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  1. Got a couple of them. I think 1-2 more that I don’t have photos of.
  2. I disagree, they’re a crutch. People look at nothing other than the screen and completely forget they have mirrors/windows. The fewer sensors/aids in a vehicle the better for everyone.
  3. Incorrect. It’s the exact same spec as the Comp M3, with 10 brightness settings, the battery life just isn’t as long.
  4. Walt, you might see our new weapon on the fire in your area. Got one of our CH-47’s dropping water down there, 2600 gallons a pop. Makes er the bucket we use for the H60 seem like a toy.
  5. The pro has 10 brightness settings, how is it non adjustable?
  6. AK_Stick

    Oh Joy

    Being 5R does not have anything to do with throat erosion? Simply means that it has the 5 groove offset rifling
  7. AK_Stick

    Oh Joy

    That’s kind of my point, you’ll shoot that rifle the rest of your life without trouble. But in 2-4 years, you’d need a new tube for the 6.5.
  8. AK_Stick

    Oh Joy

    True, but a 7mm-08 will likely give you twice the life of a 6.5 Creed
  9. AK_Stick

    Oh Joy

    The throat on a heavy barrel doesn’t last any longer than that of a thin barrel. Especially on a semi auto, with a roughly 1K round barrel life before you start seeing documentable degradation in accuracy, it’s just too short for me. 7mm-08 will buck the wind just as well if you pick a good bullet.
  10. AK_Stick

    Oh Joy

    The slight difference in bullet diameter makes a pretty big difference in barrel life though. The 6.5 is far harder on barrels.
  11. Was 97 on our ramp today. Felt like we were back in Iraq. And that was before we got to the fire.
  12. Yep Swan lake is getting big. So is the one up in FBKs. Im expecting to spend the 4th slinging water buckets at this one, same as we did in your neck of the woods in ‘14
  13. Oh it’s too big to just go away, especially with all the other charges. If it was a federal case, perhaps. But with military court I don’t know that it’ll make any difference.
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