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  1. Been reading a lot since the OP. There are scientists on this case, and they noted that the actual receptor site is deep in the cell, therefore hard to get to with a key or plug, the blocking drugs I described. Not an impossible task, but it's gonna take some molecular engineering to get it right, if they choose to go that route over vaccination and antibody production. Again, the red tape of tests and blind studies will slow ANY treatment down. I was just sober for a bit too long this afternoon and started chewing on this idea. Turns out, I ain't the first to ponder it.
  2. "Say when." Doc Holliday, Val Kilmer, Tombstone. "Get busy living, or get busy dying." Andy Dufresne, Tim Robbins, Shawshank Redemption. "I'll be back." T-100, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator. "Whoa.' Keanu, every time.
  3. Juanmowers and Concrete ese's!
  4. Let me preface this with the statement that there are a LOT of really intelligent people here of many scientific and medical backgrounds, and I want to bounce a thought off of you guys. So this virus, it binds to a cell receptor called the ACE-2 receptor. We already have drugs that bind to multiple receptors, including Angiotensin Receptor Blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers, Beta Blockers, and opiate blockers like Narcan. So, since we already know where this bug binds, what prevents us from designing a drug that binds to that site? Instead of worrying about killing, it, just make the human body inhospitable to it. Just something I been chewing on today. I'm sure there's chemists and scientists already on the case, just wanted to see if anybody had any thoughts.
  5. Yes Sir. The long time from infection to onset of symptoms, during which you're contagious; the progression from "It's contact. No, droplet. Ok, it might be aerosolized."; Someone asked earlier- how are Beijing and Shanghai managing so well, and that question has bothered me for a while now, too. The Chinese protest- not "Yeah, we eat bats, sorry," but a total obfuscation- "Stop calling it a Chinese virus!" Also, their demonstrations for Democracy- how are those going these days? Our Harvard mad scientist- what's his connection? And let us discuss that virology lab in the apparent epicenter, Wuhan. There's just a LOT going on, that at least to me, goes beyond bat head soup.
  6. You spoke a novel in two sentences, Ma'am.
  7. @DrB you aren't by any chance a Nigerian Prince, are you?
  8. Now zoo tigers are getting the Rona! I can't even process this. Plus, there's Corona overload. Social media, television, radio, everywhere. no form of electronic entertainment is not inundated with talk of this virus. I really don't care what Cabela's corona virus policies are, but they emailed me about them. Frustrating as hell. Almost like someone WANTS people to get a little crazy over this ****. Well, it's working. I used to say "I think, therefore I drink." And thought the drinking was the problem. Nowadays, I think it's the THINKING that is the problem. You could literally rob a bank with a booger, IF THE BANKS WERE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!
  9. @gwalchmai thanks, amigo. I don't want to overstep, because I'm no scientist, nor even a physician. @Fog the antibiotics you get at the feed store are the same drugs as people drugs, just not cleared by the FDA. In darker times, I wouldn't be opposed to taking a course of amoxicillin from the feed store, if it was indicated.
  10. While I disagree with large parts of their form of Government, I remain steadfast in my belief that she is one classy lady.
  11. Strange how the top three emerging treatments for this VIRUS are an antibiotic (azithromycin), and antimalarial (plaquenil), and an antiparasitic (ivermectin). Treatment for people who are septic with covid is exactly opposite of sepsis treatment for everything else, (IV fluids bolused in quickly as soon as possible, as opposed to permissive dehydration in covid). Nothing about this makes any sense. More and more, I think this bug is manmade.
  12. Not a bad one in the mix. Rammstein does a great version of DM's "Stripped," as well.
  13. there's a song I like, with a lyric that states "The best that we can hope for, is to be laughing when we finally hit the ground." know what? he's right.
  14. I gotta say, a drunk-posting Janice6, deep in the margaritas, is funny! MOOOOORE!!!
  15. I got most of em right. I'm there with Gwalchy, us old coots just pick up stuff along the way. However, due to HoJo's questionable (is this common core?) math, I hereby move to strip his score, and give him a Participation Trophy.
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