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  1. tadbart

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Checkin' in. How ya doin', Vart? I hit the scale last night- 294.6. I don't know how I actually lost 5 lbs this week. My friend was down from Alaska, and we ate and drank like heathens. Walked around a lot more too, though. I think a big thing is setting reasonable goals. Eventually, I'm hoping to get below 250. But saying "I'm gonna lose 80 pounds" seems so daunting. However, saying "I'm gonna lose 5 pounds at a time, until I reach my goal" makes it seem more attainable. Plus, I've been fat for so long, there was a mental inertia I had to overcome. It was almost like one bad day led to another, until it was unstoppable and inevitable that tomorrow was gonna be a bad day, too. Now, when I F up, I get up, dust off, and am more mindful the next couple days. It's unbelievable what one's perspective and mental state can change. Oh, and I checked my blood pressure last night. 130/73. It was running 140/90 consistently, 30 pounds ago. Anyways, y'all keep up the good work.
  2. tadbart

    Anybody win?

    One. Point. Six. Billion. Dollars. My birthday gon be ERRRY damn day.
  3. tadbart

    Here W Go...

    @holyjohnson once they get here, they are already lawbreakers. Personally, I hope our border guards splode a head or two of the frontrunners, maybe get the rest to turn back voluntarily. What happens if you try to sneak in, or storm, or invade, any other country?
  4. tadbart

    what is your favorite at home meal

    Wifey makes taco fixins once in a while. Due to our schedule, she cooks in bulk and we eat on whatever for a few days. Last time, she made 5 lbs of taco meat. Took about a week, but we killed it. Here lately, I've been going about 85% plant based, with protein from eggs and cheeses. Fell off the wagon a couple times, even had a few slices of pizza the other day. But tacos, that's a solid week of eating like a fat Southwestern American. trying to avoid that for a while longer.
  5. tadbart

    Anybody win?

    You let us all down, WP.
  6. tadbart

    you hear a bump in the night what...

    No loose pets or kids. Any night bumps are not supposed to be bumping. G41 with a light at the bedside, Mossberg 12ga hanging over the bedroom door.
  7. @tous I ain't real sure what a UP pasty is, but I'll get ya some in the event of said party, on the condition that you bring a slide rule and ALLLL of your stories from over the years.
  8. I'm a triage nurse in a community ER. I'm f*cked. I get the volunmandatory (take this or your insurance rate triples and you have to wear a mask) flu shot for free at work. My jury's still out on if it works or not.
  9. ****e odds, but what the hell. You only gotta hit it once. That's ridiculous money. you could by most of any rural county in a flyover state. Definitely buy the Sheriff and his boys enough new equipment to ignore the occasional speeding ticket. The compound would be grand. Party at Tad's house.
  10. tadbart

    Bar shot

    That's about a 30 minute ride down the road. I can get to a different Frank's Place in about half that time. Both seem a little too shooty and stabby for me to hang out at. Plus, I don't like shots of Henny.
  11. tadbart

    Harbor freight

    I'm not super wrenchy, but I've used a flathead screwdriver for an awl or chisel before. HF ain't done me wrong yet.
  12. tadbart

    Finally! Wine for us rednecks!

    I was just talking about this with my coworkers today, actually! I could MAYBE run for city commission without too much uproar, but anything bigger than that, I'd have 25 years of sexual harassment claims piled at my feet. won't be no tadbart for prez posters going up, ever.
  13. tadbart

    Finally! Wine for us rednecks!

    I'm fairly redneck, and I don't mind a decent chardonnay or merlot. I'll skip the really fruity ones, though.
  14. tadbart

    Time for a road trip to buy Coke.

    Juarez? I thought she was in TJ.
  15. tadbart

    glass walkways

    The problem with all those glass walkways in china is, they're made in china. Hard pass. Nope.