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  1. I've done it. It turned out just like yours, delicious!
  2. I got a big drill bit in my tire once.
  3. The older I get the more I... Now where was I?
  4. I built my AR 22 with a PSA lower, a Tactical Solutions 22 upper and a Rock River entry stock.
  5. My Marlins. From top to bottom: Model 62 .30 Carbine Model 1892 .32 rimfire Model 336 .35 Remington Model 1894 .357 Magnum Model 1895 45-70
  6. When I had to spend $20 for a corndog, fries and coke, I gave up on fair food.
  7. Conservatives will never have control of congress until they have their own party.
  8. Never had a battery powered tool that lasted. I use only corded power tools.
  9. https://www.wltx.com/article/news/nation-now/duke-dog-from-bushs-baked-beans-commercials-reportedly-dies-after-bout-with-cancer/465-e564eaaf-a57a-439e-a108-f419a6f3cf4c RIP Duke. I'll eat some beans in you memory.
  10. The snack bar in Target has the best popcorn I've ever tasted. When they're popping it you can smell it throughout the store. Get in line when you smell it because it goes fast.
  11. Almost all of my grandkids have Jacob as first or middle name. Named after my Grandfather, the greatest man I ever knew.
  12. He should have taken some cough syrup. The coffin would have stopped.
  13. What's up the the 5 Guys french fries? When they first opened I got enough fries to feed my family. Now there's barely enough fries to feed me.
  14. Don't play Connect 4 with the bar girls in Thailand. They never lose. Never.
  15. Zest was the only soap we were allowed to use in Navy boot camp. I've been using it ever since. For shampoo, it's whatever's on sale at Ollie's.
  16. I kept my retired racing greyhounds' call names because racing greyhound registered names are ridiculous. Wink, my first greyhound (RV Caramel Chip) Nando my second greyhound (KL Fernando)
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