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  1. So now they take the team of boys, claim they are transgendered, and send them to the Olympics.
  2. Axe like that probably works fine on those puny little rounds with straight grain, but I'd love to see him try splitting some of the 2'+ rounds with knots in them we tend to use around here.
  3. either their laws are more strict about what is allowed to be used as an ingredient, or less strict about how specific you have to be in naming the ingredient.
  4. isn't that just so they know where it was stolen from?
  5. I always appreciate it when someone comes right out and tells me they don't want me as a customer. I did read part of what was written. Pretty much all of it is that he/she/it "feels strongly" and other such nonsense phrases that don't have anything to back them up. Pure BS opinion.
  6. In theory, if they are connected to a "smart grid", then the grid will charge them when the power draw is lower (late night/early morning when aircon is low/off) and can draw power out of them during the day when power usage is at it highest. Of course, most people will be at the office or somewhere else during the times of highest usage, so the cars won't be plugged into the grid. Up side might be if the system is set up properly, the utility actually has to buy back the electricity from you at the peak rate, after selling it to you at the off peak rates, so in theory you would actually get paid to have the car plugged in, provided it's connected to the smart grid. Of course though it's Commiefornia, so they'll find a way to screw you out of any possible profits.
  7. This is what $20 million looks like when it is no longer under a mattress...
  8. about 80% the land mass of commiefornia, but 3 times the number of people. (So apparently autocorrect doesn't like the word "commifornia" and insisted I change it to "commiefornia"
  9. with as often as I say it, the odds are higher of that than anything else.
  10. I don't think it's so much "instinct" as the fact that their hands/feet work in reverse of ours. We use muscles to close our hands around objects as our hands are open with all muscles relaxed; they have to use muscles in order to make their hands/feet open and let go of things, and are fully closed when relaxed.
  11. I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather. ...not screaming like the passengers in his car.
  12. We all have our good days and our bad ones. I do agree with part of what you said, maybe not so much other bits. I was just laughing because of your last line. Most of us are arseholes in some way or another; my sense of humor is part of mine I guess. I'm around when I'm around. Honestly though, I'm on here and on SteelSoldiers.com because of my hobbies. I like this place. For the most part people are here just to hang out and have a laugh, or share stories. It's rarely a pissing contest about anything here. Still, that doesn't excuse the fact that you were having a rough time and I laughed about it. I'm sorry about that. My wits aren't always that great when I'm feeling sleepy, and it's been a long day, so I hope you don't take it personally.
  13. The actual production is under $18, but how much did it cost to research? Not everything is as simple as "it costs me $12 in parts and electricity to manufacture an item, but the equipment I used cost $50k, and it was a couple hundred man hours to perfect the design, plus dozens of prototypes for testing purposes..." All anyone hears is the "it cost me $12 to make..." Not defending them, but I don't trust anything posted online or in print because everyone always has an agenda to push.
  14. you might see if there is a high school near you with a welding program, or a college. For doing basic work with small pieces, the wirefeed machines from Harbor Freight are capable of doing some decent work. Not the best mind you, but if you get them dialed in correctly, they will do the job.
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