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  1. 20 tonnes of Nitrates stored at an abandoned iron ore mine exploded in the 1970s in Birmingham. Phillips 66 was storing them. I hiked up and saw the crater. About 100 feet across and 40-50 feet deep. Damaged lots of homes (mine included). http://www.bhamwiki.com/w/1971_Ruffner_Mountain_explosion
  2. Didn't most of the saloons have suicide doors?
  3. Posted on TOS. Eric, delete if necessary.
  4. Run 'em out of town. View: https://www.facebook.com/AmericanUP1776/videos/1487960531390858/?app=fbl
  5. And a convertible, too!
  6. I signed up with them this morning. Their customer service representatives are EXCELLENT! They currently use SPRINT, they are adding AT&T, and expect to add T-Mobile next year. NRA members get free activation and 15% off the monthly bill. I'll report again after I've used the service for a while. Or if I have any bad experience.
  7. Anybody have any experience with them? Patriotmobile.com Their coverage seems a little spotty outside metro areas, but I like their political support. Cheap enough, too.
  8. I bet his parents are sooo proud!
  9. BamaBud

    Hot Sauce

    McIlhenny has an on-line store. I buy Chipotle and Jalapeno Tabasco in half gallon jugs there. They also have ALL the odd ones, many limited supply. I carry green, chipotle and regular miniatures in my car. They also sell decorative holders.
  10. Nope. Never had them. I refused a new car that had a dealer advertising plate when I had specifically told the salesman no plate, no bracket. They got me another car WITHOUT the bracket. You pay your money, you get your preference.
  11. Just don't come here!!
  12. What? Was Nadler too fat to take a knee?
  13. Run by the Southern Poverty Law Center? No bias there!
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