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  1. I have enough address labels to last the rest of my life, and I'm still getting more.
  2. "The new normal" pisses me off every time I hear it.
  3. There may never be another presidential election in this country. If there is, there will never be another Republican president in this country. The communists have taken control without firing a shot. All elections going forward will be just for show. All results have been predetermined.
  4. May his memory be eternal
  5. In my career I was a snipe, guns, nuke (bomb type), mag rat and ordie. IYAOYAS!
  6. This brought back a memory. Weapons elevator "cars" are not enclosed like regular elevators. The "car" is simply a platform that goes up and down with no walls, ceiling or doors, not a safe place for sailors to ride. There were 2 weapons elevators on my ship that had the operating controls on the car. They ran between the 2nd deck and the 5th and 6th deck SASS (Special Ammunition Storage Space) magazines. (I can neither confirm nor deny what manner of ammunition was stored there.) When not in use the elevator car was stored on the 3rd deck and an armored hatch on the 2nd deck closed over the top of the elevator shaft. One day two of my shipmates were to inspect the elevator shaft. Usual procedure was to open the armored hatch on the 2nd deck and one person would climb down a ladder on the shaft wall to the car and bring it up to the second deck and the other person would board the car. On this day however, proper procedure was not followed. For some reason, the second person did not wait on the second deck, but followed the first person down the ladder. The first did not know the second person followed him down the ladder and proceeded to bring the car up to the second deck, squeezing the second person between the elevator platform and the ladder. Upon hearing the screams of the injured sailor, he reversed direction, squeezing the injured between the platform and the ladder again. Luckily this caused the injured sailor to fall onto the platform instead of down to the bottom of the shaft. Doublely luckily, the injured sailor wasn't too seriously injured. He was bruised and battered and lost a lot of blood and an ear. He was back to work in a few days. The doc did a pretty good job putting the ear back on.
  7. Will they be using his personal pole?
  8. I'm both eyes open with a handgun and one eye open with a rifle.
  9. I just go to shoot, not socialize. I don't talk to anyone, and I hope no one talks to me.
  10. Someone's been watching Maximum Overdrive.
  11. That's a long way to fall.
  12. I remember seeing these things at pulpwood mills when I was a kid.
  13. My grandmother gave me these for Christmas when I was nine. I never put them on. I saw what happened to Wiley Coyote.
  14. https://patch.com/massachusetts/boston/10-worst-toys-2020-released-boston-based-group
  15. Where's Gene Simmons when you need him?
  16. I served on three ships during my time in the navy. 2 have since been scrapped. The last one is still serving. My favorite ship was the oldest, the keel being laid 4 years before I was born. I had the honor of sailing on her final cruise. It's a shame she was scrapped. She would have made a fine museum ship.
  17. aomagrat


    Back when I was in high school a friend and I got off work at 11pm and went to a used car lot that had a 51 caddy hearse he wanted to check out. He found the drivers door unlocked and jumped in the driver's seat while I walked around the hearse checking it out. I looked in the back and saw a body in there. After my heart started beating I motioned to my friend and pointed to the back. He looked over his shoulder and I have never seen anyone exit a vehicle so fast before or since. Turned out that a homeless man had found the drivers door unlocked also and had crawled back there to sleep. He was just as scared as us.
  18. All of the cathode ray tube TV's and computer monitors would be screwed, colors out of whack, screen distorted etc. until a degaussing ring could be passed over them. I don't know how flat screen monitors and TV's would react. We didn't have those back then.
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