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  1. I can see Russia from my..... PC monitor thanks to PNW LOL Too bad your son can't ship that Subie back to the states as a collector's car :-(
  2. I never had Moose Backstrap before. What does it taste like?
  3. Keep it up and we will change your name to AARP and make Life Alert your profile pic LOL.. In all seriousness glad you didn't get hurt. Be careful out there, the world is out to get you...
  4. I really didn't like it as much as the first. I guess the 1st one came out of nowhere and set some really high expectations, but it is what it is..
  5. I thought it was "I can be your Huckelberry" Man I need to watch that again
  6. Yep, The Alt chamber was strict about that and as a flyer the first time you do that is usually the last time. I know I always keep 3 Afrin bottles in my helmet bag. Bad colds you were DNF which was a PITA AF loves to give out Afrin and Moltrin LOL
  7. Yea I have been thru catastrophic depressurization and no bleeds, hurts like hell and messes with you state of mind for a sec because it's an oh **** it's real and seems louder, but that was all, muscle memory kicks in. Also the Alt Chamber puts you thru depressurization, and in all the years I went, no issues (I kind of liked it and it was a 2 day TDY for me) Edit - I thought I read it was a failure in the depressurization system, faulty valve?
  8. Unfortunately they gave up their Gun Rights....go figure, an island of criminals,,kind of ironic Oh no one got the Brown Snake? baby dropped a brown snake in the crib.. Bueller???? lol
  9. Duc748s


    I guess the Atlantic Ocean can be viewed as a big river.... put a cap on the truck...
  10. Duc748s


    Noooo I oil heat my house, I'll end up living in the truck
  11. I hope they finish the job in prison after they find the other two girls they think are linked
  12. Bummer, I was gonna request one of those log splitting things for him, a chipper is too good
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