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  1. I had a 2012 Jeep patriot with the off road package that I bought new and paid cash for it and I had just put larger tires on it after a year and some little old lady pulled right out in front of me from the center lane and I T-bone her car on the passenger side going about 30 mph. My Air bag went off and I was temporarily unconscious and was just coming out of it as the air bag was deflating. The Patriot has a traverse (sideways) mounted front engine and the engine was knocked off it's mounts and the transmission was jammed in gear. There was no way it could been fixed. Traveler's insurance gave me a good price for it but I really liked that car and it was good on the highway and good enough off road and the 4 cylinder go good mileage.
  2. As far as putting a suppressor on it> then you'd have to reduce the velocity considerably for it to run subsonic, wouldn't you? I have limited experience with suppressors and I'm not sure how much sound suppression you get with supersonic ammo. Here's a link: https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2019/2/23/new-for-2019-tnw-firearms-aero-survival-rifle-in-460-rowland/
  3. General Kehla Sithole? I think that's the wrong spelling.
  4. So in other words, a dog extracts more factual information from smelling a pile of sh!t than a human does from watching it.
  5. Only In Austin Texas would they do this. Austin Texas is a subdivision of California. "A few restaurants in Austin, Texas, are the latest to ask diners to chip in a little extra for the sake of their employees’ health and well-being" "A little extra for the sake of their employees’ health and well-being" is exactly what a TIP is. Foreign & Domestic is one of the restaurants in Austin that is doing this. The article said, Foreign & Domestic’s optional 3 percent surcharge was added to each bill after co-owners Sarah Heard and Nathan Lemley started providing “great” health insurance for employees as of Jan. 1, but patrons can request to decline the charge — though Heard told Fox News that most diners haven’t." Anyone stupid enough to NOT decline this charge and not complain about it are getting what they deserve.
  6. Right. because your only choice is to either load it to max and have it be a wrist breaker or load it down so it isn't as painful to shoot an have it be underpowered. But we aren't talking the ultimate home defense weapon here anyway. it's a two shot and takes minutes, not second to reload. But loaded properly it could be effective if two shots were all you needed. Personally, for serious purposes I'd prefer a Glock 21 with 13+1 rounds of Federal 230 grain HST Plus+P for my home defense handgun. But this gun is just for fun. Their recommended load would only accommodate 4 pellets of 00 buck and would be underpowered but depending on the actual recoil characteristics of the gun an how well the grip fits the hand, I think you might be able to create a compromise load using 9 pellets of smaller #1 buck that had a recoil that was in-between the wimp load and a full power load. It would be like using reduced recoil buckshot in a regular shotgun and would still be more effective than most handguns at close range.
  7. Firing it would not send anyone to the ER if they use the recommended load. It's a muzzle loader and can't be loaded with standard 12 gauge shells. And being a Muzzle loader you can load it as hot or as mild as you want. The recommended load is 40 grain of black powder and 1/2 oz of shot. and a a half ounce of shot would be less than 5 pellets of 00 Buck, And to create a full power 12 gauge load you'd have to effectively DOUBLE the recommend e load and use over an ounce of shot (9 pellets) and then muzzle loading shotguns are loaded not by weight, but volume-to-volume, but if the weight is doubled, then so is the powder charge. I have an old Joseph Manton and sons 10 Gauge chambered for 2 7/8th inch shells. when I first got the gun (a barn find) back in 1968 those shells we still available and I bought a Lee loader and reloaded them so I know what the recoil of that gun with factory ammo is like and I can closely approximate the original loads using black powder and what I do for shells is I get 3 inch magnum shells and pull them apart, cut off the crimp, load volume-to volume shot and powder and I use the magnum shot cup that I pull from the shells and it helps to tighten my shot patterns somewhat but I have to trim the petals of the shot cup so that there's room in the shell for an over-shot card wad and I glue that wad into place because I don't have a roll crimp tool. The point is that I have experience with loading Black powder in shotguns and I know for a fact that this thing does not have to be a "wrist-breaker if you don't want it to be. I think a good defensive load would be about 60 grains of BP and whatever amount of #3 buck would go with that charge. Then if you wanted a tighter pattern you would use a shot cup and if you wanted a wider pattern there's a company called Polywad that makes something called a Spred-R wad that make a wider pattern. The curious thing about this muzzle loading shotgun pistol is that it doesn't have a provision for a ramrod below the barrel but I assume that one comes with the gun.
  8. The FBI load is still good but Winchester, Remington, and federal versions vary in terms of velocity. The Underwood 38 Special +P 158 Grain Lead Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point Gas Check load gives full velocity and is a coated bullet. I think Federal could actually bring back the Nyclad and use powder coating instead of nylon and it would be cheaper to produce. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1020447150/underwood-ammunition-38-special-p-158-grain-lead-semi-wadcutter-hollow-point-gas-check-box-of-20
  9. GUESS WHO SAID THIS? Hint: It is a notorious dimwit Hollywood Liberal. Also a flaming hypocrite. Pretentious. Pompous. Arrogant. And with a scumbag sense of entitlement that can only come from some old has been wrinkled baby boomer. --Gotta be dumber than a box of rocks if this person doesn't realize this applies to the whole country and not just sanctuary cities like L.A. and it would totally freak this person out if they realized that Trump threatening to send illegals from the border to sanctuary cities forced idiots like this one to see the truth for once in their pathetic life. Give up? it was Cher.
  10. That is a real treasure. They don't make them like they used to. What ammo do you carry in it? It would be a good candidate for Plus+P.
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