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  1. One more and I'm calling it a night. Goodnight. Sweet dreams...
  2. The book was way better than the movie and was on the US Navy and Marine Corps reading list.
  3. Before Full Metal Jacket, there was...
  4. This movie had the most shocking ending of any movie I've ever seen.
  5. Before The Cannonball Run, there was...
  6. I experienced The Bad News Bears for real in 1967 when I played Little League baseball. Our coach drank beer in the dugout regularly and was obviously drunk during practices. The final straw was when he stole the money we raised for the league selling candy. He was arrested and fired and our sponsor dropped us. So ended my budding baseball career.
  7. General John Sedgwick's iconic last words. "They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance." https://allthatsinteresting.com/general-john-sedgwick
  8. Did you get to play with the siren?
  9. I attended the US Navy security school in 1986. During felony hot stop training, when I and my partner did our hot stop, the guys playing the perps jumped out of their car and took off running. I jumped out with my fake shotgun and shouted "BOOM BOOM" as I pointed the gun at their retreating backs. The instructor yelled, "Hold it! Would you have really shot those guys?" "Well," I replied. "If you give me a gun I ain't chasing anybody." I could never be a real cop.
  10. 1 got a 1930 buffalo nickle back in change the other day.
  11. Don't wait to long to eat breakfast.
  12. Last ammo crisis was mostly gun owners buying because of fear of what an Obama administration would do. I believe this time it is gun owners buying because of fear of what a Biden administration would do, combined with the communist and Biden supporters buying to contest the election if Trump should win.
  13. The last real milkshake I had was from a drive in theater in 1980. Real ice cream, milk and flavoring mixed in a metal cup until frost formed on the outside and poured into a cup. Delicious!
  14. I love olives, green, black, kalamata, all olives. Except canned olives, those are nasty.
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