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  1. I dunno- the concept has merit. hear me out. getcha itch scratched, have her cook and clean, scratch that itch again, and then boot her out before the old lady gets home from work.
  2. Oh, Alaska... It's a wonder that really cannot be described. Photos fail. Videos falter. There's just something about involving all of one's senses in the experience. There's a reason why it is often considered a "bucket list" destination. Walt may hate me for it, but I cannot recommend visiting Alaska enough. It will change you.
  3. Great read! Good way to end the day after 12 hours at work. Kinda heartbreaking about losing the supersonic ride, AND being asked to fly wingman.
  4. Dude. Gimme fifty bucks, a hedge lopper, and a half gallon of Jack. We'll solve this problem real quick.
  5. After the Joyous Reunion, when we've gotten used to the thought and conditions of the hereafter, either our spirits or our atoms are going to give each of us so much **** for mourning such a temporary loss, of even a dear friend. Truly, we are all made of stars.
  6. tadbart


    @janice6 I'd like it if I could, but there's a glitch that has removed my ability to do so.
  7. tadbart


    @Presguy thank you for your experienced view. I hope your gut is right.
  8. Holy fack! That's almost as big as my mother-in-law.
  9. tadbart


    Well, this one got me asking questions. How does Iran know it was a Global Hawk, unless they recovered parts in their territory? Isn't that a stealth craft? How did they manage to shoot it down? The spin up, and subsequent backing up, of military response makes me think that new info came to light; whether that was Iran's Prez calling the red phone and saying he executed the General who authorized the SAM launch in error, or that our own intel showed that the hawk had strayed into Iranian space, is anyone's guess. Though the best in the world, the US military and intel complexes are not infallible. My take is, we done fked up on this one.
  10. Same here. I use IE, and no like function. However, I do have the function when I use firefox. I haven't changed any settings on my computer recently.
  11. Looking forward to hearing about better than expected results! All my best.
  12. that 90mph fastball could also be considered a deadly weapon. i'm honestly quite surprised that doesn't happen more often in baseball.
  13. Oh man. That thing is gorgeous. My first car was a 72 Karmann Ghia. I've thought about picking one up as a resto-custom project after school. Just gotta figure out how big of an engine and air conditioner I can wedge into one... I notice that Bug is in some pretty distinguished company. And it looks like it fits right in.
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