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  1. Battleships were named after the Great States. I think some of th submarines are now named after the States.
  2. Better than naming the ship after Clinton or Obama.
  3. damn junky ass Smith and Wesson.
  4. Definitely wasn’t a bad flick. I was hoping for more blasting as well but I do like the ending. Was also hoping to see more nudity from that hot Latina too.
  5. Yes. Saw him in that movie before Full Metal Jacket.
  6. R. Lee Ermey played a chopper pilot during the air mobile assault scene. I didn’t notice it until now.
  7. Carter should have used the excuse of the attached US Embassy and invade then put a US friendly figurehead in the Shah’s place. Though historically speaking, the USA didn’t do a good job with putting in or supporting figureheads.
  8. It’s a well made movie. Not action filled but very poignant.
  9. I heard nothing but great things about this WWI movie. I’m about to sit down right now abd see what it’s all about.
  10. Not to give any credit to the Iranian islamists but the Shah of Iran was one F’ed up mofo. Pretty city aside, there was a big ass reason for the uprising.
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