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  1. Some people can't read: The Squad Room This is a place for LEOs to hang out and for non-LEOs to interact with LEOs politely. It IS NOT a place to bash cops, or to discuss political or administrative issues that concern the police & policing. If you want to discuss such things, we have a forum for that as well: Police & Policing.
  2. Smith & Wesson Pre-29, Five-Screw, 44 Magnum with 4 inch barrel in blue.
  3. I've got the sewage handled. I own a shovel.
  4. Pointblank


    Yep, I'm only here because of Eric's email, else I wouldn't have known.
  5. I've got a Marlin 1894 JM that I'll never sell.
  6. Mossberg has maintained their quality over the years. Remington has dropped off.
  7. Pointblank


    In my opinion this site is superior to GlockTalk. I stopped using GT long ago.
  8. I've always gotten solid products from LWD.
  9. My post was not specifically about the 26, but yes they are. If the original poster referred to 9000+ rounds with no mention of a recoil assembly change. If he hasn't put a new one in, he should have long ago.
  10. These are all pretty big and heavy, I doubt you'll carry them very long.
  11. Glock recommendation for RSA replacement is 3000 rds for 3rd Gen and older guns (single spring setups) and 5000 rds for Gen4 guns (dual spring setup), or possibly sooner for harder recoiling cartridges (.357 Sig guns). This came from a Glock Armorers Course.
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