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  1. jfost11

    Any serious contenders to the G27?

    Load 8 into the 27 mags and leave them that way for a week or so. Then the 9th round goes in it easily enough by hand and it seats just fine.
  2. jfost11

    alien rofl , just a baby one

    The 2nd pic looks like something more x rated than a newborn alien.
  3. I don't even have to click the link to know it will never happen. Hillary makes John, the Teflon don, Gotti look like fly paper.
  4. jfost11

    Finally! Wine for us rednecks!

    A buddy of mine didn't want to lose his buzz late one night after everything stopped selling. Another friend had a bottle of that Boone's Farm in the trunk of her car that had been there for a week in the southeastern VA August. He chugged it until it was gone. It was all I could do to watch without gagging.
  5. jfost11

    Any serious contenders to the G27?

    I own a 27 and am happy with it. However, the FNS-40C is definitely worth a look.
  6. jfost11

    Old Service Stations

    This is from my hometown in VA on the Chesapeake Bay. The owner is a Ford Model A aficionado and has a few restored.
  7. jfost11

    Once again a dog owner

    I should have named him Trump because he chews(choos) like a train and can't be stopped.
  8. jfost11

    The new Mandy Baxter

    Tim Allen runs a Bass Pro style store in Denver and constantly rips Obama, Hillary, and his bleeding heart Canadian son-in-law throughout the series. Of his three daughters, the youngest is his little mini-me who just joined the Air Force after not getting accepted by West Point. The middle one is a dumb as a box of rocks fashion designer who leans hard left. The oldest had a kid in high school with the previously mentioned Canadian and seems to be in the middle, possibly leaning right. While it was ABC's second highest rated sitcom, it was not renewed shortly after season 6 closed in 2017. ABC claims the fact that they didn't own the show, and would have to pay more for it due to the ratings, was the reason they replaced it with the now failed resurrection of Roseanne. It has since moved to FOX, the sister network of the studio that owns it.
  9. jfost11

    Once again a dog owner

    The wife has been occasionally showing me pictures of available dogs for the last few months. A few weeks ago one of our babysitters posted puppies from her parent's dogs. The wife just couldn't resist and had to go meet them. One little fella was content to curl up in her arms for as long as she would hold him. So, we now have a 3 month old German Shorthaired Pointer. In the last two weeks he's shown a fascination with my kids' shoes and a stubborn streak about leaving them alone. He's torn up the end of the couch and tries to eat every damned thing he shouldn't. Im trying to calmy get through housebreaking him. Now I know why my last dog was a trained rescue. Since the only dog my kids have known was a big, old, lazy malamute, they are constantly running and shrieking when this little guy decides they look like play things. They're coming around though.
  10. jfost11

    Who needs a Delorean?

    I thought I heard the mail van come down my street one day a couple months back. When I looked, this is what I saw.
  11. jfost11

    The new Mandy Baxter

    I just watched it. I actually disliked the change of Boyd more than Mandy. I enjoyed the pokes about all the liberal crying and threats to move to Canada.
  12. jfost11

    OK, so I am probably going straight to hell

    Considering the source, I've seen a lot worse. Nolan Ryan being one of them.
  13. jfost11

    Amazon Buys Pillpack.com

    Part of me thinks they did that just to spite Walmart. WM had been in negotiations with Pillpack and had an offer of around $750 million on the table.