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  1. I borrowed like $1500 from my grandparents for EMT school back in the 1990s. Set up regular payments with them. About 3 months in, they canceled the loan, saying I proved I was good for it, and to consider us even. I guess the other family members that had borrowed money never even made an attempt to pay them back. They were successful business owners, and other family members looked at them as a piggy bank. Damn shame, man. Glad that gene skipped me and you, J.
  2. Disney's safety guys would NEVER sign off on that, lol! I think it's Interstate 80 west of Cheyenne that is notorious for having winds that blow semis over. Wild ride, no doubt.
  3. "Neither a lender nor a borrower be." ~Ben Franklin. The nice thing is, when people owe you money, they make themselves scarce. Which makes what you lent them, a really good investment.
  4. Wah. I bet she never riots again. Us smart people, whose parents whipped our asses when we were young, know better. This dad is paying for a lesson he shoulda given many years ago. I know if I called my Mama and said I needed 100k for bail because I was rioting, she would let me ROT in there. And I have no hard feelings toward her, for knowing that. It's nice to see a Judge with a set of balls. This catch and release bull**** has gone on for far too long, to the point that if DRASTIC things happened to certain judges and DAs, I wouldn't be surprised or saddened.
  5. Agree with the something greeeezy from Denny's or cold pizza if ya got it. Definitely something with a combo of bready carbs and fats.
  6. Inside Sources reports that she will not campaign against popular incumbent Democrat Eli Rivera, who is seeking a fifth term This coward has no intention of being Sheriff. It ran strictly to make a point, on the R ticket. Pretty much ensured that the D incumbent keeps his job. A despicable mockery of our voting system. At this point, I'm about ready to say screw it, send in the meteor.
  7. Wow. that's an impressive recovery. I ain't got that much fight in me. My living will talks about 2 weeks on a vent, to determine if the problem is fixable, and if not, get on with getting me in the crematory. I'm glad he pulled through.
  8. Took part of a bridge out, and flipped a semi over on I-10. Looking forward to being out of hurricane alley.
  9. Totally agree on the bison. Who needs wagyu when there's tatonka? Never had berry-fed bear, or bear at all. These Florida are scavengers- I doubt they're very tasty.
  10. Glad you guys got some protection. Couple years back, I thought about getting a laser to add to my stack of preps, for non-lethal debilitation of whoever needed same. Needless to say, I was angered and intrigued when I saw them being used by rioters on cops. I say use lasers back on the crowd.
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