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  1. aomagrat


    Well, that's one way to put lead in your pencil.
  2. There is also a battleship, USS North Carolina, in Wilmington NC.
  3. After 20 years in the Navy, I never want to touch another paint brush.
  4. The Arcade Mall in Columbia SC, built in 1912. The first indoor mall in Columbia SC. The outside is unremarkable, but the inside is awesome.
  5. I remember an interview with Ricky Rudd just before he retired where he said that if it wasn't for the name painted on the wall he wouldn't know which new track he was at.
  6. All competition has been ruled to death. Races stopped for halftime. NASCAR cars are Indy cars with fenders and roofs. Cookie cutter tracks replacing unique traditional tracks. Outrageous ticket prices. A "Chase" that makes the rest of the races irrelevant. And NASCAR wonders why the fans are leaving?
  7. I was watching one of the first races with Darrell in the booth. They were reviewing a replay of a crash and one of the announcers ask Darrell to explain how the crash happened. Darrell said, "Ummm... He hit the wall."
  8. aomagrat


    I spread peanut butter on a slice of bologna and crumble the pill on the bologna, then fold the bologna in half like a taco with the peanut butter and pill crumbs on the inside. It's gone in seconds.
  9. I went to concerts all the time back in the '70's and '80's. When the price went over $10 I quit going.
  10. High School only and Navy boot camp only. I let the college mail me my diploma.
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