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  1. I like Marlin but am not sure about the quality of current manufactured ones.
  2. https://www.npr.org/2019/11/12/778487920/supreme-court-allows-sandy-hook-families-case-against-remington-to-proceed This is a bunch of bull squeeze on several levels.
  3. Those look like a decent pistol for the price.
  4. That is something you don't see everyday. Would be interesting to see how the radial is plumbed into the transmission.
  5. Fried rice with fish bait
  6. Last year I sold my old Ted Williams 30-30. A friend really wanted it and I hadn't shot it in 20 years so I sold it to him. Now, I'm looking for a new lever action but I want one in 45 Colt. I'm looking at the Henry, Uberti 1866 and 1873. I might also consider a Uberti Henry model but I kind of like having a forend to handle onto. Henry makes a nice rifle but I kind of like the classic look and feel of the Uberti's Of the rifles listed which would you recommend and why? Thanks in advance.
  7. Talked to him some more today about his electrical situation. No fluorescents on that circuit and both coffee makers worked fine up until he had a new dishwasher installed which he says is on the same circuit.
  8. A co-worker asked me about an electrical question and I am stumped. If he plugs his coffee makers into the GFCI outlet in his kitchen the clock on the makers will be 2 hours fast by the next day. Plug the coffee makers into a regular outlet and the clock will be on the correct time. At first he thought it was a problem with the maker so he bought another one and got the same results. Any ideas as to what would cause this?
  9. Nobody, I mean nobody puts ketchup on a hotdog... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpZ_fakwSwc
  10. nothing like putting your mental illness on display for all to see.
  11. Wayward Son

    I Am Sick

    It's a hillbilly thing. She hailed from Arkansas.
  12. Wayward Son

    I Am Sick

    Does sugar do anything to temper kerosene? My grandmother would take a short of kerosene when she was coming down with a cold. She tried several times to give us kids some but we took a hard pass on that.
  13. Wayward Son

    I Am Sick

    My wife came down with a cold a month or so ago. Several days later I awoke with a congested head and a sore throat. I took a big swig of cherry mash and by that afternoon my cold symptoms were gone.
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