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  1. I want to see the reload.
  2. I'm currently entertaining myself on a local Facebook page where an anti-Trumper is insisting that President Trump is "impeached forever" Their entire argument at this point appears to be that "I" need to do my own research on the matter. So I did, and provided multiple links to both legal sources and official government sources. Now the argument has entered the stage where the other person keeps insisting that what they are saying is correct, but refuses to provide any type of evidence to back up their position, and every time they try to twist some part of what I said, I go back over it and detail that part in greater and greater detail. I hate to say it, but it might actually be good for my temper a little bit to be going through this process. I'm refusing to sink to the level of name calling and schoolyard taunts, I'm having to use patience and restraint with them, and while I know it will do absolutely nothing to change the mind of the antagonistic person, I'm making new friends in my community Edit: so apparently he was "impeached" but that statement, no matter how anyone tries to play it up, is the exact same as someone being accused of robbery or perjury. Once the trial is over, either they are found guilty or acquitted, so it really doesn't mean a single #$!@ thing
  3. I was going to post something, but after Eric having said something official like that, most of the things that I was considering would look really bad at this particular time. I will say though, Thank you Eric, I really like this site and you're awesome.
  4. I just got one of those "your warranty is expired/about to expire" robocalls, so I decided to see what would happen. I connected to a live person (Veronica, Filipino accent) and she asked me the make and model of my vehicle. So I told her. Right after I said that, she said "Thank you and have a nice day" and hung up on me. Apparently "2000 AM General M1123" isn't on their list of vehicles they will sell extended warranties for.
  5. Not luck. He saw a problem, came up with a solution, and executed that solution as quickly as possible. He didn't sit around to see if the problem would fix itself, or waste millions of tax dollars in committees who's only goal is to keep getting paid, not find a solution. He didn't wait for the government to solve his issue, he didn't whine about it on social media. He took decisive action and was rewarded for it. Fortune favors the bold.
  6. Most people surviving in the old West were smarter than to stick around to watch a gunfight. If bullets were flying they'd either be hiding or shooting back (or both), not lollygagging waiting to get hit by a stray round.
  7. Too many things on it my food eats, and not enough of my food.
  8. So umm, Wow. I think I just won an argument on Facebook with someone. Never really felt the need to argue on there before, but his entire tone was demeaning and derogatory, and he never really answered my question, so now almost an hour later he has either deleted his post or blocked me. That counts as a win, right?
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