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  1. Glock should re-introduce the "Pistol Pack" like Dan Wesson use to have with one frame and different barrels. The obvious choice would be a Gen 5 40 caliber in the 3 different frame sizes but each with one Glock factory 40-to-9 conversion barrel, one 357 Sig barrel, two spare 40 and 357 magazines, and two spare 9mm magazines.
  2. You never know about those X-rays though, some of them might be fake. Like this one with the guy who was supposedly disarmed and had his gun forcibly installed where the sun didn't shine.
  3. I regret selling mine, it was a 35 Remington Super 14 and I had not yet begun to buy extra barrels for it which made selling it less painful.
  4. What I want to know is was it ribbed for her pleasure?
  5. Here's a 22 hornet contender barrel with forend and scope rings for $175 but that's the Low bid. You might be able to get it for $200. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Thompson-Center-Contender-TC-10-22-Hornet-Pistol-Barrel-w-Leupold-Mount/124055447873?hash=item1ce247e941:g:PJoAAOSw3iFeJntR
  6. Update: I googled "Offenhauser engine street rod" and I found two.
  7. I'm surprised that very few people ever put one in a street rod. I've never seen one. A a twin overhead cam, four-cylinder, four-valve-per-cylinder 220 cu in engine capable of producing 2 Hp per cubic inch or more with supercharging would be perfect for a light weigh street rod and the "cool" factor would be amazing.
  8. Was poking online for a .22 Hornet barrel but the one I saw they wanted $500.00. Nope.... https://www.ebay.com/b/Contender-Barrel/73944/bn_7023364648
  9. I've read all of his books. They were an interesting mix of metaphysics, and religious philosophy told in fictional form through the character of Don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian and sorcerer from Sonora, Mexico. I attended UCLA in 1973 and knew people who had associated with Castaneda and the general consensus was that he was very unapproachable and seemingly tried to cultivate an air of mystery about himself but was basically just someone who valued his privacy.
  10. I had a book that they gave us back in basic training in the USAF Back in 1969. It had the different ranks and insignias both enlisted and Officers and had excerpts for the UCMJ and othe useful information. This was during the Viet nam war and it had a Vietnamese phrase book with words to use when interrogating prisoners. The one term I still remember was "Nam Swung" which means "Lie face down."
  11. Those were/are nice guns. I don't like the short barrel, though, it looks funny. Don't care for the engraving either. The 45 Winchester magnum is a better cartridge than the 460 Rowland and is less tricky to reload. Buffalo Bore has a load for it that drives a 255 grain bullet at 1400 FPS. Production of these guns was resumed in 2017. Cost is $2750.00. https://www.usafirearmscorp.com/order
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