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  1. I would have claimed that I was an agnostic dyslexic who wasn't sure there was a dog.
  2. It probably actually IS the ocean, but scientists just like to come up with their own theories to explain everything.
  3. Some cars were lemons. all British cars were Limes. My dad wanted a compact car back in 1961 so he bought a brand new Hillman Minx. A year later he started having problems with it. My brother bought an AJS 500 cc single in 1967, just a frame and a couple of milk crates full of parts. He managed to get it running and keep it running but it was a constant struggle. The AJS was similar to the Matchless motorcycle. They were like Dodge and Plymouth. That same year I had a girlfriend who had a 1965 British Ford Cortina which was a fun car to drive but it had problems even though it was just a couple of years old, and my younger brother had an Austin Healy 3000, also a fun car but a pain in the arse to keep running. I never had any British machinery but I had a couple of VW bugs which I thought of as "Hitler's Revenge". Then the Japanese started making cars and showed the world how it was done. The first Honda was an amazing little car with a motorcycle engine. I always wanted to build one with a Kawasaki ninja engine and paint a rising sun on the roof just like the mini-coopers with the Union Jack on the roof.
  4. Last year I bought a conch shell at a second hand store and when I held it up to my ear I could hear the ocean which I've always though was a cool deal. But the next day at home I listened to it again and I couldn't hear anything. I found out what the problem was. Recently I listened to it again but I had my hearing aids in and last year I wasn't wearing them all the time so that's what the problem was. I'm glad I didn't return the shell to the store and demand a refund. And yes I realize that the rushing sound that one hears when listening to the shell is in fact the noise of the surrounding environment, resonating within the cavity of the shell The similarity of the noise produced by the resonator to that of the oceans is due to the resemblance between ocean movements and airflow. The shell, acting as a resonator is simply attenuating certain frequencies of the ambient noise in the environment, including air flowing within the resonator and sound originating within the human body itself, including the sounds of blood flowing. These sounds are normally discarded by the brain ; however, they become more obvious when louder external sounds are filtered out.
  5. Byrd first joined the Ku Klux Klan in the 1940s and was unanimously elected to the rank of Exalted Cyclops for his inborn leadership skills. He repeatedly expressed his desire for the Klan to expand to its previous size and power, once remarking in a letter that "The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia" and "in every state in the nation." He was a US senator from 1959 until 2010 when he died and held the position of President pro tempore—a position he held four times in his career—he was third in the line of presidential succession during the Obama presidency, after Vice President Joe Biden and the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. He was held in the highest esteem by Democrats for his entire career and the fact that he had been a ranking member of the KKK was overlooked as if it never happened. .
  6. So the car pictured was a model T with a replica after market body and without the fenders and running boards.
  7. I tried that and it doesn't tell me anything about the car. But I assume the car is some variation of a model T but not one that I'm familiar with. Here's the link for lang's old car parts: https://www.modeltford.com/
  8. Nice bug but it looks like it has the original 36 horse engine. While those were reliable engines, I'd opt for a dual port 1835 with a center mount 2 barrel Progressive like a Weber DCEV (“E” stands for electric choke)
  9. You had the man at a disadvantage by engaging in a battle of wits with an an unarmed opponent. The other thing is that being either an artist or a musician, many in the arts are left wing wackos. I'm an artist and managed an art gallery for about a year and was actually surprised to find a couple of other artists who were quite conservative. When dealing with other artists or with potential buyers, I always avoided the subject of politics but ran into one artist at a gun show and slowly learned that he was a closet conservative, and the woman who's gallery I managed was not only conservative but was very outspoken about it which did her a lot of harm in her standing in the local art community. I was always able to avoid political discussions by saying that I thought politics was bull**** (which is true) or by saying that I didn't care about politics an that I was only interested in art, which is only half true, as I have many other interests.
  10. I'm a white man who grew up in the 1950's and saw how black people were treated and was taught by my parents that it was wrong and believed in my heart that it was wrong. I know more about real prejudice and real injustice than younger Black people do today because I witnessed it first hand even though it was not directed at me. I also was a young man during the civil rights movement and had a great deal of admiration for Martin Luther King.
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