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  1. What is your preferred gun belt? I've got a couple Big Foot steel core, but I'm not wild about their customer service. I might give Relentless Tactical another try... I've got 14 oz. steel core belts that seem to work pretty well, so I'd assume the 18 oz would be that much more supportive.
  2. Given how much I love my Gen 4 G29, I'd definitely have to take a look at a Gen 5 G29. However, I got lucky with my G29 trigger; as is, it is darn close to Gen 5 trigger feel. So if I got a Gen 5 G29, it would only be to buy a brother for my Gen 4!
  3. I traded my Gen 4 G26 in on a G19X. But as I was waiting for the paperwork to go through I handled the Gen 5 G26. I can say that it is likely my next Glock purchase. Why would I trade a perfectly good Gen 4 G26, only to consider the Gen 5? The trigger and ergos. Something about the Gen 5 G26 just feels better in the hand. And the trigger is buttery smooth. So coupled with the Marksman barrel, the Gen 5 G26 is everything I'd want in a subcompact semi. As I've stated in other posts, I never intended to upgrade from my Gen 4 Glocks. I still have my Gen 4 G17 and Gen 4 G29, both of which I'll keep. But the Gen 5 (or 4.5 as in the 19X) is definitely a viable upgrade.
  4. After an exhaustive 30 second search, I'm not seeing anything posted on the interweb beyond September of 2017.
  5. How frequently do you have to renew certification? I'd imagine with the incremental changes between Glock generations, it wouldn't be too frequently. I'm eager to take the armorers course now that Gen 5 is out.
  6. It seems we live in a less and less a polite society- largely because we need more polite people armed. Scumbags like the two mentioned in the OP don't pick hard targets; they pick what they perceive to be relatively unlikely to fight back. Glad the two above were both wrong. As the left fights to undermine the divine right to self defense, I sense more of our fellow citizens are coming to the realization that they need to be their own first responders.
  7. Is anyone here a member of the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation? I want to take a Glock armorers course in the fall, and one of the possible criteria is being a GSSF member. I'd eventually like to participate in a match too.
  8. The great news is that the Gen 4.5 19X doesn't have the flared magwell or cutout. Nor does the Gen 5 G26. Glock has really set forth a confusing Gen 4.5/5, but the confusion is worth it.
  9. I will say the factory night sights of the 19X aren't the best, and I'm a huge proponent of Glock factory sights (plastic or steel). I only change my Glock sights from plastic to steel, and even that is unnecessary. However, I found the 19X factory sights to be poor in just about all lighting conditions, except bright light. They were just greyed out most of the time. For self defense shooting, they are more than adequate but if I'm going to have night sights, I may as well have ones that are easy to pick up in all (most) conditions. So I popped on some Ameriglos (reddish orange front, tritium rear).
  10. @Commbloc74 nice shooting! I found my 19X to be equally accurate right out of the box. I'd never previously had a Glock produce a ragged hole 5 shot grouping at any distance until the 19X. The combination of the smooth trigger and Marksman barrel are fantastic. The gun balances extremely well too.
  11. Folks- give Eric a break. Consider The Bore Site to be a fresh start for everyone. If your deal is getting banned elsewhere, keep it there. I realize this is the internet, but let's keep at least this site semi-sacred for those who like a place to chat about guns and everything else under the sun. I'm sure most have thick skin and sometimes short-fuses. but let's save that for the other sites. I've got my share of both of the above so I'll do my best too... Happy Birthday America!
  12. The 19X is in a class unto itself. From an ergonomic perspective, it's really a 17 Commander. The grip is not at all like any other 19. You'll love it either way.
  13. That's great news! I figure Glock will come out with a black 19X at SHOT next year and it will become the duty choice for many agencies.
  14. I know this thread was started last September so I think it's of value for some recent comments. The Gen 5 Glocks are spectacular. I didn't intend to like them but shooting them proves they are more accurate and have a better trigger than Gen 4, and the Marksman barrel is definitely noteworthy. All of my Glocks are in my EDC rotation; they are specifically self defense tools- I keep them stock for "combat" use. Therefore, the accuracy and trigger improvements on the Gen 5 are absolutely not necessary as they won't really matter at self defense distances. But, they won't hurt either. Since the trigger is different and there are a couple changes internally (trigger spring), the only question is whether or not the Gen 5 will have Glock's renowned reliabily. It's a Glock, so I'm pretty sure the Gen 5 will. Shoot the Gen 5 and you may not be impressed for whatever reason. But if you are honest with yourself, you will acknowledge the significant upgrades. I don't see myself giving up my Gen 4 G17 or G29 (I did trade my G26 in for the 19X). I would absolutely be happy with the Gen 5 G26 as it somehow feels better in the hand, and it has the butter smooth trigger that I've experienced on all the Gen 5 I've handled.
  15. I didn't see a Glock 19X thread yet (probably just didn't do enough of a search) so I thought I'd post the provocative title. But, I do love the 19X in particular, and Gen 5 is really growing on me. The 19X has incredibly comfortable ergos; I thought I needed the finger grooves but with Talon Grips on my 19X I find it even more comfortable than my Gen 4 G17. The 19X trigger (Gen 5 too) is AWESOME. Smooth, non-gritty take up, crisp break- if someone had handed me this gun and I shot it blindfolded, I would assumed it was a trigger job. I'm sure the Marksman barrel helps too, but my groupings are as good as I've shot with a Glock (or maybe that's the blindfold?). Big fan of this 19X.
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