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  1. When I was in college, there was one man and his wife that made donations every year. It was given out to students as $1000 scholarships. Half went to the nursing and related programs, the other half went to the tech programs (I was in heavy diesel). Total donated was $100k each year. He flat out said that he had never needed an office worker or tech type person on Christmas eve, but he had needed a plumber, so he very much appreciated the trades.
  2. Since covid only seems to kill males and females, that's a great way not to have that listed as cause of death.
  3. Blue cheese butter sauce and grilled garlic mushrooms. Maybe swiss if I'm eating the meat from it as a burger or wrap.
  4. They tried. At least a few headlines before his race was known stated that it was a "white supremacist" and other race baiting titles.
  5. Oh, they are all on the same page. The trick is to get them into the same book.
  6. My mother is a democrat, but even she thinks all these protesters on highways should be charged with some type of interference with interstate commerce law and sent to jail. Of course she fails to see that they won't actually be held accountable and likely released immediately, but it is what it is.
  7. I know I really like my Romeo6T. Had it for over a year now, easy to use and never worry about finding a power switch. The Bravo on the other hand is overly heavy compared to any of the other optics I own, so it ended up on the .22 AR upper. Works great, just heavy.
  8. Not sure where they got that the U.S. is 3rd in the world. https://www.indexmundi.com/facts/indicators/VC.IHR.PSRC.P5/rankings According to this chart, the U.S. is 55th in the world for intentional homicides per capita.
  9. Today it was 30 minutes trying to decide which reusable silicone ear plugs to buy to replace the set I've been using for about 7 years. Finally lost one of them (and it was the free bonus set that came with a nicer set on a string, I don't seem to like strings against my neck) I spent 30 minutes deciding on $5 worth of earplugs, then all of 2 minutes to add another $35 worth of drink mixes and then some other stuff. I think my priorities are slightly messed up.
  10. You know it's sad when you spend 45 minutes trying to decide which anti-seize to purchase. It's not like I'm even out of the stuff. Also, yesterday pulled a really stupid act of forgetfulness that ended up not too terribly. Forgot to operate the latch to secure the trailer to the ball on the truck. Ended up losing the trailer off the ball going over some ruts in an intersection. Chains were crossed, didn't catch the trailer as the ball was low (and so was the trailer) but kept if close behind the truck. Stopped quickly, got out, put the trailer back on the ball (not fun, 150 lbs tongue weight and slight uphill slope with 2k lbs trailer) but managed to do this all when there wasn't any vehicles coming (nowhere to pull off as this was the start of a bridge) Only damage was some scrapes to the plastic on the rear bumper of the truck, and the trailer jack got about 1/2" ground off the bottom. I think I've used up my luck for the month.
  11. You know, I'm seeing a lot more political memes in this thread. There is a thread specifically for the politically oriented random posts.
  12. I saw an Australian article earlier that said: "demonstrators have turned the six-block area into a self-sustaining commune and a police-free zone." Really amazing how in only a few days they can become self sustaining for hundreds, if not thousands of people, on less than a block worth of actual dirt, with no natural water supplies or anything else.
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