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  1. Only good line in a horribly-written article.
  2. I rank kids right up there with rats and fleas and ticks, as far as disease vectors go. They're sticky, they're expensive, and they break. Hard pass. "You want to hold the baby?" "Ew. No! Why would I want to do that???"
  3. My problem with DRLs is that the tail lights don't go on. And then folks see their dash lights on, and light coming out the front, and think they're good. Which they aren't, if you're coming up behind them.
  4. F. I gotta head back to FL tomorrow for a wedding this weekend. Just as things are starting to get comfy in Colorado. 30, dry, bright night here in Pueblo tonight.
  5. And here I am, leaving the one state that has their **** together on this matter, to go back to Florida, where legislation to un-**** the clock has apparently starved to death. On a nice note, I get to sleep in my own bed on Sunday.
  6. Wouldn't have to make an example of too many of these politician pigs and their henchmen to get the rest in line... And shame on those state police. We expect this level of depravity from our elected representatives, for some damn reason. But I thought integrity was the identifying mark of Law Enforcement. Was I wrong...?
  7. Trade ya a tenderloin for a 4-pack of Charmin...
  8. A. B. C. Always Be Closing. Get them to sign on the line which is dotted. He was an ******* in GGR, and he still is today.
  9. My lot's twin, 6 lots down, just sold for $60k more than I bought mine for. I'm not complaining. @crockett my home in Central FL has tripled in appraised value since I bought in the late 1990s. The population boom ain't no joke. @RS_Rider I've been out here in Phoenix for the last couple months, and yeah, the locals are definitely feeling the pinch of the Californicators. Even the "good" ones, (like the "good" yankees), are not good for the environment in such numbers.
  10. Mmmm, Houma. Woulda liked to tried to bang the evil outta that one, back in the day. Now I gotta settle for the dumb Latina barmaid. I mean, get well soon, Slick Willie.
  11. I think this geezer just found a good side to dementia.
  12. Used ta be, a single ass ass in nation would send the appropriate message. These days, I think we could light a nuke off in DC, move the capitol to Denver, nuke it again, Move it to Atlanta, nuke it again, (...San Francisco, LA, Seattle...) then start all over again in Coeur d'Alene, before we'd get this country back on track.
  13. By the time we have a government with balls again, they'll be dug in like a tick. MOAB it is.
  14. You want vampires? Because that's how you get vampires.
  15. MYOFB. Don't Tread On Me. Man, I love the Declaration of Independence. "The King is an *******. Here's why. We're out."
  16. "Hi. I'm Ken, the Nurse Practitioner..." I'm not very stuffy, and have an informal, sometimes comedic style with patients when appropriate. I think it somewhat depends on your field. In a cancer ward, I would be a little more reserved. In urgent care, not so much. Typically, after that initial introduction, I get Sir or Doc. I invite people to call me Ken, Lawrence, or Thaddeus (depending on how ya know me). I just think that if there's a chance I'm gonna look at your butthole at some point in the future, it's better to be on a first name basis. This is a good rule for life, not just in medicine.
  17. What did Idaho do to deserve New York???
  18. Nice ride! That extra cab room will do well for the pup! @Historian where would one want to tow New Jersey TO? I mean, maybe about 50 miles offshore, but I don't think the truck is the right tool for the job...
  19. Biggun didn't want to fight, until it was time to fight. Then, it was all teefs an claws an lemme rip dis mofo ear off.
  20. Freezer Camp. You ain't right. But you ain't wrong. Congrats on the extree meat! They should be ripe by the time it gets good and cold.
  21. Timely thread, as I'm looking to have a garage/barn built on the Colorado land. I've put together those sheds that come in a box (NEVER AGAIN), had one of those pre-fab sheds delivered. they literally bring it on a trailer, and slide it into place on your pre-leveled site. Mine came wired for electric and lights, They ain't cheap. Hefty plywood floor, the rest is all metal. Out in Colorado, I'm pouring a slab, and then they'll build the garage on top of it. It has conduit for electric, windows, etc. Can even get it insulated. for a 3 car garage that is 18x45, it's gonna be around 11k, plus the cost of the slab. Worth it, to not have to F with it, ya know?
  22. I enjoyed Julius Caesar the best of the ones I read in school.
  23. Been on a Social Distortion and Refreshments kick here lately. @Pima Pants and @NPTim the Refreshments have some good tunes about the desert in AZ. I recommend Nada, Sin Nombre, and Una Soda. Fonder and Blonder is another personal fave.
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