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  1. Borg warner

    What's your favorite wheelie?

    I had a Speed six years ago an dit was my carry gun. I bobbed the hammer and had a trigger job done on it. I preferred the speed six to either the short barreled fixes distght GP 100 or the SP 101. they were lighter and more compact than the GP100 but held one more round than the SP101. Mine was stainless and had rteh standar grips with a Tyler T-grip adaptor.
  2. But they still have to change clothes don't they? Don't they wear gym shorts for exercise and sports anymore?
  3. Borg warner

    Boots...what is the conventional wisdom here

    I used to work for a general contractor and we did a lot of remodels som of which required demolition and we did a lot of concrete forming, pouring and rebar. A lot of the wrk we did was heavy construction but some of the remodels were expensive homes and we needed to work indoors on these jobs installing appliances and plumbing and lighting fixtures. So for some of the work I needed steel toed boots but for indoor work I needed boots with white soles that wouldn't scuff the floors iv I was crawling under a sink in a kitchen installing a garbage disposal. I was able to find boots like this for not much money at K mart or Payless and the shoes lasted about a year and then I'd get a new pair. But I always wanted to get a pair of Red wings because so many guys I worked with had them a swore by them. I had that job up until 1998 and I don't know how much a pair of red wings cost back then but I think it was around 100 dollars a pair. I know 100 dollars back then was worth more than 100 dollars now, but $300 dollars for a pair of work boots seems unreasonable to me and $220 just for a repair is just crazy, I know a good shoemaker who would do a good job for a lot less,
  4. The student in question was a female who had supposedly undergone a "gender transition". I somehow doubt that she had her female parts sewed up and had a prosthetic male appendage attached. I think it's more likely that she just decided one day to assume the role of a male. What happens in gym class? will "he" shower with the boys? The fact that the schools are going along with this insanity and giving it legitimacy only encourages more insanity. Liberalism is destroying this country as they are gradually moving us into The Age Of Insanity.
  5. I'm also pro-Israeli for many reasons but one reason is that as Americans, Israel's enemies are our enemies. Our last so-called president sided with our enemies and against Israel and against his own country yet none dare call it treason. Obama was openly hostile to Israel and sided with those who have sworn to wipe Israel off the map.
  6. Borg warner

    G19 replacement?

    If I were looking to replace a G19 I'd replace it with a Gen 5 G19 MOS because I like the fact that the gen 5's don't have finger grooves and the MOS doesn't have the dumbass magazine cut-out. I'd also modify the ambi slide release. Years ago I did actually replace my G19 with a G23 and then I saved a few of my 9mm mags and got a KKM 40-to-9 conversion barrel for it and a g32 357 Sig barrel for it.
  7. Borg warner

    Belly full of Texas red

    I'm sure it's tasty and I love chili peppers and cook chili's with just about everything but basically Texas Red, which I've tried, is just boiled chunks of beef with chili's, so technically Texas red IS "Chili con Carne" which means chili with meat. But I prefer actual Chili. I've been to many chili cook-offs and have tasted some really great chili. I've also made it from scratch, browning the meat with bacon, using Cumin, a touch of Brown sugar, fresh tomato's, chili's, sweet onions, and sage and a little oregano from the garden. And slow cooking is the key to success, and re-heating it the next day makes it even better. If I don't have the time or the resources to make it from scratch I'll make it from a mix Carroll Shelby's is not bad, Wick Fowler's 2 alarm chili is good, but cheap-azz French's Chili-o is pretty decent as a seasoning mix. fresh chili's are the key ingredient an diced tomato's are preferable to tomato sauce.
  8. I used to think all semi-autos were "Jam-o-matics" but that isn't always true with 1911's. I've found USGI 1911's to be 100 percent reliable as long as you have a decent magazine in them and if a 1911 isn't reliable with a Wilson magazine then there's a problem with the gun and it needs to be fixed. The 1911 I own is 100 Percent reliable but so is my Glock and the 24 ounce 4 inch barreled Glock 23 is easier to carry than a 39 ounce 5 inch barreled government model. I also like the point and shoot simplicity of the Glock carry mode, and once I learned how to shoot the Glock trigger proficiently, I prefer it to the cocked and locked carry mode of a 1911 and vastly prefer it to any DA/SA/Decocker crunchenticker.
  9. Borg warner

    John Prine, Sam Stone

    I first heard John Prine back in 1967. Here he is with Iris DeMent who not many people know about but she is an absolute treasure. Here's Iris De Ment with Emmylou Harris
  10. Borg warner

    winter storm ,

    It snowed a couple of inches last night. 1-3 inches predicted tomorrow but it could be a rain-snow mix because of relatively warm temps,
  11. More hate-filled and annoying; Anti-Trumpers or Glock haters? If someone doesn't like or even HATES Glocks and prefers other firearms that's fine with me but they don't have to be dicks about it. But if someone HATES the president and would vote for a Left wing extremist Democrat over Trump and are constantly pissing and moaning about it, that's much more annoying to me especially when these people's actions in the voting booth can adversely effect my life. I like Glocks. I carried DA handguns for years and liked the fact of it's simplicity compared to semi-autos with safeties and find the Glock trigger to be better than a DA revolver trigger though both require practice to learn how to use properly and the same is true for a cocked and locked 1911. But the Glock is also superior to both the revolver and the 1911 because it's lighter in weight and has greater capacity.
  12. Borg warner

    Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year

    I'm a big fan of some of their movies. Fargo was perfect from start to finish. No country for old men didn't really have a finish. But the bad guy in that movie was one of the greatest movie bad guys ever. The Big Lebowski was another great movie of theirs. Loved the salon scene in the Buster Scruggs sequence but it's like they tried to do too many stories in one movie and they didn't all really connect. I noticed looking a the cast credits on IMDB that Tom Waits played a small part in the movie and so did Liam Nesson.
  13. Borg warner

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    His brother Randy has problems too, not with addiction but with mental instability having fled the country for Canada in 2015 believing that he was being pursued by assassins that had killed David Carradine and Heath Ledger, And both are pretty decent actors but quite often actors and actresses have difficulties functioning in the real world. I liked Dennis Quaid's portrayal of Doc Holliday in the Wyatt Earp movie with Kevin Costner. The movie wasn't anywhere near as good as Tombstone and Val Kilmer's portrayal of Doc Holiday was more flamboyant but Quaid did a much better job orf portraying the actual historical figure of Dock Holliday< Randy Quaid played Lyndon Johnson in a made for TV movie and also gave a great performance in that role and it was also fun to see both brothers in the movie "The Longriders" co-starring with the Keach brothers and the Carradine brothers
  14. Borg warner

    winter storm ,

    It's most awesome in the summer, It never gets too hot because the house is always in the shade surrounded by big ponderosa pines and summer is when I can take my canoe out on the lake and go swimming and fish off my neighbor's dock which is one of the best fishing spots on the entire lake. I've tried fishing from the canoe at a number of different places around the lake and the dock is the best spot because it has a deep hole right at the end of it and the fish (mostly brown trout) like it there for some reason.