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  1. he may limp to work. but he can still work.
  2. If I was The Law, I'd stick every bullet I carried either in my nose or my starfish. Anybody I shoot, might not exsanguinate, but the Staph aureus or E coli will finish them soon enough.
  3. When physicians treating patients start dying from whatever disease, my ears perk up. between helicopters augering into the ground, and freak viruses that came from somewhere near a biological weapons research site, we never know how long we have. be sane, safe, and use your time wisely.
  4. Witness reported that the helicopter appeared to be in trouble before crashing. As in, didn't slam into a mountainside because of the fog.
  5. Wear a surgical mask in public. Wash your damn hands. don't touch your face. and just generally, avoid the public as much as possible. the public is gross.
  6. Lady- "I'm either in labor, or I have a snake in my vagina." OB Nurse- "I hope it's a baby." ER Nurse- "I hope it's a snake."
  7. Man. I'm sorry. I despise a thief. What a worthless POS, to take what someone else put effort into acquiring. Glad your decoys worked. Get those coins in the safe. Now that they know you have them... Any video? No alarm?
  8. three-fer. good thing i'm pretty.
  9. Buddy. FOR. REAL. There was a time in the not so distant past, when I was pretty much OVER IT at my job. Took some soul searching to figure out what my problem was. The question "Why?" Asking that question, either to the patient, or quietly, led to either befuddlement, a garbled methy answer, or being a true victim of happenstance (rare). Most times, any of those made me angry. So, I quit asking questions I really didn't want to know the answer to.
  10. I limit my animal consumption to birds, ungulates, and normal fish. So far, no SARS, bird flu, or coronavirus for me. Oh, and what's with the Japanese whaling again? They need a couple more mushroom clouds to get back in line?
  11. tous, tous, tous... you're doin' it ALL wrong, man. A beloved forum member here sent me a subscription to Air and Space magazine, after many off line and in person conversations. That was cool as hell. midget cabbages, not so much. now, iff'n ya wanna let's go butcher a pig and fry up some rinds together, HoJo has the beer, and fnfalman has a pistol for everyone...
  12. Those pork rinds look great! Hold- no, dispose of, the sprouts. Happy New Year!
  13. In the original xray, you can see her IUD too. That t-shaped thingamajig. Google "sounding." Or maybe don't. Having wrangled with faaaar too many lady flowers in the ER, I gotta give this chick her props. You girls don't always have a straight shot for a little catheter tube to the bladder, let alone a vibrator!
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