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  1. I was at the game when he hit #700. It landed several rows in front of me. I might even be in the video, I can't tell.
  2. "A Noble Spririt Embiggens The Smallest Man." Jebediah Springfield
  3. The antifa anti-biden protests have already started. He'll be gone within 6 months.
  4. Two new videos from J.J. Cale's posthumous album "Stay Around"
  5. Still better than Ben and Jerry's
  6. And Wayne LaPierre was going to buy that ivory backscratcher.
  7. I'm regressing back to my childhood, rereading books that I read when I was a member of the Weekly Reader Book Club. Seeking comfort in troubling times. The Secret Garden, High Country Adventure, Wild Pony Island, The Secret Raft, The House of Secrets, etc.
  8. I hate phone updates.
  9. The democrats won't stop with Trump. The purge has begin.
  10. All of the Dairy Queens in my area are just ice cream counters in truck stops. Now when I was stationed in Huntsville AL last century, there was a Dairy Queen that sold more burgers and fries than ice cream. They had a killer breakfast too. Eggs, bacon, grits and toast. Awesome!
  11. Pretty soon bank robberies will be a thing of the past. Cash won't be valuable enough to steal.
  12. Thanks for the stories. I've enjoyed reading them. They've brought back some good memories.
  13. I had the privilege of being unexpectedly assigned as the Admiral's driver during a port visit to Malta, and was instructed to pick up the Admiral at his hotel. When I arrived at the hotel, the Admiral greeted me with, "You're not going to kill me, are you son? My last driver tried to kill me." (They drive on the wrong (left) side of the road in Malta.)
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