking around on the porch.
  2. Congrats! My grandfather got an F250 with that engine a couple years ago. He asked me what I knew about it. I told him we had two at work and it makes a nice noise when you get on it but it will pass everything but a gas station. My uncle put their Harleys in a 20' trailer and they took it to Sturgis. He said they stopped every 150 miles to fill it up.
  3. I used to work with a guy who had to deal with the IRS over several months. They aren't that polite and they damn sure aren't sorry when they rob you. Even when they've done so by mistake.
  4. Like, that's cuz of global warming man!
  5. I forgot all about him being on that.
  6. No kidding. The most I see or hear from my neighbors across the street is when he waves when I see him leaving for a round golf or her planting flowers in her garden. I see the other neighbors less than I see their German Shepherd. I feel like I hit the neighbor lottery.
  7. The pickles, I'm good with. Not sure that I've ever had regular beets. But I did finally try pickled beets after enough nagging. Yeah, they can go the way of the dodo.
  8. Even environment hating petrol heads that tuned in to Clarkson's Farm know the grain is either good enough for humans or sent to make animal feed. And they aren't making bread with what's paid out for animal feed. Meat eaters' nursery rhyme starts with, A tisket, a tasket, a brisket in my basket.
  9. I like green beans, and I like casseroles. But green bean casserole can eff right off.
  10. Just what type of plowing is going to happen when those seeds are planted?
  11. I made it 2 episodes after Rick vanished and lost all interest.
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