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  1. tadbart

    Watch Security Guard Taser Obnoxious Loudmouth

    I'm not pro-genocide, because I believe there is some good and something to be learned from every culture. Howeverrrr… shoplifters and pants-droopers would be high on my list, if a slight breeze wafted by and shifted my opinion.
  2. tadbart

    Telemarketers and robocalls

    I just thought I hated telemarketers when I had a house phone. Since I got rid of that, and just have a cellphone, I hate them even worse. That thing is a device for the convenience of me, my friends and family. Not a tool for sales people to bother me with.
  3. tadbart

    Guess which state, go ahead I dare you to guess

    A friend just got the Ring doorbell camera, and she posts videos of foxes, chickens, and other assorted wildlife walking by. I was gonna go over and make faces in it, but nowadays, you just wind up looking like a deviant...
  4. If you like your rat, you can keep your rat.
  5. tadbart

    hunt for bigfoot with jose canseco

    Tu sangre es positivo para cocahina, y drogas por actuation mejora.
  6. tadbart

    When Did Old Sneak Up On Me?

    I used to joke that I hit 40, and 40 hit back. Man, if only I had that much energy and lack of strange aches and chronic pains. I sound like a bowl of rice crispies getting out of bed. I have a "good knee." My junk still works, I just don't chase. I'll run when I run out of bullets. I'm actually GLAD that the grey in my beard is starting to even out. My forehead is growing. EAR HAIR. Zero tolerance for bull****. Sometimes money costs too much- meaning no, I won't work overtime. Yard day now takes all day. I just WISH I felt like I did at 40.
  7. tadbart

    Anybody up for chicken?

    Ponder this- I hate weed. Not on a TBO level, but it just ain't my thing. I think it makes you stupid. I also hate liberals. That stated, I cannot wait to escape this godforsaken crazyass state known as America's crank. I'll take the bad of Colorado, to be rid of the bad of Flahr-duh. I was born here. I pray I don't die here.
  8. tadbart

    i am so done with winter!

    My balls stuck to my leg yesterday. I walked outside in the morning, and it was a sticky-muggy 72 degrees. Can't wait to leave this godforsaken swamp. I was born here. I pray I don't die here.
  9. tadbart

    Houston Drug Raid, Update

    Dis story got potentials.
  10. tadbart

    My Brother MUST Resign

    DEFINITELY Feathers.
  11. tadbart

    They found her, most likely.

    I hope it's her, and that everyone can get the peace they deserve. Losing a coworker is sobering. Losing one in such a manner, I can't even imagine.
  12. tadbart

    Anyone Into R/C Vehicles?

    The Range I belong to backs right up to the Sheriff's training facility. They have a racetrack, a skid pad, a shooting range, and a bigass obstacle course. I was there the other day just to shoot the breeze with some of the old codgers, and we kept hearing this mechanical whirring sound. I looked through the chain link over onto the obstacle course, and there was this little tracked remote control thing with a camera mounted on top, driving all over the course. We went over and got as close of a look as we could, and whoever was driving it, drove it past us. Pretty cool little device. About as big as a push mower. I know it's not as fast as the hobby grade stuff, but it sparked a bit of interest. I could see something like this, with a GoPro attached, being good for perimeter checks of a property.
  13. tadbart

    Anyone Carry A Flashlight?

    Yes, a Streamlight with 2 CR123s. way better for most of the things I'd use a light for, than the lights provided by my work.
  14. this season hold more hope to revive the show than the last few. finally a decent enemy, other than just some rednecks in big trucks. looking forward to see how this plays out.
  15. tadbart

    The Kind of Men Who Carry Pocketknives

    great knife- a little heavy. it's in my rotation.