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  1. Wayward Son

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    3 that I know of.
  2. Wayward Son

    Harbor freight

    When I was making my living with hand tools in a body shop I bought Snap on and Mack. I also bought a bunch of Harbor Freight stuff for my shop at home. My Mack, Snap on die grinders, air ratchets, impacts have all shot craps over the years but the cheap Harbor Freight ones are still going some 20 years later.
  3. Wayward Son

    Should a truck have 4X4?

    I wish 4 wheel drive was actually 4 wheel drive like it was on the old Jeep J series trucks. Hit the locker and you could push a foot of mud with the bumper in one of those.
  4. Wayward Son

    Stop the beeping!

    The beeping does seem to be accompanied by a feminine voice saying put your seatbelt on.
  5. I'm still waiting for him to eat his ****
  6. Wayward Son

    Girl, 8, pulls a 1,500-year-old sword from a lake in Sweden

    That's a cool find. All I ever find are old bottles and cans. Sometimes I find unmarked communications cables.
  7. Wayward Son

    Anti-Kavanaugh Fauxtesters

    If they want to go after someone for election meddling that's the scumbag to go after.
  8. Wayward Son

    Actual chance of having to use your CCW?

    I live in a nice area in the countryside and the only time I've had to pull my gun was in my own house. That was 20 or so years ago. Guy barged in while the wife and I were getting ready for bed. He was confronted by a naked me, my Hi Power and my 110 pound boxer/shepherd mix.
  9. Wayward Son

    Stop the beeping!

    Will that make the beeping stop?
  10. Wayward Son

    Stop the beeping!

    Every time I drive my wife's car the damn thing beeps for about a mile. It starts out slow and then quits with a quick series of dings. Any idea of what It could be?
  11. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-05/cybersecurity-expert-john-mcafee-issues-warning-about-those-cell-phone-presidential John McAfee ✔ @officialmcafee The "Presidential alerts": they are capable of accessing the E911 chip in your phones - giving them full access to your location, microphone, camera and every function of your phone. This not a rant, this is from me, still one of the leading cybersecurity experts. Wake up people!
  12. Wayward Son

    Police Police Will Not Investigate Ellison...

    No, you've got to be a Democrat then you can run amok.
  13. Wayward Son

    Actual chance of having to use your CCW?

    I don't know of any stats that show what you're looking for but I did read an article once that stated that the place you were most likely to need a gun was in your own home.
  14. I haven't totally given up on Amazon but I do search other places first. Amazon has become a vendor of last resort for me.