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  1. 'Scuse me while I tie paint cans on a string.
  2. These assholes got away with not needing beepers. I had a 1-800 beeper at one point lol. My 19yo only knows of their existence cuz 90s rap videos.
  3. I know some dudes from USVI that are worse. Almost unintelligible English. AS a first language.
  4. Good to see you pardner. This galoot appreciates you. Thanks for the Oscar Wilde tidbit.
  5. I see a lot of this. These two happen to both be in a garage. Ozarks baby. Yes that's an outlet floating around in there in the first pic.
  6. .458 SOCOMs on windshield duty. Garbage trucks are good too.
  7. You sound like a democrat.... Reeeeeee! Your plan ain't cheap!
  8. Don't worry, she'll never be boss.
  9. They can sell $100 tags to out of state hunters and raise billions. Stoopid. It's all profit. Nobody's paying for it anyway.
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