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  1. That's like Patch Adams taking the seriously grumpy guy in the hospital over to the maternity ward, because you know those women put out.
  2. Yup, nothing new. Technology has gotten more efficient, but none of the downsides have been changed in the slightest. Solar makes sense in places where it's hot and a lot of aircons get run because the two tend to be working at the same time, but all the other types are just too finicky.
  3. Yup, this was the first thing to cross my mind as well.
  4. Doesn't Chicago have some pretty stiff penalties for committing a crime while possessing a firearm? Don't they just keep dropping all of those charges against people and letting them back out on the street to do it again and again? Laws only work if they're enforced.
  5. I'll second the CCP. While it's not terrible, it's just not great.
  6. lots of air in dirt, when you plant something you compact the dirt down around the roots to keep it from moving. Kind of like making ice cream in reverse. You start with a liquid then cool it and stir it up to add air to it so the final volume is greater than what you started with. Janice beat me to it, but used big words so it doesn't count.
  7. hooray for bad decisions... Right after I posted the previous post, I decided I was bored and would take a quick stroll to clear my head. a little over 2 hours later I'm back, gps says I walked 7.5 miles. in heavy, steel toed work boots. that are still pretty new and not broken in yet. needless to say, I'm feeling it a little now, and my feet will probably remind me not to do that again all of tomorrow. so yeah, hooray for bad decisions. oh, and my head isn't any clearer now than when I started, now it's just tired.
  8. that's both very funny and a little disturbing at the same time. I admit it, I laughed. A lot.
  9. The way it's written makes me feel like the 21 year old was being threatening, but the guy in the car is the one that is charged for everything. Pretty sure there is something important missing from the article, but the author made it so convoluted it's hard to really tell. If it really happened the way it's written the 21 year old should come up on all the exact same charges, as he was an active and willing participant.
  10. I wish these people would learn how to write in clear, cohesive sentences. So 21 year old man approaches the car of the other guy with a drawn handgun, guy in car shoots him, bullets hit the 2 teenagers the 21 year old was with, and the 21 year old is the victim here, the guy in the car gets 3 attempted murder charges and 3 felony assaults. No mention if the guy in the car had a gun showing or anything else, just that the 21 year old approached with gun in hand then bent down and talked with him.
  11. well, he DID have dirt on the Clintons, so it was only a matter of time.
  12. True, but there have also been people killed for walking out into traffic trying to protect ducks or other animals crossing the road and other drivers didn't pay attention or care.
  13. More likely though the chicken running amok on the road is very likely to cause accidents. Even if it doesn't it still slows down/screws up traffic and is a road hazard.
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