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  1. Safe and happy Thanksgiving, y'all.
  2. Oh man. That's heartbreaking. Ouch.
  3. Cool project! Rode a minivan all over lower Alaska a few years back. Quite comfortable!
  4. tadbart

    It Smells

    That thing is a work of art. I bet it smells glorious!
  5. Sounds like a BEAST! You're used to the KW, so this should feel like a compact car!
  6. Had an elk lick my rental car in Rocky Mountain National Park many years ago. Wasn't about to stop him.
  7. "Pain is weakness leaving the body." Nope. That was a jalapeño. You can see the seeds in my poo.
  8. The stock market is like a titty bar. Walk in, look around, play with whatever suits your fancy, then leave it there. Don't try to develop a long-term relationship with the dancers.
  9. I hope it ain't spicy twice, amigo.
  10. They use them to burn the branches that are too small to use/sell?
  11. yep! some money was made today! I got my little piece of it. added a couple orders when I woke up and saw the futures +320.
  12. That's the cop that likes the bar brawl, the medic who likes the overturned bus full of migrant workers, the nurse who digs working codes..
  13. Same here. I can barely find the porn on the internet.
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