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  1. I tend to go for single player open world games. Currently going back through Fallout New Vegas. Back when I was in the Army it was mostly playing EVE online. And yeah, I've been playing for a while also (early 90's) I'm just annoyed that I can't get Marathon 2 to run on my current computer.
  2. Depends, what city am I in at the time? Big city, hold the knife, ignore them, and sue for millions. Small town/rural, drop the knife. Oh wait, I'm a white male. DROP THE KNIFE!
  3. Not sure if I can come up with that kind of doe.
  4. part for my truck from a long establish very reputable company. Tracking number matches the one on the company's invoice.
  5. So Fedex doesn't seem to know what's going on the past few days. I have received no less than 5 separate emails about when a certain package is supposed to be delivered. First they said it would be today (saturday) Then it was Monday. Then Tuesday Then Thursday Then back to Tuesday And now they are claiming it will be here on Monday. (and now the tracking website refuses to show me anything about the package, last I saw it had made it's way from Kansas to Idaho as of this morning)
  6. So how long until the concertgoers run out of air in their bubbles? Would make for some short concerts, but on the plus side you no longer need to worry about secondhand pot smoke or anything like that.
  7. And exploding all over the place if you forgot to poke any vents in the shell. They aren't bad, but between having to pick them before the birds get them all, fight all the spikes in the husk, and then scoring each shell and then cooking them (though my ex-wife just boils them now, we used to just toss them on top of the wood stove on a pan spaced about 1/2" up). My dad will pull them apart with his bare hands, then complain the next day about all the little slivers he has in his hands from the spikes. I personally won't touch them in anything less than heavy leather gloves. (we have a couple dozen chestnut trees on the property here)
  8. The one with the horns and 4wd.
  9. Chestnuts. just one more food I've decided is more effort than it is worth to try to eat.
  10. Beef in tonight's dinner came from a bull named "Romeo" problem with bottle raised cows is when they get bigger they don't have any fear of people, so an 1800 lb bull with horns wants to walk up to you, shaking his head around, and have his ears scratched. (my uncle raised this one, he's good eating)
  11. That's not necessarily cheap either. Pretty much all lumber products have jumped a lot in price lately.
  12. I was thinking more along the lines of a zirconium status. Lots of flash like we spent the big bucks, but in reality we're just cheapskates
  13. On the plus side, Silver Patron status lets people know we donated, without them knowing just how cheap we really are.
  14. yup, that's the quote I recalled when the topic came up.
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