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  1. jfost11

    I Remember

    Yep, but the pumps weren't that old.
  2. jfost11

    Guess which state, go ahead I dare you to guess

    12 gauge side by side through the mail slot.
  3. jfost11

    Virginia, W T F ?

    Maybe, just maybe, this will slow the liberal tide that has been rising to claim my home state. Unfortunately, I doubt it will change much at all.
  4. jfost11

    Toddler found; says bear helped him.

    I just came to post something about it being a 'squatch but I see that I've been beat. I'm not even mad. I bet the kid figured nobody would believe him unless he changed his story to a bear.
  5. jfost11

    Where to take teenage nephew on vacation?

    If you really want him to think on his feet and get out of his comfort zone, I hear Venezuela is nice this time of year.
  6. jfost11

    Zombie land 2

    I will be glad to see it but I hope Columbus gets eaten or Tallahassee snaps and offs him. Jesse Eisenberg is one of those actors that annoys me more every time I see him. I didn't mind him in Zombieland. But by the time BatFleck was tossing his cell, I wanted to see him get the crap beaten out of him.
  7. jfost11

    Where to take teenage nephew on vacation?

    Camping/fishing trip, with a titty bar somewhere along the way.
  8. jfost11

    The Grand Tour - Season 3

    I've grown used to it. Now it doesn't seem like it's hate as much as it is an annoyingly arrogant acquaintance just trying to get under your skin. At least they're not complete sell outs that started saying anything American is great and the British motoring industry is rubbish. Although the one episode where Clarkson is raving about his blue F150 Raptor was a complete 180 from the time he drove a Lightning around Britain and did nothing but bash it. We all know most of us wanted the real top gear back and this is as close as we will ever get.
  9. jfost11

    The Grand Tour - Season 3

    As far as the Camaro being stock, the ZL1 already has that magnetic voodoo set of shocks and massive Brembo brakes to begin with from the factory. I'm not even a chevy fan and I know they painted it in a poor light on those points. But it's an American vehicle so I already knew they weren't going to be completely fair to any of them.
  10. I ditched Geico about a decade ago. When I updated my address from the country to the city, rates went up. A year later, address changes from the city back to the country, and the rates went up again.
  11. jfost11

    The Punisher back on Netflix

    I just started it last week. Just started the 2nd season last night. They sure do like the blood. But I like the show.
  12. jfost11


    A friend made a Belgian tripel and gave me some. 9%. Two more and I'd be in the floor.
  13. jfost11

    People Like This Can Vote?

    I had someone complain about the heat in a 2 million sq. ft. warehouse when it was 4 degrees outside. She insisted that it was "literally freezing" in the building while standing in front of a pallet of bottled water, still in liquid form. I picked one of the bottles up and handed it to her. Then asked her to explain that.
  14. Woah, woah, woah! Mike Rowe went to some oriental run place that sexed chicks and they had to squeeze the chit out of the creature and then stare up its multipurpose hole to determine the gender. He got hosed.