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  1. I'm not vouching for that particular woman's brain power. However, many of those videos were faked to get views. But yes, there are people that ignorant. That's why it's believable .
  2. jfost11


    Thanks. I have considered buying one for the same reason but I had doubts about it. Even being knocked from the air by a plastic toy shovel doesn't always put them down.
  3. I can already hear the eye rolls of my family in NC. Just don't tell them it's the same thing as liver mush and you should make it out without bleeding.
  4. They make breakfast sandwiches and it's still a breakfast sandwich. They might as well get that money instead of leaving it to Boca. I'll still walk right past them for two rolls of JD sausage to mix in my holiday stuffing and the big bag of precooked sausage patties for the kids to pop in the microwave on school days.
  5. I knew a nurse who told a tale about an irate Karen who refused to receive an IV from a lowly nurse, only a doctor. She laughed and sent the doc on call in who proceed to poke the woman multiple times until he finally gave up and sent the nurse to do it.
  6. jfost11


    The wife got on my my nerves enough to make me get vaccinated. Guess what table number they sent me to to get it. At least I was ornery enough as a kid that I was going to make 13 my lucky number.
  7. jfost11


    When I was a kid I heard you're not supposed to tell a bad dream before breakfast or it will come true. In my teenage years I had a dream involving Demi Moore. I was telling everyone I came across and I didn't eat breakfast for a week.
  8. The exact second I saw this thread, a fedex commercial with "always on my mind" started playing. Freaky. He's one of a kind.
  9. jfost11

    On Thin Ice

    Oh, their heads are in a hole alright. But the hole isn't in the ground...
  10. The wife started watching the old series Dinosaurs with the kids the other night. Jessica Walter did the voice of the mother. I walked in and did a double take when I heard her speak.
  11. I support the right of private individuals to sell their property freely without government oversight. The media calls it a loophole. I call it freedom. So there's no proof I have ever purchesed or owned such items and no need for me to comply to begin with. No boats necessary.
  12. Two cowboys were lost in the desert and starving. Finally, off in the distance they spotted a tree draped in bacon. "LOOK!" Shouted one cowboy. "IT'S A BACON TREE. WE'RE SAVED!" He rushed towards the tree as fast he could. But before he could reach it, he was suddenly shot down in a hail of bullets. With his dying breath he told the other cowboy, "it wasn't a bacon tree. It was a ham bush."
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