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  1. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." No line ever written better describes ER nursing. I've fought the reaper, toothless hookers, and drunk bikers alongside of the highest quality people I've ever known. That also means that I've spent more time with the reaper, toothless hookers, and drunk bikers than any sane person ever should. ER work has provided an endless stream of humor over the years, and given me some of my dearest friendships. That stated, there appears to be no limit to human stupidity and resiliency to said stupidity.
  2. But she's immune to flash-bangs. So it's a trade-off.
  3. anyone else find comedy in the fact that the board member HOLEY Johnson posted this?
  4. Ha! I just read some altar boys in Spain put marijuana in that smoking purse thingy. Y'all gonna run outta them little crackers, and nobody is gonna want to do the Holy Calisthenics.
  5. I did that once, too! THAT vehicle is now paid off, and I hope to get another 125k miles out of it! I keep looking online at cars that fit my new budget, but then I think about how much land I could buy for the same price. Keeps me motivated to stay away from the car dealership.
  6. Man. That's a rough one. Sometimes it's hard to believe that one person can get dealt so many consecutive ****ty cards out of the deck. Some folks deal with their hand better than others. At work, I'm "supposed" to feel and treat the concept of suicide one way, when in my own personal life, I feel quite differently. I guess just spend a little more quality time with the ones you love, and appreciate that "there but for the grace of God" sentiment. Sorry you're taking a beating, amigo.
  7. Is this machine mechanically sound? Are the conditions safe? Am I mentally capable to make decisions?
  8. You sound kinda red flaggy, to me. I bet Alexa is tattling on you as we speak!
  9. @janice6 that's cool! like a hobo lasagna! We used to make bum bread. Self-rising flour, water, formed into 4' rounds, fried in a pan. and we all survived.
  10. also- hate to double post, but Huaco set the precedent, lol! I always figured I'd have a donkey or two on my land out west. They'll fight anything, up to mountain lions. Saw a really neat pic a while back, of a donkey carrying a coyote it killed around in its mouth.
  11. repeat, repeat, repeat. can't get tired of watching that! can you imagine what an assault on ol' Barack's senses that musta been? I'm sure it hurt, but the sight, smell, and probably taste inside a camel's mouth- not to mention a head covered in slobber...
  12. AMEN to this. After my dad died, we got POOR for a while. Mom would make chili with a lot of beans, and we always ate it over rice. Looking back, I'm pretty sure she was stretching it as far as she could, using rice as a filler for a lot of meals. Being a kid, I didn't really know any better. Nowadays, I couldn't imagine chili without lots of beans and rice.
  13. Sir, my first gig was on the ambulance, with a brief stint at a small VFD. I learned enough that I realized quite soon that hose-humpers are CRAZY, but thank the Lord for them. And I really thought your corrected term for it was gonna be a string of colorful expletives! These days, I strongly adhere to the "rule of thumb" when it comes to dangerous stuff. Hold your arm out straight in front of you, and give the subject a thumbs up. If your thumb isn't completely covering the scene, you're too close!
  14. Because, Mr. Dimipinoudis, FREE is better than CHEAP. Yeah, I think this is fearmongering by the media. Somebody was stealing fuel, not trying to char-grill the Presidential motorcade.
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