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  1. I’m trying to stockpile too. Just getting started so I only have 15,000 primer. Currently looking at Vectan powder, especially Ba 9. They have made a good name for themselves with shotshell reloaders. But reloading data can be hard to find, and when you find it they don’t list OAL. (It’s a French gunpowder and they have to be different about everything). On the plus side, they make really good powders and the pound bottles are actually 1.1 pounds. Plus that same bottle runs $20-ish, instead of $25-ish.
  2. Does that include the motor? Because I’d be all over it.
  3. I know it’s an older thread, but I’ve got a CZ Redhead deluxe and I like it a lot. Probably have about three thousand rounds thru it without any problem. I don’t expect it to last like a Browning. Next time I’ll probably cough up the funds and get a tank like that and have it fitted. Just something about clay shooting that keeps me coming back.
  4. Just discovered Shooters World. Been using Ramshot Silhoutte for my cast 9 mm(casting for this round gives me fits). I'm looking for similar powders in case the supply dries up. Anybody have experience with how clean it burns behind a 124 or 147 grain pc'd cast bullet?
  5. I load on my 550, but I've been depriming on an old Pacific C press. It's tedious and lately I set up a head for depriming only on my Dillon, its dirty nut so much faster. Would really like to find a cheap progressive designed just for depriming. Looking at you Lee Precision.
  6. I read that online as well. They’ve told others that all Star Wars will only be on the new service. As far as I’m concerned they can keep that dumpster fire they created with all the SWJ moments. Anyone see the Han Solo movie? I did with my wife and three other people in the Theater on opening night. Yeah I said three. I was seven when I saw the first, and I will always look back fondly on it. But now that they have Lando Calrissian having sex with droids I done.
  7. Been using it for awhile now. LGS owner told me it was designed for 40 cal, but did really well in 9 mm. I’ve been really happy with it. Shots well, pretty clean, has a lower pitch bark(at least to me) and leaves a pleasant peppery smell. Unlike that bastard burnt berry scent Longshot has. 🤧
  8. +1 My MarkIV does well with it too.
  9. Planting okra way too late. First time growing it. Looks like I’ll get two before it’s too chilly.
  10. The donks! cant wait to see their limp offense on the field.
  11. They can get 2.5 ounces a week!? And it’s Cannibus World Cup grade weed. The typical heavy user goes through a quarter a week, so a one week purchase is a ten week supply. People with the prescription usually pay much less than Recreational users do in states where it’s legal . You could pay for your Precription expenses quickly and start making easy money. Better than a part time job. I don’t have a need for much, but I’m in the know and around here an ounce sells for $325-$350.
  12. Another big problem is keeping account books you don’t want anyone to see. It makes it hard for legal states to really know how much money is being made and if the businesses are paying their full amount of tax. The flip side is these companies want to pay their share because it legitimizes their business.
  13. Can’t put the revenue or expenses on their federal tax return either. Returns are legal documents and doing so would be equvilant to admitting it in court.
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