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  1. Cougar_ml

    Random Posting

    My sister is currently pissed off that the guy across the street from her is telling everyone that my sister's house is a drug house. Even talked to the cops about it saying he was slandering her and defamation of character. Her argument is that there haven't been any drugs there for months now. Cops told my sister they'd tell the guy across the street to knock it off.
  2. Cougar_ml

    It's just meth

    But police in Florida said despite the life-changing incident the 31-year-old has continued to try and manufacture crystal meth. Article is a lie. Obviously NOT a life changing incident if it didn't really do anything to change her life.
  3. Cougar_ml

    Random Posting

    Most likely it was designed specifically to look different than someone else's headgear, in an attempt to make their people look more majestic than the other guy. Might be related to the chopine in medieval europe who's only real purpose was to make it obvious that a woman was of a higher social standing because nobody who had to actually do anything would ever wear them (the later ones, as opposed to the very early ones that were just to keep people's feet out of the mud), the same with some versions of the geta such as the Maiko's okobo or the Oiran's koma-geta or mitsu-ashi. (the tall wooden sandals that geisha or other types of courtesans in feudal Japan wore to show they were above doing peasant's work)
  4. Cougar_ml

    Random Political/Social Posting

    yes, they should. For the case above, the woman needs to go to jail for at least twice as long as the accused did. The entire point of the justice system is supposed to be both to punish those who commit crimes, and serve as a warning to those who are considering committing crimes that the repercussions are not worth the crime. If the sentence doesn't serve to deter others from committing crimes, then it's not doing it's job.
  5. Cougar_ml

    Random Political/Social Posting

    They are carrying their national flag while forcibly invading another country and destroying property. Pretty sure that makes them an enemy army, and calling on our army to respond seems appropriate.
  6. Cougar_ml

    What add-ons/extensions do you run on your browser?

    I'm running Chrome. I'm running Ghostery, Adblock Plus, Adobe Acrobat, and Kaspersky. Might not be the best or most efficient, but it works and I know how to use it.
  7. Cougar_ml

    XDM 10mm 4.5

    Yeah, I have a chronograph, a good supply of AA9, 800X, and the lee 410-210 mold that's dropping 215 grain rounds for me to powdercoat, and lee sizer to .401. I haven't gotten around to loading any up yet, mostly because my range is tall grass and I haven't been making much 10mm brass lately. I might just end up loading them into .40 brass and loading them at 10mm length because I have a decent supply of .40 brass courtesy of my uncle on a local swat team. The suppressor is for .45 cal, but I'm not actually a fan of that caliber for some reason. I like my 10mm so easier to just get another barrel for it when I want to go plinking suppressed. Not really giving up much as the heavier 45 loads I've seen are only in the 250 grain range and quite a bit slower.
  8. Cougar_ml

    XDM 10mm 4.5

    Yeah, that looks nice. Lonewolf had some Alphawolf barrels marked as blemished in the 6 3/4 inch threaded version, so I picked up one of them. It's longer than I'd like, and frankly looks a little silly, but I couldn't pass it up for when the suppressor finally gets to me. I'm not sure what the blemish was, it was sealed in the packaging not a mark to be seen, so who knows.
  9. Cougar_ml

    What does your spouse carry?

    My ex wife doesn't have the situational awareness nor the training necessary to carry a firearm in public. I took her to several pistol training classes, but her and mechanical objects do not get along. When we divorced, I kept all the guns. Really she had a rifle and a shotgun (that I really paid for) and the pistol I bought specifically for her I kept as well. She didn't ask for them, so now according to WA law I can't legally hand them to her without going through an FFL. (I think I can legally hand them to my 8 year old then he can give them to his mother, but she doesn't have anywhere to store them safely anyway)
  10. Cougar_ml

    Arkansas: Taff v. State

    I just saw on Youboob the other day about a guy open carrying a rifle (slung over his shoulder, muzzle down) in Vancouver WA a few years back that had police show up with drawn weapons, give him a bunch of orders, unload his AR-15 magazine all over the sidewalk, then tell him he wasn't allowed to walk to his car on a public sidewalk, he had to go back the other direction. They arrested him and a jury later found him guilty of whatever charge it was. A few years later it got reversed on appeal, the appeals judge said flat out that the jury decided on emotion, not a single piece of evidence showed he did the slightest act that would suggest unlawful intent, and that just carrying around the firearm was perfectly legal.
  11. Cougar_ml

    XDM 10mm 4.5

    Lonewolf used to sell a "tactical length" slide for the G20, 5.1 inches or something like that. They show up for sale from time to time still though.
  12. Cougar_ml

    Really going the extra mile.

    Pizza delivered by a store that doesn't do deliveries. There are still good people in the world, who want to do nice things just because they can, as opposed to doing them to brag about it. I saw it on the news earlier tonight, I'm guessing the publicity now generated from this act of kindness will more than make up for the cost of the act. Then again, just knowing you did something good for a person and family that will never be forgotten is more reward than one can ever wish for.
  13. Cougar_ml

    Random Political/Social Posting

    even the "Native Americans" immigrated from somewhere else. It's just a matter of how long ago they did it. My heritage is American, because there is no other heritage that I claim or identify with. Anyone that doesn't consider themselves American before everything else needs to get out and go back to wherever they claim.
  14. Cougar_ml

    Random Political/Social Posting

    all of them are wearing nice, clean clothes, none of the visible shirts or hats are ragged at all.
  15. Cougar_ml

    you hear a bump in the night what...

    G20.4 with night sights just to take a quick look around. If I hear something that actually concerns me as opposed to just the average bump it's go to the other room and grab the AR-15 pistol in 300BO, 10 inch barrel, folding stock, and single point sling. Red dot sight one of the new Sig line that has an auto on when it's moved, so no worries about fumbling for switches.