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  1. One more thing about this post, SP is right about the MLB hearings. Why in the hell are we using taxpayer money to investigate a game? It's entertainment, not national security. Next they'll hold hearing on the veracity of the WWF. Jackasses is exactly right.
  2. Pretty hard for me to care too. I don't like the .Gov telling people how to spend their money. Even if 10,000 kids got in this way it statistically affects almost no one as far going to college. College is screwed up in America. Too many people go & too many people have no idea why they went. We need more people with a work ethic.
  3. TX OMFS

    Favorite Pie

    You guys made it all the way to post 31. I'm proud. Really thought it would be post 3. [emoji1787]
  4. I saw a screenshot of an internet communication w/ OCPD. Might have been FB. Guy says he wants to report a crime. They say be careful doing that here, we don't monitor this 24/7. He says I think you murdered a company. Made me LOL.
  5. The biggest idiot was the virtue signaling idiot at OC PD. Whoever runs their FB page is stupid. ETA: BTW, is the OCPD FB page down? I tried to find it earlier today to read the troll comments but I can't find it.
  6. Well water or city?
  7. USAA did something like that to me. They switched the drivers for me and my between two accidents we had. They wouldn't switch it back no matter what evidence I submitted. Amica & Traveler's have been the best for us but USAA was the only one that would cover our ranch when we moved.
  8. USAA has always been high for us. I was surprised when you said they were the lowest bidder for you.
  9. Now I know what to get my wife for her birthday.
  10. Damnit man. Have you no decency?
  11. I get it from Schultzstein's Kosher Feed & Seed. I used to go to WASPY Wayne's Feed, Seed, & Antisemite store but I felt silly involving identity politics in every aspect of my life.
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