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  1. ......I'm distracted by a hideous effort at something masquerading as a paint job.......
  2. I had it done in....Vegas. The casinos payed for it too.
  3. Gig 'Em, and an excellent choice by your children....and your choices are great too.
  4. My barber carries a pocket 9. A number of customers and I have had interesting pros & cons of various platforms.
  5. Flashlight, first aid kit, 4 way lug wrench, shovel, CD's, proof of insurance and a pen.
  6. Go for it. That's a good deal.
  7. DST is still outdated. It needs to go the dust bin of history
  8. I know, that's why I put quotation marks around moderate.
  9. I suspect that a number of "moderate" Democrats are going to work hard behind the scenes to make sure she is a 1 term congress critter.
  10. Mrs. Slotback is an operating room nurse. She has told me on several occasions that this is a self correction in the DNA pool.
  11. How about the state income taxes he'll pay in NY, Cali, etc?
  12. I'm not going anywhere this year. Sucks for me. '20 is looking better...hopefully.
  13. Two things: I think some of the rule changes are likely to be implemented and I think the league has aspirations to be essentially Triple A pro football. Essentially a developmental league.
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