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  1. There's one where you can make an AK receiver out of a shovel.
  2. Hella nice rifles, fellas.
  3. Very good. 98% of the globe can feel free to **** their pants over it. Really though, I think many immigrants are here to get their grubby hands on our weapons. For no other reason than to have a way to get laid.
  4. Damn. I'm still here, like herpes
  5. This for your spank bank? Creepy...:banana:
  6. **** yeah! Besides, .45 makes for a good rifle caliber.
  7. Kmart Knickers commercial. [video=youtube_share;azM1rKLMqtQ]
  8. Decided it was a good idea to get weed and whiskey one weekend instead of condoms.
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