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  1. A lot of double rifles are made on 12-20 gauge actions. And I’m not aware or any American made mass produced doubles. Pretty much everything made here is full custom.
  2. Nothing like arguing against science, logic, common sense, statistics and multiple other nations results armed only with a junior high science understanding and emotion as your weapons.
  3. I’m guessing it’s gonna be Covid related. Because they sure didn’t seem to be hurting till then.
  4. So most shoe stores and stuff have been closed and we’re surprised they posted a loss? How were they been doing before Q1 2020?
  5. The coroner didn’t seem to think so.
  6. Once a bad enough cause takes something as a symbol, it is forever stained and unclean. The battle flag of Northern VA is a perfect example. Another would be the swastika. No matter what it means to you, the rest of the world sees it as a symbol of oppression, and evil. One may not care what others think, but the world also does not care what the one thinks. And the world wins that game.
  7. No I’m calling the barracks stories that lead to no quantifiable numbers barracks stories. Everyone knows one or two chicks that went home pregnant to skip a deployment. But there’s just magically no numbers becuase it’s a big conspiracy. You guys can sell the stories, its just that no ones buying
  8. It would be extremely generous to call Urgent Fury, Just Cause, or Gothic Serpent wars. That doesn’t diminish the sacrifice of the soldiers, sailors, airman or marines who served in them. But those are battles.
  9. You have two articles referencing one ship. Hardly the entire military. And the second case is exemplified in several of the military studies that do exist, everyone seems to know one or two women who got sent home. Yet the numbers can’t ever be quantified past barracks legend.
  10. I have never seen any source that indicates a high number of women were redeployed for becoming pregnant... I’d be interested in a source for that. There are several studies from that period that showed a higher number of women as non deployable (IIRC, 4% roughly), With pregnancy being the leading cause, but atleast one of the studies even referenced that a lot of people seemed to indicate having heard of or seen women redeploy because they were pregnant but almost none could document it. Almost as if it were baracks myth
  11. That’s a fancy sounding way to describe opining on a message board about jobs you’ve never done to people who aren’t going to effect the change youd like to see because we’re not going back to the tail hook era Navy despite your desire.
  12. Just because you don’t understand his argument doesn’t mean he made it up or he’s clueless. It is kind of funny though seeing guys try to argue about how women don’t belong, and the SF units have more and more women involved in operations. Though I suspect most wouldn’t know that as these forums seem to be made up of guys who were so far removed from the wet end of the spear that it’s almost comical when they want to attempt to talk knowledgeably about women’s service....
  13. On the contrary, I have no doubt of the commitment of the Cold War era soldiers who were in Korea or Berlin, or any of the other soldiers. But if someone is going to stand up and talk about how the standards have fallen so much, it requires perspective.
  14. Seems about as accurate as some our BP Banditi’s stories.
  15. Did Reagan’s armies fight a bunch of wars the history books forgot about?
  16. I love me some 1903’s. by far one of the best actions for a classic American custom rifle.
  17. I’ve never seen any evidence that 20-30 people backed the account of him raping little girls. You have something that substantiates that?
  18. There were Delta guys on hand as advisors, it would make sense the field triage expedient things they did would be used. But suppressor use by alphabet agencies was not a super common thing in the 90’s. I mean hell they don’t even always do it now nearly 30 years later.
  19. Yes, the idea has been forwarded, but isn’t currently in the field atleast as a platform wide capability. It would not surprise me to find out there is atleast one -22 being tested with that capability. The F-22 only has the ability to receive on the legacy -16 battle link, because broadcasting would reveal its location. The F-35 can broadcast on the legacy -16, or utilize its new “stealth data link” if talking to a 5th gen stealth capable counterpart. Last I knew, there is a new tie in being explored to give the -22 the ability to receive the stealth link from the -35, but I don’t know if that’s gone field wide, or if they added the ability for the -22 to push data. But against a -35, talking on the legacy -16 link would make you a target, so even if the -22 could be the eyes for a -15, doing so would actually put him at a disadvantage against a -35.
  20. The F-22 is currently receive only on its -16 datalink. Though there is a work around in progress I don’t know if it will be retrofitted to the legacy fighters or if it will be between the -22 and -35.
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