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  1. Borg warner

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    Here's Lois Lane's 1950 Nash Rambler Landau coupe-convertible.
  2. Borg warner

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    Clark Kent Drove a 53 Nash Healy roadster on the Adventures of Superman, American Motors was one of the sponsors of the show and even the police cars were Nash, Lois lane also drove a cool Nash convertible.
  3. Borg warner

    Why would you put that motor in that car?

    It can't be that had to find a decent 1970 chevelle. millions of them were made. I had one that My Grandmother bought n4ew in 1970 and drove for 20 yeast and only put 25,000 miles on it, It was a 307 with a 2 barrel and I put another 30.000 miles on it and drove it up Pike's Peak once. It was a nice looking car. I liked the square tail lights of the 70 better tha the 4 round tail lights of the 71 and 72. I also like the 66 and 67 Chevelles.
  4. Borg warner

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Psychology is an inexact science but basic psychology isn't that hard to figure out. It's like you see someone who is overweight in the supermarket and their shopping cart if filled with a whole bunch of fattening food and then an equal amount of stuff that says. "Diet' or "Light" on it to balance things out and you don't need to have a doctorate in psychology to figure out why that person is fat. Same thing goes for people at the buffet going back and filling their plates 5 times.
  5. Borg warner

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    All scientific considerations aside, losing weight has more to do with psychology than it does physiology. it's the psychology of self-discipline and denial of gratification. and it's coming to grips with the fact that anything that tastes really good (except for sashimi which is pure protein) is probably going to make you fat. We know what foods make us fat. And we know what quantities of food make us fat. Over the years I've seen friends put signs on their refrigerators to help motivate them. One sign read, "Never eat more than you can Lift". another one had an unflatering picture of my friend with his bare belly hanging over his pants and next to the picture in big letters, he had written, "Have another hot dog, fat boy!" Niethr of these signs worked. Another friend had a theory that had nothing to do with calories or carbs, only quantity. He said that if you could only spend seven dollars a day on food you would lose weight no matter what you ate whether it was a seven dollar salad or a seven dollar chocolate cake. Keep in mind that I first heard this back in about 1990 and adjusted for inflation, seven dollars in 1990 would be $13.68 today.
  6. Borg warner

    How About an Off Roading Jeep Pic Thread...

    Hey, this is a Jeep thread. No Cornbinders allowed.
  7. Borg warner

    The weight loss struggle begins anew...

    Keep up the good work and don't you be backsliding on those Carbs! It takes time for those cravings to diminish. They'll never completely go away but after you get down to your target weight you can allow yourself to have few slices of pizza about every 2 months or so. I went from 280 to 220 but I never counted carbs. I just stopped drinking and cut out sugar and stopped eating for a family of 4, Then after I got down to 220 I stayed at that weight for about a year and then went up to 230 and then 240. and stayed that way for a few years, Then my blood sugars started going up and a nutritionist told me to not eat any vegetables but green vegetables, but to eat all I wanted of those. But no yellow vegetables (corn) no orange, (carrots) and no Bread, Potatoes, rice, or pasta and no corn chips or potato chips. I still didn't count carbs, I just stopped eating Bread, Potato's, Pasta and rice and no more corn or potato chips and I got back down to 220 and I'm determined to stay at that weight. I think those low carb protein chips sound like a good idea but I've never seen them in the store but I looked online and it says Walmart has them.
  8. Borg warner

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    I agree that It depends on your personal situation and surroundings. And the only barriers in my house are non insulated Drywall 2x4 stud partition walls and hollow core doors and my cheap refrigerator has a pretty thin door. And all the furniture in my living room is wicker with thin cushions. I've seen that video but he isn't comparing the "Penetrator" ammo to anything that comes close to Buffalo bore, Underwood or Doubletap full power heavy bullet ammo. He's comparing it to an Armscor 180 grain plinking load and not heavier bullet full power ammo, What kind of magazine extensions are those?
  9. Borg warner

    Glock 45

    So is that a G45 with a G19 slide? That's my dream gun.
  10. Borg warner

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    For home defense, I'm curious to know in what situation would barrier penetration be important? Most people don't want bullets penetrating walls or doors in home defense situations. That's why hollowpoints are usually preferable for home defense. The original Norma load for the 10mm drove a 200 grain FMJ at 1200 fps. that would give you plenty of barrier penetration and a 200 grain 10mm bullet isn't exactly what you'd call fat and slow. and underwood loads a 200 grain FMJ to 1250 fps. I'd actually like to see penetration tests using ballistics gel done between high velocity lightweight bullets and medium (not slow) velocity heavy bullets. I think that the light high velocity bullet would slow down pretty fast when met with resistance and the momentum of the heavier bullet would carry it further, or that the results might actually be pretty much equal, but only actual testing would prove one to be better than the other or show that it was just two different approaches to accomplish the same goal.
  11. Borg warner

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    It should work good with 165-180 grain bullets since it's the same approximate burn rate as Blue dot.
  12. Borg warner

    It's gonna be chili tomorrow in my part of Alaska

    Prunes in Chili? That's just wrong. That's like putting pineapple in chili and calling it "Hawaiian Chili". I actually like prunes but not in chili. Maybe if you chopped it really fine no one would notice that there were chunks of prunes in their chili.
  13. Borg warner

    How about some Dwight Yoakam..

    Dwight Yoakam is one of very few of the present generation country singers that I like. When it cones to country, he's the real deal.