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  1. He's got a lotta balls!
  2. Rather than going full retard with a "sporter" stock, just leave the stocks the way they are and replace the front sights just for looks. Then mount decent scopes on them
  3. It was 44 today in Northeastern Washington state but it felt like 50 and no snow. I was walking around in a long sleeved shirt and left my coat in the car. I LOVE this Global Warming!
  4. Here's another vid of the rifle:
  5. Yep. These days we have people in charge who say things like this: "Immersing international students in our U.S. Navy training and culture helps build partnership capacity for both the present and for the years ahead," Cmdr. Bill Gibson, the center’s officer-in-charge, said in 2017. "These relationships are truly a win-win for everyone involved."
  6. I wish they'd make one like this with the 6 7/8ths heavy tapered barrel:
  7. One reason the Shield EZ 380's slide is so easy to rack is because the 380 doesn't need a very strong recoil spring but in 9mm it would need a stiffer spring. In 9mm, I don't see that it would have any advantage over the SD9VE except for maybe the addition of a grip safety which would be nice if eliminated the need for a thumb safety. As far as 9mm recoil, I used to have a Smith and Wesson model 39 and a friend of mine had the larger model 59. When I shot the model 59 I was amazed at the difference in recoil between the two guns.
  8. No. In America they are called hot dogs even though the bun is made of bread and even if you wrap a slice of bread around a hot dog, it's still a hot dog. Only in some backward foreign country would they be called sandwiches.
  9. Merriam-Webster is full of ****. A hotdog is a hotdog is a hotdog. That's why they're called hot dogs and not tube steak sandwiches.
  10. No. A hot dog is not a sansienc and neither is a taco or a burrito or a hamburger or a falafal. A hot dog is round cylindrical meat on a bun. A hot dog is not sliced meat on a bun. Sliced meat on a bun is a sub sandwich and even meat balls on a bun is a sub sandwich. Sometimes if you don't have any buns, a hot dog can be made with one slice of bread wrapped around the hot dog but it's still not a sandwich by virtue of being made with bread. A Hamburger is more of sandwich than a hot dog is but it's still not a sandwich. It's a hamburger. And that's Because Words Mean Things. In Los Angeles where there is much strange and exotic food such as Tommyburgers and pink's chili dogs, they have something called an Oki-dog. It's two hot dogd wrapped in a flour tortilla surrounded with chili, onions and mustard. It was created by Okinawans which is why it's called an Oki-dog. it is a great delicacy but it is not considered a hot dog or a sandwich. It's more of a burrito.
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