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  1. Man, you get the good dope.
  2. Good luck with the migration. Can we have a bewbie thread like the old days?
  3. The wires might not be good. Walt's dog might like studded tires. Alaskaaaaaaaa
  4. Some crooked mofos. Screw Apple.
  5. Today's Democrats need to hear this like they need another hole in the head.
  6. Jesus. Those are monsters. Something about being the helper being that close to the business end of that....
  7. They lied to me too. I almost never get offered free sex or drugs like they said would happen in Jr. high.
  8. Europeans love it. Lotsa good stuff.
  9. Just finished watching season one of Das Boot. I can't imagine living in a deathtrap like that.
  10. You've never bent down to snort a few lines during a landing?
  11. Ever go canoeing and run across a pissed off swan? I'd rather fly with Sully.
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