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  1. aomagrat

    Buddy Hackett

    Buddy Hackett is hilarious!
  2. The downfall of the military started with the Tailhook witch hunts.
  3. I tried that 30 day free trial of Prime and they shipped what I ordered pretty quick, but they still wanted me to pay to watch movies. So I cancelled it. I don't order enough to make getting only free shipping worth the cost.
  4. Maybe he got the same deal that Springsteen got?
  5. Louis Lamour Larry Niven Robert Heinlein Alfred Thayer Mahan James Hornfischer
  6. https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/320295-the-us-air-force-quietly-admits-the-f-35-is-a-failure
  7. I misread the title as "Resume paddling?" Boy, was I disappointed.
  8. aomagrat

    Dad Jokes

    Why do cows wear bells? Because their horns don't work.
  9. I drove to my 20 miles to my designated pharmacy to pick up my prescription refills. Nope. The "system" was down. No one knows how to operate pencil and paper anymore.
  10. My backyard currently.
  11. Forecasted for severe storms and heavy flooding rain. We got a light drizzle and a couple rumbles of thunder.
  12. They will pass gun confiscation just like they got Biden in the white house.
  13. They must have accepted her as my adult guardian. 😁
  14. I saw Blazing Saddles in the theater when I was 16. Since it was rated R they almost didn't let me in, but since my girlfriend was 18, they let me slide.
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