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  1. In 1988 my barracks roommate was a rescue swimmer with a helicopter squadron. His helicopter went out one night on a mission and was never seen again. Only a little floating wreckage was found. No bodies were recovered. AW2 John Taylor along with his crew members are on eternal search and rescue.
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    We always had pets when I was a kid. Some are just distant memories. Some are engraved on my heart. Sam the Siamese cat, my father got in the divorce and took away. He lived for 20 years. Prince, the wild Carolina Dog that my step father found abandoned as a pup and I raised. He was a true alpha dog. No one would dare to raise a hand against me if he was around. I saw him get hit by a car. He was knocked down and the car stopped. He got up and shook himself off and bit the car tire. Then he limped over to where I was crying and licked the tears from my face. Later on we had to move when my step father got a new job and couldn't take him. We left him with my grandfather and he returned to the wild. I had no pets for 20 years while I was in the navy. When I retired I adopted a retired racing greyhound. Wink was the most mellow dog I ever had. A real couch potato. But he liked to run. He had a path around the fence line in the back yard. He was my best friend for 9 years. I cried like a baby when he passed. A month later I adopted another retired racing greyhound, hoping for another Wink. What I got was Fernando, an exuberant ball of energy. Before I Nando proofed my house he destroyed 2 dog beds, the comforter on my bed and my jacket, carried the contents of the kitchen trashcan to my bedroom several times, got into the kitchen cabinet and ate a bag of dried egg noodles, took a bag of flour into the living room and ripped it open and took a bag of powdered sugar onto my bedroom and shook it like a chew toy until it exploded. He's getting old now and sleeps most of the time. I've had for 9 years now and I dread the future. He's 12.5 years old now, and that's about the life expectancy of a greyhound.
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    Sound bar ?

    My Visio TV sound and video constantly got out of sync, and I don't even have a sound bar. I had to factory reset the TV to fix it. It would work for about a week then get out of sync again. Finally the TV remote impacting the screen at high speed convinced me to buy a new TV.
  4. I read somewhere that the mountain men and pioneers would throw their dirty clothes into Old Faithful and wait for them to be blown out, steam cleaned.
  5. May his memory be eternal
  6. May their memory be eternal.
  7. I've got enough components to keep me realoading 45acp and 5.56 for about a year.
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    Pop up ads

    I'm getting pop up from Google Ads.
  9. aomagrat

    Pop up ads

    I'm getting pop up ads on this site now. Is this something new?
  10. Those mylar sunglasses I bought for the 2017 eclipse. (It went right over my house.) I had my doubts but they were awesome.
  11. My dog's ready! VIDEO0017.mp4
  12. I was into Zork back in the '80's.
  13. Is there no honor among thieves anymore? What's this world coming to?
  14. Mine shows as a pending deposit a couple of days before it is due. It always posts on the due date.
  15. Most of them are so far gone that they will willing give up their money, just like people in a cult.
  16. No, but that would be cool. I was a GMT (Bomb) in the navy. That's the navy way of saying nuclear weapons maintenance technician.
  17. I despise snow. I used to like it until I joined the navy. Then I went to Great Lakes IL and they put me on the blister end of a shovel.
  18. When I was in the Navy I was tasked with retiling more decks than I care to remember. Before I started, I was told that nine inch tile was asbestos and 12 inch tile was not. Back then all that meant was that I was to wrap a rag around my face if I was removing nine inch tile.
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