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  1. Bread and Circuses, Folks. Bread and Circuses.
  2. One letter mistake: "Torn, not Born."
  3. I like pushback. If you use the legal system to profit from thuggish behavior, don't cry when others use the system against you.
  4. Bye Kamala! Back to screwing your way to a job!
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I've already got two, might add another.
  6. An article from NPR admits the following about "school shootings:" Like the Ball State study, Alathari emphasizes that targeted attacks of this kind are extremely rare. The new report excluded attacks that seemed to be related to drugs, gang violence or disputes that merely spilled over onto school property. They were left with an average of four shootings or stabbings per year across hundreds of thousands of schools, and the report found no upward trend in the frequency or severity of attacks over time. That's yet another reason, she says, to focus on prevention efforts that can improve the school climate overall — whether or not the worst-case scenario happens one day. https://www.npr.org/2019/11/27/782902802/active-shooter-drills-may-not-stop-a-school-shooting-but-this-method-could
  7. BamaBud

    Pizza Sauce..

    If it comes from NJ, probably tastes like crap.
  8. "Police say it was speeding..." Ya think?
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