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  1. I wish you well getting past the issues you are experiencing.
  2. Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.
  3. I have enjoyed reading all of the stories you were kind enough to share with us. Thank you for telling them. Wishing you much success and enjoyment on your next project.
  4. Thoughts and best wishes for your uncle. ‘My wife and I are fighting Covid now, not fun.
  5. Wishing all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
  6. Try a Kong. They have a variety of different strength toys. We use the black ones for our German Shepherds. They have lasted for years.
  7. First I would eat the M&M’s. Second is definitely a lottery ticket.
  8. Redhookbklyn


    All Dogs. Bruno, Brindle, Brinie, Nanouk, Brutus, Brooklyn and Bruiser. These are our dogs over 41 years.. All had different personalities. All were great companions to my wife and I. Brooklyn, 10 years old, and Bruiser, 3 years old, both GSD’s, are still with us. My wife and I love each and every one.
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