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  1. yup, modern cars are designed to crumple like beer cans and absorb all the energy. Anything more than superficial damage to the car and they're pretty much toast, as even if you straighten out a piece of metal, once it's been bent it's lost a lot of it's structural integrity. Cars are safer than they have ever been before, but the trade off is you only get one decent accident and they are toast. Sure, they can straighten things out, line them back up, but unless they replace every single piece that was affected, it will never be as good or as safe as it was before the accident.
  2. From all the videos I've watched on youtube of car accidents, and other stuff, I'd say it's a good candidate for being totaled. I was once told each airbag was something like $1500-2k to replace, if the frame is out of alignment at all it's very likely totaled. About 5 years ago I had someone fail to yield at a light, I clipped them with the right front corner of my car. Insurance company totaled it out for about $18k, had 60k miles on it (5 year old VW jetta sedan TDI) and that was only at 30mph when it happened.
  3. So Eric is the one doing all the scruting around here? That clears up a few things.
  4. So I was supposed to repent for my post instead of repeat my post. Got it.
  5. Double tap. Yes, it even happens to me.
  6. I think they forgot an "H" in his last name...
  7. When stalking one's prey, it is important to blend in with their environment.
  8. Yes, but the negative feelings will more likely be towards the restaurant than anything else is the problem.
  9. So they want me to voluntarily pay even more money, and claim it's for the employee's healthcare costs. I hate it when they tack on additional costs. Either I pay what the listed price is plus tax, or I'm never coming back. Same with places that automatically add gratuity to the bill. If I think they did a good job and deserve a tip, they'll get a tip, but don't tell me it's a $12 meal and give me a bill saying I owe $20 whether the service was good or crappy. Not hard to just raise all the prices by 5%. If the regulars ask why the increase be honest with them, prices increase all the time for all sorts of reasons so it's generally accepted, but trying to trick or guilt me into paying more is definitely a no-go, and I won't be back.
  10. If the requirements are transportation, food, and communication, why can't they just be dumped back across the border in Mexico? They obviously had all those things on the other side of the border if they're showing up overweight with cell phones.
  11. *sigh* At least he didn't lie to her, hate to think how she'd have reacted if that happened.
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