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  1. Since that I love myself before all else, I’m buying more guns for me.
  2. I was surprised that he lasted this long.
  3. The title says it all.
  4. that a cool picture. The two emblems below her collars were south Vietnamese lieutenant colonel ranks.
  5. I’d pay for that babushka!!!
  6. I’m at the point where I don’t give a F any more. Let’s have a civil war and tear this whole country down. Maybe we’ll get to rebuild it in the original image again. Maybe the other nations will invade while we’re down. One way or another, I’d get to yell Wolverines.
  7. They aren't tacticool but they are definitely handy.
  8. Ever since I decided to take the annual flu shots ten years ago, I’ve never had the flu. Cold, yes, other ailments, yes. But not the flu. before that, some years I get the flu and some years I don’t. YMMV.
  9. Fnfalman


    El Pollo Loco has surprisingly good chicken. They tend to be a bit too dry for me, but the taste itself is delicious. I haven't been in the greater Phoenix Area since 2006, but I used to love eating at Vincent's On Camelbak. This Vincent dude is a gourmet French chef who loved to put a Southwest twist on his grubs. https://vincentsoncamelback.com/ He used to hold a farmer's market in his restaurant parking lot six months out of the year (the cooler months) and the dude made some mean crepe there. Then there was Greek Fest that served surprisingly good food considering where they're at. https://thegreekfest.com/
  10. Fnfalman


    When I was working in that area, I was dumb enough to do some offroad riding while wearing leathers. Almost died of overheat and dehydration. I didn't plan on going dirt biking and didn't have any offroad riding gears, but a friend said I can use his dirt bike and just wear leathers. It was definitely an experience.
  11. Don’t tell me we both ETSed the same year from Ft. Campbell?
  12. I still got my Class A, BDUs, jungle fatigues and desert fatigues packed away somewhere.
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