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  1. Some years back I heard they introduced the first "homeless" muppet, a pink girl named Lily. I'm not sure how it turned out but I think her attention caused some resentment with another muppet.
  2. When VA shut down school in March, my daughter was in 2nd grade. They had parents pick up/turn in packets for the students on Fridays and they had one weekly zoom call with the teacher. For K-2, when they're in one class all day with the same teacher, it doesn't need to be more complicated than that. The busses could even deliver the stuff to the bus stops several times a week. It's not like the drivers aren't getting paid or they don't have the fuel. A coworker's son just started kindergarten and she has to learn 4 or 5 apps, and spend hours trying to record things without interruptions from her younger son or dog for him to get through a day's class. It's ridiculous.
  3. Like a recently pumped out port-a-potty. NO $#!T!!
  4. jfost11

    Plumbing ???

    My wife and her friends have caused me to get up and leave the table with their stories from the hospital.
  5. jfost11

    Plumbing ???

    Someone is thinking, "Plumbing. There's a thread topic they can't foul up. Just a simple question and answer. Yeah!"
  6. jfost11

    Plumbing ???

    I finally had the inclination to look it up on the web a few months ago. There's a name that I won't try to spell out but it's more common and less weird than you think. Basically just a wall of skin in a cretain spot that divides things internally while not being evident unless there's an exam. It can cause several types of abnormalities like partially or fully divided uterus, divided uterus and vagina, etc. If I recall correctly, this woman was in her 40s and married for a long time before she even knew.
  7. All joking about their products aside, I will always respect them for that commercial. I hope they remain true to their word. It's hard to imagine the country before that day now. I miss it a lot.
  8. His life was weighed and measured, and came up short.
  9. jfost11

    Plumbing ???

    My wife is a women's health NP. The strangest thing she's told me is about the lady she examined with two vaginas. Although I don't think she would tell that story to anyone. That's why I bring it up as often as possible. And to stay on the topic, that lady probably had some kind of siphoning action going on with her plumbing too.
  10. I'm sorry, you completely lost me at honey BBQ sticks and 340 lbs.of moose burger. What was the question? Welcome to over eaters anonymous, please tell us your name and a little about yourself.
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