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  1. it’s official. She’s a green beanie. https://www.google.com/amp/s/taskandpurpose.com/.amp/news/first-female-green-beret
  2. Sorry, didn’t make it clear. Two different Agents. The latter was made in early 1980s
  3. The weird thing is that SW still puts out J-frames that are both Holed and non-Holed.
  4. Not very pretty in the early 1980s.
  5. Man, I feel so sad for you. All of that military prowess you possessed yet no one in the American military recognized it and putting it to good use. Mattis may have feet of clay but he’s five hundred times the military man that you ever were.
  6. Yes, you can remove the lock but you cant remove the hole. What had been holed cannot be unholed.
  7. Heck, the Agent was nothing but a Cobra with a slightly shortened grip.
  8. That's just bad dumb luck. I know it doesn't help but it's my personal policy to never buy guns sight unseen. If it ain't a local private seller or on a gun shop shelf, I am not interested.
  9. So what if it's Obama's policy I'm defending? I happen to agree with this particular policy. Women should be able to serve in combat MOSes and in direct combat (they already exposed to direct combat well before this policy went into effect). 51% of the population is women, it's foolish to think that not all of them can contribute to the combat MOSes - especially nowadays with the male youths being a bunch of nancy boys. If you don't like it, you can always become POTUS or a congress critter and change the policy. Talk is cheap. Do something about it instead of whining on the intrawebz. Unlike you and your ilk claims, American military is fighting just fine with women serving in combat and now combat MOSES, Spec Ops, etc. They're counting coupes just fine while you and me sitting on our fat asses pretending that we actually know something about how the modern military works and the modern Army fights. Our days in the sun are long gone. Let it go. Support the current GI Joes and GI Janes. America is fine.
  10. And Bone Spur Trump is keeping Obama’s policy of Women in Combat. hey, I have an idea, since that you know so much about Making Armed Forces Great Again, why don’t you run for offices? Congress governs the military, so at least run for the Senate or House. Or go full bore and run for POTUS so that you can be CINC.
  11. And your point is? Mattis may not have been an active duty personnel when he was SecDef but he was still a RETIRED commissioned officer. If he was good with women in combat, then who are you to second guess him? Do you claim to have superior knowledge of all things military than General Mattis?
  12. Nor is Trump yet he’s making the decision to have this woman getting The Tab. But I’m guessing that you voted for abd will be voting for Trump, right?
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