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  1. I haven't really read the magazine for quite a while. I'll glance through it, passing over the usual articles featuring guns made of unobtainium and read the column "I have this old gun." It's the only thing worth reading in the whole magazine.
  2. We've got nukes smaller than that. (Or used to have, I've been retired for 18 years)
  3. I was stationed at NAS North Island in the 1980's and had a roommate who was stationed with HS-14 as a rescue swimmer. His squadron was assigned to accompany a carrier conducting night training operations. His helo was flying plane guard when it disappeared from radar. A search found only floating debris. There were no survivors. Neither helicopter or crew were recovered. An officer from his squadron asked if I would be willing to have his family come to our barracks room to see where he lived and to meet me. Of course I said yes. It was the least I could do for my friend. And it was the hardest thing I ever did in my navy career.
  4. My filching was mostly limited to sneaking food from the galley to feed my hungry shipmates back in my division when I was on mess crank duty. Mostly.
  5. Various fast food wrappers, some old paper masks, a couple of coffee cups, a flashlight, an old coat, lots of sand, some old receipts, a bottle of aspirin, a spare Glock 32 magazine, indeterminate organic matter...
  6. I got a greyhound.
  7. I love corned beef hash
  8. My son was driving a semi in Maine and hit a moose. Totalled his truck.
  9. The tightest space I've ever had to crawl through was over the top of munitions in a fully packed magazine, squeezing between the top of the ammo and the overhead, taking care not to disturb any sprinkler heads or bang my head on any angle irons while conducting inventory. I've still got dents in my skull from those pesky angle irons.
  10. Rear plate only in South Carolina. I don't even have a bracket on the front of my truck.
  11. aomagrat


    I got married in 1980. Didn't last long.
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