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  1. Six turnin', four burnin'!
  2. Who is that with AOC?
  3. Garlits had whitewall racing slicks?
  4. Needs Trump 2020 flags, too.
  5. You can buy the entire Florida residential airpark where Travolta keeps his BBJ. Jumbolair is for sale. $10.5m https://flyjumbolair.com/ You'd think if you can afford a $110m BBJ, you could buy the airport, too.
  6. Yeah, last month ER visit. $8000.00 bill. My part: $200
  7. And, incredibly, I have never owned or ridden on one. Somebody donated one to the local PD, but it rusted away from non-use.
  8. You never know if you have a tomorrow. Do it.
  9. '69 COPO Camaros are among my Grail cars.
  10. https://www.theoutbound.com/alabama/chillin/drive-the-covered-bridge-trail-in-blount-county
  11. Regular: $1.679 last week Diesel: $1.889 two weeks ago.
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