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  1. Maxx

    Aero Lowers.

    I wont hesitate to buy Aero. Good quality.
  2. The data speed will be there, but in the automotive industry the biggest challenge with "connected cars" are the limitations and reliability of the apps they run on and the fact that technology is always quite a bit behind by the time it is able to be utilized on the production line.
  3. Maxx

    My three G19's

    I'm a gen 3 guy tho I do like my gen 4 19. not looking for Glock innovation, I'm happy with the current tried and true design. if I want something different, there are other guns for that.
  4. When I first was introduced to hand guns and became an enthusiast, I likely wouldn't have considered owning a semi auto pistol without a safety. Took a while to really understand the safety in itself doesn't make the gun safe by any means and is no substitute for establishing safe habits.
  5. My favorite is my gen3 G21. Feels like it was tailor made for my hand and is a pleasure to shoot. From a self defense standpoint you can't go wrong with 13+1 rounds of 230gr hollow points. My gen3 G30 is a close second.
  6. Career politicians are corrupt, period. The Dems are not interested in coming together for the good of the country, even though many of Trumps accomplishments were simply to correct some of the obviously flawed policies of the recent past. Many Republicans aren't any better. The change in the status quo represents a direct threat to their own political livelihoods. They will reluctantly ride Trumps coat tails for the moment because they know they can't survive the election cycle without his supporters.
  7. Judging by their actions, these is nothing conservative about the current GOP leadership. They spent 8 years giving speeches and making promises while Obama was in office. Now that they have the chance to pass meaningful legislation that will not get vetoed by the White House, they have the deer in the headlights look and have given us very little.
  8. Trump is the swift kick in the ass that Washington so desperately deserves. MAGA!!!
  9. Maxx


    Wow, I was thought I was doing good getting a shave and a hot towel.
  10. Thanks! im glad my big dachund has longer legs because he weighs about 130 lbs now and is strong as a bull.
  11. We thought we were getting a dachund puppy. The guy who sold him to me said he was just big for his age.
  12. Maxx


    Usually go to the old school barbershop down the street, sometimes I'll just clip a #1 or #2 and buzz myself when I don't have time. I had long hair until my late 20's when my daughter was born. Didn't want her dad looking like a stoner hippie so now her dad looks like he just got out of boot camp.
  13. The G30 is my main EDC. In the Vegas heat I do go with a .38 snubby in a pocket holster when necessary.
  14. My biggest regret was selling a Smith & Wesson 25-2. It wasn't a safe queen by any means, but I tried a few .45 ACP revolvers since and nothing was even close.
  15. I couldn't imagine buying a new one. No way the quality could even be close to what they were.
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