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  1. We'll probably survive, but it's a toss up as to whether what we do can really be called "living"
  2. nope. Mine gets removed as I'm walking out the doors of whatever establishment I was in.
  3. And if she does get called out, who is next in line??? I'm not actually sure which of them would be worse for the country as President, Pelosi or Harris.
  4. Even my mother, who is a lifelong Democrap with no signs she will ever come to her senses doesn't see how any of the things he said are even remotely impeachable.
  5. is it just me, or do firearms and large amounts of snow on mountains seem like things that shouldn't go together? (kind of looks like the maxim 9 to me, hope he's using subsonic ammo)
  6. I tried to join Parler, but ran into the above listed issues. So I'm over at MEWE with some of my other friends from a local group.
  7. yay, it isn't just me and my crappy connection this time.
  8. So once upon a time someone gave me an Idiot Card. You know, the one that says "If you'd like to know how to keep an idiot busy for hours, turn this card over." I was very bored one day and sat there, reading that card for nearly 3 hours. What's worse, I had 2 people sitting across from me watching me do this the whole time. It was a very boring day.
  9. We call my son by his initials. When he was young he was asked who (his first and middle name) was. He said that's someone who gets in trouble
  10. wouldn't the feet be cut in half, or are the pigeons there in the habit of landing on their bellies?
  11. This one might have actually belonged in either the political page or in a religious forum.
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