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  1. tadbart

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    They gonna let her have the Russian flag drape her coffin? and I suppose they're gonna let her rest in the aptly-named Rotunda as a Senator. Part of me wants to go and present my junk to her when it happens.
  2. tadbart

    Let's get drunk at the airport!!

    But you CAN take them little bottles, as long as they fit in a baggie. Just gotta drink em before you get on the plane. BTDT.
  3. tadbart

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    ...and then she'll be better.
  4. tadbart

    Let's get drunk at the airport!!

    "8 hours, bottle to throttle." Doesn't say anything about a glass or a can.
  5. "Pay back Caesar's things to Caesar, but God's things to God." ~Jesucristo, in the Good Book But in all seriousness, it does appear that the NRA has just let the last few infringements just pass on by without even a sigh. This thing will eventually boil over, maybe not in Colorado, CA, or NY, but it will, somewhere, when the wrong person gets arrested.
  6. tadbart

    Who Said It

  7. tadbart


    Had one yesterday at EPCOT. Not bad, but probably better when warm.
  8. Boulder represents the worst of the cancer that is infesting Colorado. It is a place to stop and buy liquor and food, on the way from DEN to RMNP. The whole town just reeks of progressives, and "enlightened" folks. I love a lot of Colorado, and intend to be a landowner out there in the next few years, but that hippie **** will STOP at my front gate.
  9. tadbart

    A Date Which Will Live In Infamy

    I noticed Google doesn't have any banner to commemorate today...
  10. I believe it! I'd just about rather fight a hyena than any cat larger than a housecat. But man, once you got him chilled out... how badass would that be?
  11. tadbart

    M127 Kriger

    Dang. That might have to go on the list. Nice looking scattergun.
  12. A serval, a caracal, or a Bengal cat. Probably the caracal.
  13. tadbart

    How goes it weight losers?

    Nice! I've stalled at -44 pounds. Time to get back on the wagon.
  14. tadbart

    Police Minn cops erect racist xmas tree

    I'm still tryna figure out how all them equatorial type folks found their way to freakin Minnesota. Yah?
  15. tadbart

    Coworker washed away in flash flood

    There, but for the Grace of God, go I.