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  1. No. That movie just sucked. Seriously, the Wild Bunch is ponderous? Must be a different Wild Bunch than the one that I watched.
  2. That movie was too boring for me. I couldn’t watch it all the way through.
  3. .32 but Jimmy Bond from Ft. Smith, Arkansas prefers the big bore.
  4. Seven point six five millimeters Parabellum.
  5. Some of the people that I served with. We were young and soldiers once.
  6. Domestic terrorists get to be designated by the ruling administration…
  7. Domestic terrorists? Like Proud Boys and right winger militia types?
  8. Oookay…maybe Biden can deploy her national guard unit against Americans instead?
  9. Make sure to let your elected officials know that we need another war so this young GI Jane can get deployed and counting coups.
  10. Sure. All 9,000,000 deaths of them blindly charging into Nazi guns.
  11. Tell that to the ones who doubted that a mere chick can finish Ranger School or Special Forced Q-Course. Or even just regular old infantry training.
  12. If it were a guy fromMontana then he wouldn’t be the first “female” graduate of the US Army Sniper School…unless he’s one of those transgender type. Then he can be lauded as the first transgender graduate of the US Army Sniper School.
  13. She can brag more than a bit. Not to take anything from Soviet sniper chicks but they didn’t have to pass a rigorous training program. They got handed rifles, rudimentary instructions and told to go to town. I’m Waiting for the conspiracists to chime in and claim that this chick was whitewashed through by some general officers so that the Woke crowd would be pleased with progress. That she didn’t hit all her targets or didn’t build her ghillie suit or didn’t do a proper stalk or didn’t have to perform the same physical activities that her male peers had to do.
  14. Any of them graduated from US Army sniper school? Asking for a friend.
  15. https://www.yahoo.com/news/first-woman-finish-army-sniper-002143775.html A Montana National Guard GI Jane. What is it with the National Guard and snipers? BTW, she’s also an infantry woman.
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