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  1. Congrats on the retirement!
  2. Bro, I don't roll that way, but it's sexy as hell when someone throws down hard data like VAERS. Keep doin' you, King.
  3. Tickets purchased (they're waaaay cheaper before Monday). Sitting in the covered/catered section. All you can drink water, soda, draft beer. Not trying to "be less white" on this trip.
  4. Twain, Hemingway, and Poe came to my simple mind.
  5. tadbart

    Beef vs Bugs

    When I be stayin fat the longest at the re-education camp, in my very peacefully quiet cell, you'll know why. They'll be callin me Ken Cricket-eater.
  6. I clicked on this thread in hopes of seeing a strange news story. I was going to take it as a challenge for Florida Man to step up his game. Instead, I see that you are having an excellent weather day. Congrats!
  7. tadbart

    Beef vs Bugs

    Ha! That Kehoe guy. What a dork! I'm still freaked out about the possibility of a cow hiding under my couch.
  8. Pretty neat device! Definitely has a place in a home security system. It's a deterrent- pretty recognizable from the street, as a camera.
  9. Thanks man! I do my best writing with a glass of whiskey in my hand!
  10. Some places, just deserve to be felt in the moment, and remembered as such. I don't need a picture of a tomb. Don't get me wrong- I love my scenic places and landmarks, and took allllll the pics at the Gateway Arch, and at the dozens of National Parks I've visited. If I ever got to Italy, I'd take stupid pics next to the Tower of Pisa, and if i were to go to France, I'd find the perfect place to take a phallic backdrop with the Eiffel Tower. But some places, you just don't do that.
  11. I think those guys are a little out of touch. May need to get outside and get some sun and exposure to the general public, before they go posting more tone-deaf bull**** on twitter.
  12. No hats, cameras, or horseplay. If you forget that you're on hallowed ground, Just about anybody will be glad to remind you. I look forward to paying my respects again to the Alamo, and some day to the Arizona.
  13. tadbart


    OUTSTANDING! Man. Those Alaska bush pilots are off the chain. They have a STOL competition up there. I'd love to go see it someday.
  14. What do you remember better- a scuffle in middle school, or that one time you got your ass soundly beat? Our bodies are wonderfully made, and remember the real ass-beatings better, as well. In addition to building immunoglobulin antibodies, we also have cells that remember what attacked us in the past. So even if the antibodies start to fade over time, the grandpa cells tell the grandkid cells about the time they got their asses beat.
  15. I've not been to Pearl Harbor yet, but I can say for certain the there was a profound sense of solemnity standing in front of the Alamo. One hell of an experience. "You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.” ~Davy Crockett
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