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  1. No meme, but I just heard some astrophysicist cat say the Prime Meridian of Mars was decided 50 years before that of Earth, back in the 1850s, centered on a crater.
  2. Missouri rejected the helmet law for motorcycles recently. It's maybe 5% helmet. Never hear bikers bitch about sunburnt heads.
  3. ****. I ain't far behind you in the timeline.
  4. How often do you really need a prostate exam? Jesus.
  5. Huh. Trade you that for a lifetime of fast women. They're pretty destructive in the long run.
  6. Lovely English accent? I might be looking into wrecking her. She cute?
  7. Remember the good times, and post that urban legend link! Take what's left of the merry band and have new adventures.
  8. Sorry for your loss, sir. **** the goddamn Chi-Coms and the Democrat puppets!
  9. Electric **** is great! Get the stick out of their ass, and get a bunch of nuke plants online. One of our biggest strategic mistakes of the last 40 years is not aggressively developing our power output. We built this, we must maintain control of it.
  10. https://electrek.co/2021/10/11/california-bans-gas-powered-lawn-equipment-and-other-small-off-road-engines/
  11. How will the woman know when to switch the laundry?
  12. I'm no proctologist, but I know an ******* when I see one.
  13. I hope he's salty as **** over it. Suicidal even.
  14. Can't seem to find that. Agar based with glucose additive?
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