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  1. So a bunch of financial investors are now experts on environmental issues? More likely that they don't see as much profit in coal, they want to make money off the replacement technologies.
  2. Cougar_ml

    Random Posting

    Well, at least he didn't wish for a big, shaved beaver, and have it came as a kit.
  3. Cougar_ml

    Random Posting

    those like Rocky Mountain Oysters? I've helped with the creation of those, I don't think the yak version is much different. But no, that's not it. I'll give another hint, just for you: it involves paint.
  4. Cougar_ml

    Random Posting

    Random posting: I don't like painting. Guess what I've been doing today, and will be doing again tomorrow? hint: It's something I don't like.
  5. I read the second link. Here's what I got out of it: Some people working at one of Trump's properties are in the country illegally, and working using false documents. Some of the management knew about this, and even helped them get replacement documents when necessary. Trump always treated the workers nicely, and tipped good money when he saw they were doing a good job. Now that Trump is taking a harder public stance on illegals, some of the management, who knows the workers are illegals, have been lording it over those employees, and giving them a hard time at work just because they can. Some of the people, who are working with false papers, are trying to file for asylum because of a hostile work environment created because they are illegals working with false paperwork...
  6. If the local jurisdictions refuse to assist the federal agency with their job, then they should not receive any type of federal assistance with funding, simple as that.
  7. Cougar_ml

    Good Question

    yes, the man is right or wrong.
  8. That's not making Mexico pay for it, that's just redirecting U.S. taxpayer funds into something that actually has benefit to the people paying the taxes, and not people who are here illegally.
  9. Cougar_ml

    DA Refuse to Prosecute

    So in other words, Suffolk County welcomes petty criminals with open arms, and encourages them to continue to break the law. On one hand, it helps lower the county's expenses on taking care of petty criminals, on the other, homeowner insurance rates are very likely to increase significantly, and stores will have to increase their prices to either compensate for stolen goods or to hire security guards. Anyone else feel like traveling to Boston for some good old window shopping with 5 finger discounts?
  10. Cougar_ml

    Glocks in the twenty second century

    I was just reading "The Ringworld Engineers" again today, part of it involves "wireheads" and how it's ultimately a self eliminating problem, anyone who is willing to do such a thing or easily addicted typically breeds themselves out of the gene pool.
  11. Cougar_ml

    Glocks in the twenty second century

    All the humans live on what's basically an interstellar cruise ship, they lie down on antigrav lounge chairs that move them around from place to place, and the chairs have a screen that completely blocks in front of their faces, so it's all they see. The chairs move them all around the ship in a pre-programmed order, but nobody ever pays any attention to anything but the screen in front of them or the occasional large advertisement that interrupts their screens. Everyone is very fat, has no muscle mass to speak of, weakened bones, and doesn't know how to do even the slightest thing for themselves. https://youtu.be/h1BQPV-iCkU
  12. Cougar_ml

    Glocks in the twenty second century

    Wasn't that basically a main idea around what happened to the humans in the movie "WALL-E"?
  13. And just to be certain of how much she hates Christians/Christmas, in the specifically allowed section it listed: Holidays Around the World — purposeful presentation of information to teach about different cultures But it also listed that "snowflakes" are allowed, so the kids are more than welcome to do artwork of their principal.
  14. Cougar_ml


    Some packages do that, but as UPS drops them off into the local postal area, it isn't nearly as bad as when it starts off with USPS for me. As for the local post office, it's a small town, so you can look over the counter and see pretty much everything going on in the post office.