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  1. Is this true? Gonna go Goolge...
  2. You've never had to report an accident?
  3. I knew I felt a disturbance in the force. Did you get to see the Fiesta river parade? Go to any gun shops?
  4. This is a capital offense.
  5. Drinking Pepsi is punishment.
  6. Tax fraud is the only one I care about. I hate how complex the code is and how you can get in trouble for trying to do the right thing. Therefore, I usually side against the IRS. However, if these people took deductions for a charity they knew was phony then I have no sympathy. Aside from tax cheating I really don't care if rich people pay $100MM for their kid to go to a prestigious school. Not even one little bit. Course, you & I said the same thing in the previous thread.
  7. The SA council has two reasonable members. The rest race each other to a microphone and try to out stupid one another. Our current mayor is SJW fool.
  8. One more thing about this post, SP is right about the MLB hearings. Why in the hell are we using taxpayer money to investigate a game? It's entertainment, not national security. Next they'll hold hearing on the veracity of the WWF. Jackasses is exactly right.
  9. Pretty hard for me to care too. I don't like the .Gov telling people how to spend their money. Even if 10,000 kids got in this way it statistically affects almost no one as far going to college. College is screwed up in America. Too many people go & too many people have no idea why they went. We need more people with a work ethic.
  10. TX OMFS

    Favorite Pie

    You guys made it all the way to post 31. I'm proud. Really thought it would be post 3. [emoji1787]
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