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  1. jfost11

    Now defunct retailers of your youth

    There was a department store called Ames that my mom used to take me to. It required a dime to use the restroom. Over the years, the Roses five minutes away, where my grandmother worked, had put it on life support. By the time our first Walmart came, it was done and Roses was mostly done too. There ended up being one run down store left in a neighboring county. Somehow that one is still open 20 years later. Probably only because of it's central location between the closest Walmarts, which are somewhat annoying to get to from there because of the traffic. K-Mart may as well be gone. All of the ones I have ever gone to are now closed and I have no idea where the closest one is.
  2. jfost11

    Christian Bale body transformations...

    For that first one, he ate a can of tuna and an apple a day with black coffee, water, vitamin supplements, and lots of cardio for nearly four months. After 4 hours I would be grumpy.
  3. jfost11

    Material things your wife wont let you have....

    My wife won't let me have one of those custom realistic sex dolls you can pose however you please. Well, I'm guessing she won't. I haven't asked her. You know, I think I'll do that when she gets home. If y'all don't hear from me, then assume it did not go well.
  4. jfost11

    RBG hospitalized broken ribs

    I heard she woke up in the hospital saying she didn't remember when or where it happened, but she just knew Kavanaugh pushed her down and tried to rape her.
  5. jfost11

    It's raining women

    More fake news. She clearly had on a denim skirt in the video.
  6. jfost11

    TV show the simpsons apu

    Apu should get a spin off and go into an epic cuss-filled rant about racists wanting the brown man gone. I know Azaria has it in him after watching Brockmire. But, I know that will never happen as Azaria is even talking about backing away from the character. He's white and he wants to keep working in show business.
  7. jfost11

    Who Remembers These?

    I had a couple of those when I was a kid.
  8. Usually Walmart will sell the black Friday items at that price through the weekend unless it's a high dollar TV or something like that. My blu-ray player was a $29 black Friday deal and the store between work and home kept them at that price for almost a week. It jumped to over $80 after that. I stopped in and picked it up after work one night. It really came in handy when the living room dvd player died a few months later. If they have something that interests me at that price through the weekend, or available online, I'll bite. But there's no way in hell I'll run out on Thanksgiving dinner or head out at 4 am for that ****. The screwups are also nice. While I was digesting Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago, I ordered my daughter a $28 tablet they had during the event. When I went to the store several days later to pick it up, I found out that those tablets never made it to the store so they gave me the next model up, a $100 tablet that came with a detachable keyboard. My 40" Sony Bravia was also a black Friday item back in 2009. I stopped by there around 9 pm while on the way home from buying fence posts and they still had nearly a whole pallet of them. By today's standards it's a dinosaur but, it's 1080p and the fire stick works in it. One of the better $300 purchases I've made.
  9. jfost11

    let's say ..

  10. jfost11

    let's say ..

    Keeping that thing clean makes getting fingerprints off of your DeLorean or your refrigerator look like child's play
  11. jfost11

    let's say ..