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  1. Cougar_ml

    Secret revealed, pancakes

    I tend to cook them in a pan with a lot of butter, and usually make sure to mix an egg or three into the batter, even if the mix doesn't call for it.
  2. Cougar_ml

    Your Choice

    I always thought the three types of people were those that can count and those that can't.
  3. Cougar_ml

    Random Posting

    Yeah, but the same medical proof kept me from a whole lot of fun jobs I could have done in the Army. On the other hand, the job I DID do that I would never have considered if it hadn't been the only decent option, and involved getting to fly around in helicopters and not getting shot at, so there is that.
  4. Cougar_ml

    Random Posting

    That's not a nice thing to do to a guy that's partially color blind. According to this I DON'T have cataracts or laryngitis...
  5. Cougar_ml

    Police USBP Death Cover Up

    1 person falling and getting hurt is a little more believable than both of them falling at the same time and place.
  6. Cougar_ml

    Today's Chuckles

    Crystal Meth church?
  7. Cougar_ml

    A love story...

    That's kind of an ironic name for the street that they built a prison on.
  8. I'll add a fifth type. 5. Sad. The guy that gets drunk and can't stop lamenting his life or just flat out crying. They are very annoying when you have to babysit them, but other than that pretty harmless.
  9. It's not too bad. All but one of my guns will easily go over 500 rounds without being cleaned without issue, so they get cleaned before that, then I'm forced to go put a box or two of ammo through them afterwards to make sure they work. The tragedy of it all.
  10. I don't trust a gun that's been cleaned and not fired again. Always the chance something got messed up somehow.
  11. Not much to clean if you make him sit in the dumpster before you do it, or in a hole in the ground.
  12. Cougar_ml

    What's The Point

    if it got written, it would probably end up a bigger book than the Brazilian tax code... https://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/26/world/americas/throwing-the-book-all-8-tons-of-it-at-brazils-tax-code.html
  13. So it's been snowing here, and I had to go out in it yesterday. People are being crazy out there. I made sure to carry my Glock with me, just in case. I typically drive a front wheel drive car and pull a trailer for my job, but that wasn't going to work with this much snow. I went over and borrowed my uncle's old 4wd ford truck. It got the job done, but has street tires on it instead of snow tires. No snow chains for it either. Ended up getting it stuck in all 3 of my customer's driveways, 1 just due to being a paved slope and not enough weight in the truck, along with the street tires. The other 2 was due to there being about a foot of snow. Once it got compacted the tires tried to stay in the ruts, which made trying to turn while driving uphill on a slope fun, as rear tire tracked in the path of the opposite front tire, and I was driving sideways along the slope, almost into the customer's fence. So the 2 places I got stuck, I whipped out my trusty Glock and went to town on the snow. Didn't take long to get the snow cleared out using the Glock. I'm talking about my Glock entrenching tool. First time I've actually used it on anything, and really appreciated the round handle and locking the blade at 90 degrees to just pull and scrape the snow out of the way, and being able to hold it facing any direction equally, not something that works with the traditional triangular shaped handle on the military type entrenching tools.
  14. Cougar_ml

    What do you do inside on a rainy day?

    It's supposed to rain here later this week. Only problem is, it's been in the teens the past few nights, there's already 6 inches of snow, another 4-15 inches in the forecast, then the rain is supposed to be freezing rain. It's going to be an ugly week here in Western Washington. On the plus side fewer idiots on the road now, most of them have already had their cars towed to repair shops by now.
  15. Cougar_ml

    Texas, Proposed Firearms Bills

    The states are red geographically by over 80%. It's a handful of counties in each state that are Blue.