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  1. Wayward Son

    New K frame

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teflon-coated_bullet In 1982, NBC ran a television special on the bullets, wherein it was argued that the bullets were a threat to police. Various gun control organizations in the U.S. labeled Teflon-coated bullets with the epithet "cop killers" because of the supposedly increased penetration the bullets offered against ballistic vests, a staple of the American police uniform. Many erroneously focused on the Teflon coating as the source of the bullets' supposedly increased penetration, rather than the hardness of the metals used and the sharp conical projectile design
  2. Wayward Son

    No more 50 round boxes of the good stuff?

    If they can get their customers to pay double for half the quantity, more power to them. I look at this as a self inflicted wound. Gun sales, ammunition sales are down since the election and these companies are trying to secure their bottom line. If gun owners looked at these relatively calm times as harvest season and continued to buy then manufacturers might not turn their focus to the highest margin products. Instead of supporting these companies during the lull period gun owners will wait till the next democrat administration is seated then.....PANIC!!!
  3. Wayward Son

    New K frame

    The media and the anti-gunners went full retard, saying that Nyclads could penetrate kevlar vests. Nyclads became known as cop killers and that was the end of them. It was the same stupidity that surrounded the Black Talon bullet.
  4. Wayward Son

    Any old Farmers here?

    I'm almost old and have spent many hours on a Gleaner combine cutting wheat and on a 1466 International pulling a disc, chisel and drill. We run a few head of cattle and put up hay but that's the extent of our farming operation these days. At least we've graduated to round balers. I remember bucking square bales one armed because Id broken my arm when I got bucked off a green broke mule. That sucked but it had to be done.
  5. I was ordering some 335 from Mid South and saw they had Shooters World powders by Lovex on sale for 18.99 a pound so I bought a couple of pounds of their Tactical Rifle powder. It's supposed to have about the same burn rate as 335 but is flash suppressed. At 18.99 that's ten dollars a pound cheaper than I can buy 335 locally. I haven't tried any yet but am anxious to do so. Has anyone else used shooters world powders?
  6. Wayward Son

    Primer issues

    Yeah, they do for a bit snug but they've all gone in and gone bang for me. I'm pretty well set for primers at the moment but If I could snag some more of these at a decent price I would.
  7. Wayward Son

    Primer issues

    I used to only use CCI but like you, I started having ignition problems with revolvers. I like Federal but they can be hard to find. During the Obama years i stumbled into a deal for Wolf primers and have used them with great success. I wish I'd bought more because they were only 14$ per thousand. Recently I've been using Sellier & Bellot primers and have had good luck with them plus they were only 19$ per thousand.
  8. Wayward Son

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    3 that I know of.
  9. Wayward Son

    Harbor freight

    When I was making my living with hand tools in a body shop I bought Snap on and Mack. I also bought a bunch of Harbor Freight stuff for my shop at home. My Mack, Snap on die grinders, air ratchets, impacts have all shot craps over the years but the cheap Harbor Freight ones are still going some 20 years later.
  10. Wayward Son

    Should a truck have 4X4?

    I wish 4 wheel drive was actually 4 wheel drive like it was on the old Jeep J series trucks. Hit the locker and you could push a foot of mud with the bumper in one of those.
  11. Wayward Son

    Stop the beeping!

    The beeping does seem to be accompanied by a feminine voice saying put your seatbelt on.
  12. Wayward Son

    Girl, 8, pulls a 1,500-year-old sword from a lake in Sweden

    That's a cool find. All I ever find are old bottles and cans. Sometimes I find unmarked communications cables.
  13. Wayward Son

    Anti-Kavanaugh Fauxtesters

    If they want to go after someone for election meddling that's the scumbag to go after.
  14. Wayward Son

    Actual chance of having to use your CCW?

    I live in a nice area in the countryside and the only time I've had to pull my gun was in my own house. That was 20 or so years ago. Guy barged in while the wife and I were getting ready for bed. He was confronted by a naked me, my Hi Power and my 110 pound boxer/shepherd mix.