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  1. Covid vaccines are just a government placebo to keep the sheep calm. If they actually worked we wouldn't need to keep wearing a mask if got the vaccination.
  2. We had a couple of pine trees cut down 15 years ago. The stumps are still in the back yard. Every spring sap still seeps out of the tops of the stumps. We use them for planter stands.
  3. Just another consequence of global warming.
  4. If I swallowed a watermelon seed a watermelon would grow in my stomach.
  5. aomagrat

    Big Bullet

    Now he's going to have to buy a gun to shoot it.
  6. It looks like he became a member of The Mile High Club by himself.
  7. Even the veteran's Facebook groups I still belong to (most of the good ones were purged after the Capitol incident) are infested with liberal snowflakes with their finger on the report button.
  8. aomagrat


    He drives like Danica Patrick
  9. I too, live in a cell phone black hole, even though there is a tower less than a mile from my house. Verizon is the only service that I can use, and that is only one bar at best. I have to have cable too. I put up an antenna and got only one channel. Must be something with the geology around here.
  10. aomagrat


    Rainbow and Black Sabbath were my favorite bands on the 1970's. Then Dio became lead singer of Black Sabbath! Heaven and Hell, and Mob Rules were amazing albums!
  11. Every time I see Biden on TV, I am reminded of the Star Trek Original Series episode "Patterns of Force" where Starfleet historian John Gill goes missing and turns up as the Führer of a Nazi planet. However he has been heavily drugged and sedated by the Deputy Führer who is actually the one in charge. All of Gill's public appearances are controlled and scripted by the Deputy Führer. Kinda like what's going on here. Gill even looks like Biden. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Patterns_of_Force_(episode)
  12. aomagrat

    Atomic Annie

    Right in both counts. I've never worked with the torpedo. I've worked on many B57 air dropped depth charges.
  13. Why all the hate against rats?
  14. aomagrat

    Atomic Annie

    I've trained on 8 inch and 155mm nuke rounds while in the navy.
  15. aomagrat

    Mom passed

    May her memory be eternal.
  16. aomagrat

    Buddy Hackett

    Buddy Hackett is hilarious!
  17. The downfall of the military started with the Tailhook witch hunts.
  18. I tried that 30 day free trial of Prime and they shipped what I ordered pretty quick, but they still wanted me to pay to watch movies. So I cancelled it. I don't order enough to make getting only free shipping worth the cost.
  19. Maybe he got the same deal that Springsteen got?
  20. Louis Lamour Larry Niven Robert Heinlein Alfred Thayer Mahan James Hornfischer
  21. https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/320295-the-us-air-force-quietly-admits-the-f-35-is-a-failure
  22. I misread the title as "Resume paddling?" Boy, was I disappointed.
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