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  1. See if you can spot his son in the movie. It's a really touching scene.
  2. My wife always rolled her eyes when she found me watching an Eastwood movie I've seen a dozen times. I took her to see Gran Torino in the theater. When that part rolled, I caught tears in her eyes. I smiled all the way home.
  3. I have my father's Stanley Thermos that he carried coffee in to work at the shipyard, and water when we would cut and haul firewood when I was a kid. It sits on a shelf in my garage next to his Stihl 041AV that still runs like top. Next month will be 20 years since he passed away. There could be a Ferrari in my garage and that shelf would still be more valuable to me.
  4. It gives me a bit of joy to imagine the scene from the original Robocop where ED209 blasts the exec in the office away by mistake, not because he was holding a gun. But because he's the guy who designed windows 8.
  5. I always thought it was because 8 was such a POS that the fix for it had to be even farther away than one system. Like, make a replacement system, then throw it in the trash and replace that one instead.
  6. Wink was a beautiful creature. The last 4 legged friend I said goodbye to was pretty bad off with many of the same afflictions. Throw in a knee surgery on top of it, and a 13 year old, 120 lb. Malamute was anything but spry. On his last evening with me, he surprised me by walking around with me outside before bed better than he had in months. Like it was something he wanted to do instead of something he had to do. I don't understand where it came from. He even made sure he followed me to bed that night like he used to before he got so feeble and had to stay in the living room on his bed. He was at his familiar place at the foot of my bed, guarding the door one last time when he slipped away in the night. I also saw the same thing in my dad the morning before he passed. He wasn't even able to speak for days because he was so weak. He hugged me, smiled, and spoke in more than a whisper when I left for work. That was the last time I saw him alive and I remember thinking how he looked so much better than he had. Ok, something is my eye. Gotta go.
  7. Yep, I do not recall having to call the wife at work and asking her to talk me down from taking a 12 gauge to the last win 7 equipped machine we had. 8.1 on the other hand... Btw, every other comment here may as well be in Japanese to me.
  8. If you click through all the images they show it in brown as well. I think I just did an internet search of galco and the last number as I saw they had a stow-n-go series and a 444 listed as an option. That was like, a whole day ago? So you'll have to forgive me for purging my brain of that info already.
  9. https://www.galcogunleather.com/stow-n-go-iwb-holster_8_7_1302.html?sku=STO445B
  10. Those corn nuts look good. The vendor who fills the snack machines at work used to put some jalapeño cheddar cheese puffs in there that were great. I think it was Herr's Jalapeño Poppers cheese curls. A guy at work brought in some cream cheese and bacon stuffed, smoked jalapeños that he grew himself one time. I don't know what happened in the smoking process but those things were hot as hell. But they were so good.
  11. Thanks, I think this is certainly worth a try. I usually don't eat late and try to stay upright for a while after eating to avoid the reflux problems. Although a couple of weeks ago I got a random spell of reflux that was particularly bad and didn't want to subside. I was up pacing for 2 hours waiting on some relief after every wave. I've never had a spell like that before and I don't understand what caused it. I think all of the usual triggers were avoided. I was left waiting on a tagament and an omeprazole to kick in since I was out of the chalky drink type of relief.
  12. A "young father", and those big doe eyed filter pics? You have got to kidding me. A turd got squished. Big deal. No need to try milking sympathy for him.
  13. That train said, "Oh you want to knock over my crossing lights?" *BAM* I imagine the words stupid, mother, and some form of fornicator were flowing like Niagara Falls in that locomotive.
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