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  1. I think I saw the pilot get out of that one...
  2. 737? Is that the new model Remington? Uh, no. It's by Boeing. Been out for a while now.
  3. My cousin in NC, who is a diesel truck mechanic, had one of the Rabbit trucks with a diesel in it to drive to work for a couple of years. He had a 50 mile commute one way, and he said the ONLY thing that truck could pass was a gas station.
  4. A former coworker took me for a ride in his mom's Ridgeline once. It was like a roomier version of a Honda minivan, that wasn't a minivan. Quiet, well mannered on the highway. It's a nice little "truck" for the paved driveway neighborhood crowd to haul their trash or pick up some furniture. But for those with boats or car haulers, or who haul wood or building supplies, it's not cutting the mustard.
  5. My uncle bought a couple new ones some years back. I mainly used the ms460. It would fire up after a 2-3 pulls and run for 10-15 minutes then shut off. It would take about 15 pulls to restart then do it all over again. It was never out of fuel, the carb had been cjecked and adjusted by the shop it came from. It didn't matter what the weather or temperature was. Then I saw on an arborists forum how the epa mandated factory mufflers caused them to run hot and do that as well as the oil pumps barely putting enough out to keep the chain even mildly wet even when it was turned all the way up. So if you ever buy a new one for serious use, that's the first thing you need to do to it. High flow muffler and oil pump. I have to fill the bar oil on my old one two times for every tank of fuel. That new saw was the opposite. Two tanks of fuel for every tank of bar oil. Mine never takes more than 2 pulls to start cold, and never cuts off until it's empty. It says made in West Germany on the case. The main plant they're made in now is right here in VA. Made in the USA is nice but, the EPA sure doesn't let them run like they used to. Not without spending more money.
  6. Yep, just a couple vroom vrooms. Then lay the wood into them. Oops, wrong conversation.
  7. I have an all original Stihl chainsaw that my father bought nearly 40 years ago. It still runs like new. Better than new actually. The last few new ones I've dealt with were terribly finicky with the EPA friendly parts on them. For the first 27 years of my life, that saw provided firewood for our wood stove every winter. Anywho, I used to work with a guy who would fire up the chainsaws we cut logs with, stone cold, and hold them wide open for 2-3 minutes every time. He was complaining that the saw shop kept telling them they needed to rebuild the engines on the saws every few years. He wasn't the brightest crayon in the box.
  8. They will when you shoehorn a small block V8 into it.
  9. I'm sorry for your loss, Walt. Condolences to your family and may he rest in peace.
  10. The last two I've bought have just been the nicest looking ones resembling a factory leather steering wheel, in the store I was in at the time. I think one was from Advance Auto, the other from Walmart. And I don't think either was $50. But I will say the looks advantage goes to the auto parts store choices.
  11. So I figured I'd get in the seasonal spirits and help out a bit. ETA: I made a Boner-ita!
  12. Is this not America? Is this not the land of the free and the home of the brave? Only three condiments? That's sounds like effin' socialism. Has AOC become the supreme leader? There's spicy brown mustard for hot dogs and brats. Salt, pepper, and butter for a whole damn lot of things. Potatoes and steak being tippy top of the list, and if you count out Old Freakin' Bay, you better get the hell away from me. And you gotta have BBQ sauce and regular mustard to mix together to imitate Chick-fil-A sauce or else you can't dine with The Lord's chicken at Chick-fil-A. And nobody, I mean NOBODY eats shrimp without cocktail sauce. What about cumin? CUMIN PEOPLE! THE SMOKY GOODNESS!!! Have you no shame?! And last, but not least by a damn sight, Duke's mayonnaise. Blue Plate, Hellmann's, Kraft miracle whip, my ass. It's Duke's or get your yankee ass from around me. ETA: I've had SIX shots of 1800 Reposada in a short time. So don't take ANY of this personally
  13. I know someone who got that in a drive through testing location. He said he's glad he had the sense to put the car in park first since they gave him no warning.
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