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  1. Around here diesel is usually either the same price or cheaper than gasoline is. As for horror stories, I've heard in places where a major disaster strikes, like hurricane or similar, that fuel stations will be sold out of gasoline with no idea when they will get in another tanker, but almost always still have diesel available. Very few people have diesel generators, but everyone buys cheap gasoline noisemakers for storms.
  2. I prefer diesel myself, but it can have more issues in winter than gasoline due to gelling if it isn't properly refined/treated for extremely cold temperatures. either way, internal combustion wins.
  3. that and the internal combustion engine is rather inefficient, so we're using the wasted heat from combustion to keep warm, and not draining down our fuel supply any more than normal by using the heat, where the battery pack is wasting quite a bit to keep you warm. it's also a whole lot easier to refill a fuel tank on the shoulder of the highway than it is to recharge a battery pack any meaningful amount.
  4. To be fair, your car doesn't keep you warm after you run out of fuel in the tank either.
  5. That depends, are they Union, Government employees, or freelance diggers?
  6. I do have you slightly beat. My truck doesn't have locks on the doors. Doesn't have one on the ignition either. And headlights, unless you turn on a switch, you don't even have turn signals. High beam switch is on the floor also.
  7. My sister's house lost power to outlets in her living room and front porch. Finally found the outlet on the back of the house on the opposite side of the garage (60 feet away) that had a tripped GFCI. Resetting it solved the issue. I can understand them for exterior walls and in kitchen/bath. Now code seems to say you're supposed to have them in places like the bedroom as well. Maybe a few too many adult toys were having issues and shocking people?
  8. "All the shops have been smashed open, there was a whole bunch of people across the street helping themselves to musical instruments, can you believe that?" "Yeah," said Rincewind. "Luters, I expect." * Terry Pratchett, *The Light Fantastic*
  9. not that hard when you consider how "smart" the average person is. besides, some of those requirements are opinions, and not statistically quantifiable, like being "funny"
  10. I have some 220V stuff I brought back from Korea that has this type of plug (or very similar). Much more secure and much safer.
  11. Terry Pratchett > Quotes > Quotable Quote “Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder. Elves are marvellous. They cause marvels. Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies. Elves are glamorous. They project glamour. Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment. Elves are terrific. They beget terror. The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look for them behind words that have changed their meaning. No one ever said elves are nice. Elves are bad.”
  12. I'm pretty sure the definition of "champion" requires winning, not falling. Merriam-Webster dictionary agrees with me. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/champion Full Definition of champion (Entry 1 of 2) 1: a winner of first prize or first place in competition //a tennis champion also : one who shows marked superiority //a champion at selling 2: a militant advocate or defender //a champion of civil rights 3: WARRIOR, FIGHTER //a champion of his king 4: one that does battle for another's rights or honor //God will raise me up a champion— Sir Walter Scott
  13. if it's the same as courthouses here, they have security boxes to store them in at the security checkpoint, and you get them back before you exit the building. Or sometimes the security box is just outside the entrance. Either way, I dislike being disarmed inside, but everyone else except on duty officers are disarmed as well, so it kind of balances out.
  14. here it's just cold and wet. I'd almost rather have the super cold and dry, because it's a lot easier to be warm in dry clothes below freezing than it is when you're soaking wet above freezing.
  15. yeah, weather was fun here in Western Washington over the weekend. On the plus side it's good for business. On the negative side it means I have to answer my phone a lot. Surprisingly few power outages for the amount of storm damage done.
  16. and at one way streets. I tend to look both ways at least twice.
  17. Yesterday's Veteran's Day Parade in Elma, WA McCleary VFW is 75 years old this year. Saturday we're doing a party for that, then Bingo.
  18. so you're supposed to grade them on the amount of time spent on the assignment, but ignore the fact that they were too lazy to use a spell checker?
  19. not kimchee breath, but the smell of it oozing out of all of their pores, especially on Monday morning during PT and the KATUSA got to go home for the weekend. Running behind them in formation can be enough to turn your stomach sometimes. (3.5 years of this experience)
  20. no, the proper amount is the bill for catching and deporting them, plus fines for every day they were here.
  21. That and "recorded history" was mostly written by people that never left the comfort of their own homes/cities, by people that never went anywhere or saw anything but third hand accounts, and made up the rest of what was "known fact"
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