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  1. Hey guys. What a whirlwind. Thank you all for your genuine concern. 6.28. Dry cough 6.30. Body aches and fatigue, profoundly worsening. 7.1. Loss of taste and smell. Got swabbed at a health dept site. 7.3. Fever. Shortness of breath. Cough persistently. Terrible joint pain and fatigue. First trip to ER. Steroids, high flow oxygen. Couple hours later discharged home with zithromax and prednisone. Pending two covid tests. 7.5. Condition worsened. Acute shortness of breath. O2 sat 89% at home. 103 fever. Missus drove me back to the ER. Admitted to ICU step-down. Test back, positive covid. Mild sepsis. Hypoxia. "We're gonna do remdesivir and get you better asap!" Well, Florida is out of remdesivir til 7.13. "Let's admit you to ICU and do convalescent donor plasma antibodies." Ordered at 10a on 7.7. Still waiting. Been treating my symptoms well with steroids, antibiotics, a handful of meds, but not addressing the cause. Finally started on HCQ tonight at 8. Let's talk vascular access. I'm the guy who lets new medics and nurses practice IV starts on me. FOURTEEN IV ATTEMPTS. ONE SUCCESS. IN MY PECTORAL. So, I now have a picc line. Current symptoms- weak as hell. Rolling over in bed works me out. Takes about 20 minutes to recover. Bedside toilet? Hour recovery. Current o2 sat is 94%, on a high flow nasal CPAP thing giving me 50% concentrated oxygen (you peasants get 21%). I normally run 98% on room air. Daily chest xrays look worse and worse. Started as infiltrates in both bases. Moved up to lateral and middle aspects of both lungs. Upper lobes still clear. No mention of ARDS. Let's keep it that way. Plan. Continue HCQ. Get plasma, then downgrade to PCU for discharge planning in a few days. Guys, thanks again for your concern. I'm Kenneth Kehoe on Facebook if ya wanna add. Multiple media is tough to manage on a good day. Impossible when you're sick.
  2. Good article, HoJo. Thanks for posting it!
  3. If this, ain't that, then I SURE don't want THAT.
  4. Good news, man. Hips are easier to recover than knees- lots of big muscle group support with the hip. You'll be up walking within 24 hours. Biggest concerns are infection and DVT. So manage those, and you should be golden.
  5. Thanks for the good vibes, guys. I made a deal with myself and a lot of people giving me hell- One more funky symptom, a further decrease in my sp02, and I'll hit the ER.
  6. Interesting twist. Just took a leak. Couple drops of blood there at the end. No flank pain, but a slight twinge in the pee-tube. Small kidney stone, or something worse? I have a bad feeling this whole thing is gonna wind up in an ER visit, when me handing them a box of parts and telling them to put it back together. Any idea how "not cool man" a trip to the ER is for someone who has done nothing but emergency nursing and medicine?
  7. He just got reelected for life.
  8. exactly. no energy for much else.
  9. haven't had a drink in 3 or 4 days. zero desire to lift a dram.
  10. Hey guys. Thanks for asking. This is ROUGH. Woke at 1pm today, with malarial chills. Damn near shook off the toilet seat. Now, I'm pouring sweat. The constants are shortness of breath, dizziness, aches, and eye pain. You know that viral thing, where even your hair hurts? That's there aplenty. I'd highly recommend against contracting this ****. If the boogaloo happened today, I'd have to call in sick to it.
  11. Seattle Police have begun clearing the CHOP zone, arresting people for unlawful gathering. Guess the Art School kids are gonna have to go back to mom and dad's basement.
  12. I'm not for authoritarian police forces, at all. Probably good on the Chief for picking his battles. I don't think the police can ignore shootings like they can sunbathers, but they also can't protect and serve everywhere. I wouldn't go looking for trouble, but I'd shoot or plow my way out of a crowd that was shooting at me, in a heartbeat.
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