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  1. Prayers for a mercifully peaceful passing. Sometimes, you just gotta pray for the best case, not for a miracle. I'm sorry your family is going through this, man.
  2. I know a Doctor who has saved a few lives of people important to me. He LOVES the NFL, especially the Patriots, and is generally a kind and generous man. Unfortunately, he's a bleeding heart liberal and a muslim. He's been posting crap on social media about how much money France is going to spend to fix the Cathedral, and how that money could go to help the poor in that country instead. We all know who "the poor" he is referring to are. There is a rift that is widening in America. A rift that will have to be addressed, if we wish to keep the idea of America alive.
  3. Bull****. We, as a species, are of far greater value as a whole, (even spanning 3+ generations of workers to complete this building), than we are individually. That building, its history, what it has survived, what it represents, is greater than any one of us. It defines Humanity more than ANY individual life or lives, ever could. I'd step in front of a terrorist who threatened that, the Great Wall, the Pyramids, Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu, Easter Island, Petra, or the Washington Monument. Tell me you wouldn't. There are certain things that should be "hands-off." Civilized warfighters know this. People who wipe their asses with their bare hands, not so much.
  4. This sickens me. The Cathedral is a WORLD HERITAGE SITE. There's only one. And it made a dent in defining who we are as humans. It was build in the 1100s. If we were to showcase what we have done as a species to a visiting alien civilization, this building would be on the tour. Shame on us all, if it was arson. An example of another desecration of a World Heritage Site would be the Turks using the Sphinx for target practice in the early 1900s. Things like this hurt my heart.
  5. I've witnessed both Falcon Heavy Launches. It is absolutely INSANE, what they're doing. My Mom used to talk about the Apollo launches. These are my generation's equivalent to those. Probably the only thing I'll miss when I move from Florida.
  6. Nope. That's gonna hafta come outta the tip. And I'll probably leave note stating such on the receipt, too.
  7. We got enough Methicans down here. Send her somewhere else, mebbe Chicago.
  8. Hopefully one day, with the advances in gene research, we can identify some genetic component to this type of vermin. Cure cancer, just in a different way.
  9. Yep. I'm near the Villages. So they're crazy, old, and probably having their brains rotted out by syphilis. Add heat and humidity, and copious amounts of alcohol...
  10. Every day this state gets stranger and stranger.
  11. That's funny! I read somewhere that there is no indefinite article in the Russian language (our word "a"). That complicates their whole understanding of ****. Does someone with a heavy Russian accent who says "I must take ****" feel compelled to steal feces, steal things, or defecate? This is all very perplexing.
  12. Two questions- What happens to all the Phantom pilots? Surely they weren't cross trained into the Lightning. And speaking of the Lightning... WHY are we selling our top-rated fighter to a country that is flanked by China, North Korea, and Russia??? We done ****ed up with the F-22. That shoulda been the workhorse of the USAF for the next 40 years. I'm not real thrilled with the direction our Air Force is heading.
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