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  1. I hope it works out for you guys! I recently considered a 5,000 mile move for a remote job. There's a lot to mull over, including how well you guys would do with the distance, culture, and weather differences, etc. Many friends have done medical and nursing contracts in Dubai. The police don't tolerate much bs there, so safety will likely not be a major concern. Best of luck!
  2. Agreed. I have to tell people all the time that they cannot video in the ER. I would have never imagined doing such a thing, but it's at least a weekly occurrence that I deal with. I'm sure my colleagues do, too.
  3. I know they call it "Space" for a reason, but it has always amazed me that we send these satellites to distant planets, and they never hit an unforeseen rock, or manhole cover. I would imagine that a pebble that cracks our windshields would obliterate something that was built light, traveling at 24,000mph. The Voyagers, Huygens, and New Horizons missions are truly some of mankind's greatest feats of thought and engineering.
  4. Bystanders are essentially worthless at best, and a menace at worst. In CPR class, they stress making eye contact with a bystander, pointing at them, and saying "YOU. Call 911." Other than that, usually everyone has their phones out recording. At worst, they're too close to a dynamic or hazardous scene, and become a hindrance or endangered, themselves. It seems that in rural areas, you get more, and better help on scenes, than you do in suburban or urban areas. I guess this isn't really a surprise. Attaboy for being there, being decisive, and doing the thing.
  5. It is a LOT of damn gun. If I was working on a tractor or 4-wheeler on my eventual hunk of land, I'd have it on my hip. But for now, it makes a great truck gun. In fact, it's the only weapon I've ever displayed in defense. I definitely felt confident in its ability to deliver accurately and dependably. But to carry to the hardware store or grocer- a bit much for my taste.
  6. You may be onto something. these days, I carry a Sig P238 most often, backed up by a G41 in the truck. Next on my list is a single stack 9mm Glock. It's just convenient to carry a small pistol. Dressing around a hog-leg, not so much.
  7. One of the local BBQ trucks is setting up in a parking lot tomorrow, and offering a free plate to anybody who swings by. If I wasn't already attending two Thanksgivings...
  8. ain't no way she winds up swinging straight after puberty. she's gonna go right from irritating crotch goblin to insufferable crotch gobbler.
  9. Beautiful birds! I've never had the opportunity to hunt them. Looks like a whole lot of fun, though. They easy to clean? Greasy like a duck or more like a chicken? And what, are they about small hen size? So a bird would feed two?
  10. Oh man! Sorry to hear about this terrible wreck. I hope you heal completely, and thank goodness your grandson was unharmed.
  11. My favorite two elves are Gropey and Dumpy.
  12. you guys rock, and I'd share a meal and great conversation with all of you. thanks for being more a part of this journey than you'll ever know. been a damn long trek, and most of y'all kept me sane. THANK YOU.
  13. FOUR heffalumps??? Who needs a paycheck??? Thank you, Sir.
  14. Thank you, Sir. I'm feelin' like a tiny little fish in a big ol' pond!
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