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  1. The Tag Monaco (the square one) is mechanical. The F-1 definitely takes a battery.
  2. I was done working waaay after they closed. I hear those things are legendary.
  3. Man, that's awesome! Glad you guys got out and about for a bit! I'm in Atlanta and Athens this week, and so far, the weather has been delightful! Good days for a top-down ride! Attaboy.
  4. "I ain't goin' back to jail." "You right."
  5. Devolution, and being out-bred. Those bastards breed like bunnies, because they are PAID to. I often lamented that we needed a GOOD plague. Instead, we got Covid. Perhaps we just need the meteor, or for Yellowstone to blast off. I ain't moving somewhere tropical. Hell, I still might end up in Colorado. But I guaran******ntee you I'm taking all my guns and magazines.
  6. Yeah, just set it on SPRAY and giggle!
  7. If you can repeatedly say "I can't breathe," YOU CAN BREATHE. Good riddance to that piece of subhuman detritus. He's far outplayed his worth.
  8. Good LORD, this thread delivers.
  9. Damn, son. You can't come in here, post THAT, and not expect a /thread. I'd like 3 of those, please. WOW!
  10. This is a very Florida story, all around.
  11. tadbart

    Big Bullet

    Dang. and I don't much like shooting the .45/70 anymore, and you guys are out where with twice the diameter.
  12. Finally to a point where Kenville is an idea looking for a location, not just an idea. Just picked up a part time gig that pays almost a grand a shift. That paves the way nicely.
  13. Pilot Haak showed his kaak. Now he don't fly, he has to waak.
  14. Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you're all safe and healthy.
  15. tadbart


    Nice! That's rock history! A friend saw U2 in a bar in DC before they were anything.
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