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  1. There is also a chamfer tool that you can use by taking out the cutter/hand crank. And putting on the chamfer/hand crank. It makes a perfect bevel every time. No matter how hard I tried to start the bullet absolutely straight on the case mouth, I used to get some copper shavings when Seating Barnes TTSX bullets before I switched to this set up.
  2. I cannot tell you anything about the Lee other than I have not used it. In my opinion, you can find no better trimmer than the L.E. Wilson case. Trimmer. My first trimmer was an RCBS, but I did not like the way it held onto the rear of the case. I was concerned about the cutters not contacting the case mouths squarely, but the Wilson uses a shell holder that, in my mind anyway, solves this problem.
  3. Especially polls from NPR.
  4. https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2018/07/why-guns-should-be-tracked-and-studied.html I wonder if the author had her elderly relatives car destroyed too. I mean, it might just start driving around and running into people all by itself, just like the gun could. It’s really hard for me to imagine someone being so distraught by having a handgun in the house that it keeps them awake at night. I’m also surprised she had to go to such lengths to get rid of it. In my neck of the woods, all you would need to do is call the local PD and say you came into possession of a handgun via an elderly relative, and an officer would probably come to your house to pick it up. Problem solved.
  5. My family and I (2 adults 3 kids) were there in June. For me it was something to check off our list of been there done that. I was amazed at how clean the grounds were and how friendly the staff is. I never once saw a mess anywhere. I have to agree that the prices are just ridiculous. I understand that the expense of it keeps the riff raff to a minimum, but for me it kind of took the fun out of it.
  6. It seems to add something more than just going out and pulling the trigger. I enjoy theorizing how a specific load is supposed to perform, building it, then seeing how it actually performs. Besides that, it’s kind of fun when you get to talk to someone whose “really into guns,” and you see there eyes glaze over when you start talking about the technical side of reloading. It separates the wheat from the chaff.
  7. I have one and carry it daily in this miserable Oklahoma heat. If I had read all of the negative reviews regarding primer wipe/dead triggers before I purchased it, I probably would have waited, or picked up a G43. That being said, I have no reservations about carrying it. I didn’t buy it as a range gun to see how many rounds I could put though it. I’ve only shot about 50 flawless rounds so far, and can’t imagine having a failure while shooting the next 11 rounds. My impression so far is that it is extremely accurate, easy to shoot, and easily concealed. It has a great trigger, good sites (not plastic), and considerably more capacity than it’s competitors. To each his own I guess. BR
  8. I thought it might be fun, but I feel the need to reload for any caliber I own. Anyone care to share their experiences loading this caliber in particular?
  9. 9mm, all with 147gr Federal HST standard pressure loads. G19, or Sig P365 Depends upon my attire for the day.
  10. Break free CLP here. I haven’t ever had a problem with it so I don’t have a reason to switch. I disagree though on running them wet, on a carry piece anyway. I like to use “just enough.” My first concern is that it really holds onto lint/dirt. FWIW, my carry Glocks have gotten pretty filthy/dry, and still functioned flawlessly. I don’t really care for getting splattered with excess oil/grease either, when I pull the trigger. Just my $0.20. BR
  11. Hello from NE OK! I’ve been a creeper on GT since it’s start many years ago, but never really posted much. I might just start being a little more interactive now. I’m glad to see Eric has started a new site. This should be fun.
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