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  1. Yes... Years ago with a S&W 25-7, last couple of years with a G40mos, before that a G20 with 6" barrel. This is last years...
  2. They say "there is somebody, for everybody"... Proof. Although.. my bet is, he walked after the vitriol spewing finally became intolerable. Maybe she will move to Canada now..
  3. Don't own a MAGA hat.. no tattoos.. but.. well.. I will surely do my best to keep myself the hell outa NYC. And, since I have to run to town today.. I know where lunch will be served.
  4. Shield in .40.. Usually in a Galco purse, but lately she got one of them fancy bags by PacSafe.. She carried a S&W shrouded hammer snubby for a couple decades, almost always in a Galco CCW belt holster..
  5. 325,000,000 - 17,250,000 = 307,750,000.. so 307,750,000 / 890,000 = 345 years and 7 months, +/- a bit.
  6. Her pimp, Lejandro, told her, if shes sees the police.. "Juan away fast as you can.."
  7. I too, will stay with 550. It worked when I needed it. I have tons of it. well.. not tons.. But pounds anyways.. LOL
  8. I can do you one.. well.. three, better. A month after HS graduations, 3 (THREE!) diploma in hands, all healthy, no legal issues, FEMALES, walk in the door. READY to join. TOGETHER.. they didn't break double digits combined.
  9. I started carrying "vet wrap" in my truck/car bags. Man that stuff is handy. I have pretty extensive bag in the truck and car. QuikClot has a lifespan, and it's pretty short. I swap it and my food bars out every spring.
  10. Pick up one or more of the various Boy Scout camp cookbooks.. almost all their recipes are geared towards larger hungry groups..
  11. cO2 cartridge and match heads.. in a pipe as a barrel.. still parts of that contraption in my dad's red wood fence.. we got away launching several, no issue. Then we didn't. Thank the Lord, no one was injured. and thankfully, we (4 teens) decided that was enough of that kind of experimenting..
  12. Have the very same one, about 4 years now. Our front ditch is almost 300 feet long, and the area I trim is about 10 feet wide. It will do all that on one charge. Weeds and such, usually knee deep when I do it.
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